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Kinard Mythology Anthology Volume III

  Kinard Mythology Anthology Vol. III

  By Kinard Middle School Students

  The Boy Life Design

  By Garrett Beavers

  There once was a city named Ithaca. Ithaca was not best because you could alway smell a feast in the air, but the people were not eating the food, only the suitors were eating.  The city looked beautiful and always was silent.There was the sound of laughing children in the streets and a feast in the air, but it was not the best place because the king Odysseus was lost at sea.  

  There also lived a boy named Telemachus, a young man  who was  son of Odysseus. Telemachus was a blue eyed, brown dark haired boy who enjoyed being with his worried mother.  Little did he know that he would have to pick which was the better god  out of Athena, the god of battle strategy and wisdom, or Poseidon, the god of sea and horses.  The boy was not in the mood for fun and games because he was focused on finding his father,  Odysseus, but the gods had other places for Telemachus.

  All of a sudden, Poseidon  came down to talk to Telemachus about his father and if he did not pick Poseidon he would make sure that his father died out at sea . Telemachus would say that Poseidon is the better god than Athena just because Poseidon is forcing him. If Telemachus does not pick Poseidon as the best god, he will Odysseus at sea. After Poseidon left,  Athena talked to Telemachus. At this point, Telemachus is scared that Poseidon will kill his father, and he would never see his father again. Athena tried to calm  Telemachus down by telling him that his father would be ok and would make it home to Ithaca and that Athena would go talk to Poseidon. But, Athena  would be back and she would try to tell Telemachus what was going on with Poseidon.

  Athena said, “Poseidon, why did you say that to Telemachus?”

  Poseidon replied, “because everyone needs to know that I’m better than you.”

  “Poseidon, this is not about who is better. This is about helping Telemachus,” Athena said.

  Whsss. Athena appeared in the middle of Telemachus’ room to tell Telemachus that Poseidon was set on being the better god and he would do anything to get what he wants.

  Telemachus thought to himself, “I can help by trying to trick Poseidon into thinking that I believe  that he is that better god. If that does not work, I am scared that we will have only one other choice.”

  “I think that you would need to fight him,” Telemachus said to Athena , “so that this could end.”

  “Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, because I think that  Poseidon is a great fighter,” Athena said.

  If Poseidon were to win the fight, I fear the worst will come to your  father, and he will never come home. Poseidon will make sure that all of  Ithaca knows that king Odysseus died at sea and one of the  suitors will be the new king of Ithaca.”

  As Poseidon  was getting ready to be picked as the better god over Athena, Poseidon did not know that  Athena and Telemachus were plotting against him. Poseidon went up to the Ithaca to be better than the other gods, but he appeared in  the city in a  fighting arena and Athena was on the other side of the arena ready for the battle and then Poseidon looked up at the stands and saw the young Telemachus grinning, and Telemachus said, “ I found a way for you and Athena to settle your differences you and Athena will fight and whoever wins in a  fight will be the better god,  but you know I'm  going to lose. I know that is why I choose for you and Athena to battle.  The fighting started right away Athena made the first attack almost knocking Poseidon sword out of his hand, but Poseidon shielded himself and Athena’s sword clashed. Poseidon was not done. The  fight went on for hours.

  Telemachus decided to add smoke to make the fight harder son that Athena that would come out with a win, hopefully.

  In the end, Poseidon landed on the ground defeated but Athena stood up ready to be the superior god. Poseidon threw a sword to kill Athena but in did not make it all the way to the body. It was done. Athena was the winner. Telemachus already knew, but he was till very happy for Athena and a little scared.

  Tito the Minotaur

  By Jacob

  Long ago, there was a boy named Tito. Tito had short brown hair, was average sized, and was almost 14 years old. He did not have many friends because he preferred to stay inside, while the other boys played and wrestled outside. Tito lived in the greatest fighting city of Sparta in Ancient Greece. The streets were filled with people buying food and the air smelled wonderful. Out in the field you could see people training for battle because Sparta prided itself in battle and war. Almost every boy was willing to die for their city.

  Tito lived in a family, and it was the best family in all of Sparta. All his confident brothers had been great generals in many wars and had won many medals, and so his family was very proud of what they had done. Also, many people respected his family.

  Tito was a boy who only cared about learning and all he wanted to do was learn and study all day. He had not told anyone because he knew his family would be very disappointed. He wanted to live up to the family name, so he had to study in secret while other boys trained.

  After many days of studying in secret, the day to honor Ares, the god of war, came. Tito didn’t want to go, so he pretended to be sick while his family went on without him.

  “Yes it worked,” exclaimed Tito, “now I can study.”

  Up on Mount Olympus, prideful Ares became filled with rage when he noticed that Tito did not go to the ceremony, but Ares had a plan. He would hold a tournament. Every boy would have to participate.

  “If Tito can show he is a real warrior, I will not punish him,” exclaimed Ares, “But if he is not a real warrior, I will punish him for his insolence.”

  When Tito’s family came back, Tito was not in bed or in the house. They looked everywhere for him. But they could not find him.

  “Tito!” his family screamed.

  Then Tito said, “I am over here.”

  “Where were you. Wait are those books in your hand,” his mother said, “You have been studying again. I thought we told you that you can’t anymore.”

  “Ok, I will stop!” said Tito. He clenched his fist and ran upstairs.

  The next day, Tito heard from some people talking that a tournament was being held and that every boy had to participate. This worried Tito, but he knew he would have to participate to earn his family name.

  Tito started to anxiously sprint home to prepare.  

  Soon after Tito left, people started to set up the tournament, and all the boys were getting ready. Then he ran back. Everyone was there. Tito’s heart was pumping hard. He could barely breath. He wanted to live up to the family name. He did not know what the first challenge was. Fifteen boys went before him. He heard clapping for them. It was his turn. Then, he went out. Everyone held their breath. It was dead silent. Tito was given a bow. His fingers ran through the fine, smooth, and sharp arrows as he grabbed one. Then they brought out a sheep. Tito raised the bow. Then he saw his family in the crowd holding their breath. Suddenly, he realized he was not a killer. He dropped the bow and ran out. You could hear the gasps from the crowd. Ares got so mad he decided to come down as an old man and ask him one question.

  Tito started to cry while running home. Thunder was clapping, the rain was like fast flying arrows and he could taste the rain. Then he saw an old man fall. Tito slowed down.

  “Do you need help?” Tito said.

  “Thank you,” exclaimed the old man. When the old man got up, he asked, “Do you want to fight or learn.”

  Tito was quite shocked but wanted to tell the truth,  “I would rather learn than fight.” The old man seemed mad and said, “Are you sure?”

  “Yes,” Tito said.

  The old man started to walk away. Tito walked slower now contemplating what the old man said. But little did he know, Ares had a plan to get back at Tito.

  That night, Tito was sleeping and Ares was deciding what to do. Then he had a brilliant plan to turn Tito into a huge monster that would kill anything in its way, a Minotaur. He decided that his punishment should be permanent for his insolence. That night, Tito was sleeping, then he felt something. Suddenly, he woke up and he looked at his hands, they had fur on them, then he saw his reflection in a mirror. Then he saw the monster that he was. He ran outside in rage and tried to get as far away from Sparta.

  Now, Tito still wanders the Earth, and eats anything in his way. But Tito still misses his family, and will always remember that old man that did this to him. Now, Tito is no longer called Tito, but called The Minotaur of Sparta.

  The God of Fun Comes Back

  By Brady

  There once was an a ,amazing, god, Brady, with blue eyes and a black and white suit with shades. Down on earth, lived a man named Batman who was as normal, but he had two suits on from the Joker which were green, blue and white.

  Also, there was a great villain named Two Face who was a god up on Mount Olympus wearing black and white.

  Meanwhile, the great warrior, Achilles was wearing his armor that was shiny with red spots, and he was muscular.

  The Brady was doing his regular stuff like making it snow, making people have fun, and things like that.


  Achilles found the Brady walking on the street like the old waster of time.

  “Hey, you in the suit with shades. How are you, what is your name and how did you get here?” Achilles asked.

  “I’m a god. But all of the earth gods do not like me so I got thrown off the mountain and lost all of my power,”said Brady. “Do you believe me?”

  “Sort of? But who is your father then Zeus/Kronos?” asked Achilles.

  “Kronos. Everyone thinks that there are just three gods that came from Kronos, but I got them their weapons to fight Kronos.” Brady explained. “But there is only one god that can give me my powers back.” Her name is Hebe, and she is all the way in the USA. Do you have a boat to get there?”

  “No, but I have a friend there, and he said he needs to fine Hebe too. They will give me the best boat,” Achilles said and he hoped so.

  So, they left for the USA. While they were on the boat, they got attacked by dead pirates who were going faster than Brady and Achilles.

  “SHOOT the head off their captain so they will absolutely stop firing at us, and don’t make me reiterate,” Brady demanded.

  “I will save you,” said Batman. Shoot the head off the captain”

  “Hi Achilles, are you looking for Hebe because that is a god? I will take you there.”

  Days later, Batman had delivered Achilles and Brady to the US.

  “Here's is Hebe,” Batman said.

  “Hebe, the god that gives people power, can you give the god Brady power again?” Achilles asked.

  “Yes,” Hebe replied.

  So, Brady got his powers back.

  Because he got his powers back, Brady was able to make the world happy except for his friend Achilles.

  Poor Achilles died when then Trouser war.

  As for Batman, he went on to to fight people.

  Up on Mount Olympus Everyone was happy and angry the argy on was Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

  Happiness comes when people are entertained thanks to the  god Brady.

                                                  Violet’s Punishment


                                                    By Maeve

  Once upon a time, there lived a cunning woman named Violet. She had long brown hair that swept her shoulders, and she had shining deep blue eyes and tan skin.

  She lived on a perfect little island with lush, green forests, shining rivers, sandy beaches, and beautiful villages that smelled like the sea. It was called Ocleous.

  Throughout the village, Violet was known as the most intelligent person alive, almost as smart as Athena, the goddess of wisdom. If anyone had a problem, they would go to Violet.   

  One day, an old woman came to her with a very hard riddle. “What belongs to you, but others use more than you?” the woman asked.

  Violet pondered the question and finally replied with, “My name.”

  The woman looked at her with surprise, and she walked away shaking her head in disbelief.

  Proud of herself, she thought, “I must be more intelligent than everyone, including Athena!” So, she decided to challenge the goddess of wisdom to a battle of wits and went to the center of the village.


  “Attention everyone,” she called to the gathering crowd, “I’m going to challenge Athena tomorrow at noon and I will win!”


  High on top of Mount Olympus, Athena looked down upon the mortals and heard Violet’s challenge. She clenched her fists and glared down at the mortals. She was furious. So, she accepted.

  The next day, at five till noon, the village gathered at the stage and waited for the competitors to arrive. Then, Violet emerged from the crowd, and no one dared cheer for everyone knew that Athena would win.

  As Violet stepped onto the stage, a little boy in a white shirt ran onto the platform and took Athena’s place on the stage. In front of their eyes, the boy turned into the goddess Athena!

  Every one stared and waited for the contest to begin. Then, an old woman came from the crowd holding a gold timer, the only one that the village had.

  She came onto the stage and set the timer for 30 seconds and whispered into the goddess’ ear a riddle.

  After many impatient seconds, the goddess called to the crowd, “You should ask the gods for help!” The answer was responded with cheers, but was abruptly stopped by the old woman.

  She went over to Violet and reset the timer and then leaned in and whispered into her ear, “You are trapped in a cement room with no windows or doors and only a table and a mirror.”

  Violet thought for only a few seconds and declared to the crowd, “I would take the mirror and see what I saw. I would take that saw and cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole, and I would crawl through the hole!”

  In surprise, the woman called to the crowd, “Violet has won!”

  The crowd was silent, waiting for something horrible to happen, but it didn’t.

  Violet was incredibly happy and turned to the goddess, “See, I am far greater than you. I should be goddess of wisdom cause you are stupid,” she taunted.

  “Why do we have a goddess of wisdom who is stupid?” Violet yelled to the crowd. Athena clenched her fists.

  “YOU CHEATER!” she screamed, finally losing it, “YOU HAVE CHEATED AND YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR IT!”

  In an instant, she turned to Violet, and with a swish of her hand turned her into a slimy blob. Athena, then stomped angrily off the stage and disappeared, on her way to Olympus.

  Everyone stared at the blob on the stage and soon the crowd slowly started to go home. No one knew what to do with the blob, so they left it.

  But high on Mount Olympus, Athena thought about what she had done and how she had turned at terrified person into something with no way to survive.

  So, the next day she went back to Ocleous and searched the area, hoping that no one had moved her. Soon, she found he
r and knelt next to the blob.

  She swished her hand over her twice and the blob started to grow eight long tentacles, eyes and a mouth. Feeling less guilty about what she had done, she threw her into the crashing waves of the ocean.

  Violet now lives in the salty sea as a small octopus with the rest of her family, all thinking about what she had done.


  The Unicorn

  By: Juan Diego Mina

  There once was a dirty town that smelled like cow manure and wet dog way back in Ancient Greece. This town had a dry, dirt hill in its outskirts. The houses were tall and majestic and the streets were filled with markets and people.

  Up on Mount Olympus, the gods were all fighting about who was more beautiful Aphrodite or Hebe.

  Below Mount Olympus down in the rugged town of Greece, there was a poor horse sitting on top on the small, dirty hill 5 miles from civilization without any food or a shelter. Cold as a stone.

  Back on Mount Olympus, Ares was sitting and watching Aphrodite and Hebe have at each other.

  Finally, Ares snapped, “Shut up!” he screamed,. “I am done with all your fighting.” But they kept fighting.

  Ares was so mad he went and stole all of Aphrodite’s clothes. Zeus was so mad that he turned Ares into a mortal.

  “We need a new god soon,” said Athena, “or else everything will be out of balance.”

  They looked over every city in the world, but they still couldn’t find anyone worthy of the gods.

  “We need to find a new god soon,” Zeus said.

  When they went back to Greece, they saw an old poor horse on the hill. And they thought that they could maybe, just maybe, the poor old horse could become a great god.

  Hebe said, “Maybe if we mix your lightning with my drink we could strike the horse and he should turn to a god.”  

  Zeus and Hebe started mixing their items and make a lightning bolt that had a mix of Zeus’ lightning bolts and Hebe’s magic drink. They started throwing the bolts at the poor horse. While the horse was dodging the bolts, he started dancing like there was no tomorrow.

  “Zap” “Bang” “Crack”

  “How am I not Hitting the stupid horse?” Zeus said.

  “Because,” Hebe said, “it seems the horse is avoiding the bolts by dancing.”

  “Wait a second,” said Hebe. “We should stop the storm and wait until the stupid horse stops dancing.”

  Zeus clenched his fists and spat on the ground.

  Zeus screamed, “FINE!” as he walked away.

  As the stopped the storm, the horse sat down and started thinking. He thought maybe if he wandered of and found a farm he could by chance have a fancy life. Just like those cool horses that pull around carts and go to war in big cool armor.As he sat down, Zeus threw his final lightning bolt. It was a direct hit like an arrow to the bullseye.

  While the horse lay on the ground shaking, he transformed. His fur went from half bald to a brilliant white. He went from having a lump on his head to having a strong Nobel horn. He went from dancing in thunderstorms to flying through the sky. His wish came more than true. He became more noble than the the royal horses. He could pull giant chariots threw the sky. He could even talk.

  “This is the best day ever,” said the horse. “I’m not smelly.”

  All the gods gather around the big table on Mount Olympus to rejoice finding a new god. By the way, the horse became the Unicorn, the god of rainbows and dancing, Aphrodite got her clothes back, Athena and Aphrodite stop fighting, and Ares died.

  The Greatest War

  Hendegivus The Great

  Hi my name is Mason and this is the story of my life. At the time, I was only five years old, andI lived in a very impoverished city. All of the streets that we had were overgrown with weeds.  Like we needed a street because we had no way of transportation. All of the horses that we had we either sold or ate. I had brown hair and blue eyes, andI grew up with three other siblings, two sisters, and one brother. Their names were Avery, Maddy and my brothers name was John. I had a mother and my father was in the military, and our army was tiny. So me and my brother were basically born into being military men.

  As I grew older through the years, I got stronger and more intelligent. Of course, I was going to be in the military because almost all of the boys were chosen because our army was so small. Luckily and sadly, my brother was chosen to be in the military as well. Military camp was hard. They put you threw a series of test to see who was the best. Me and my brother were probably in the top five at the time. We us to horse around in our so called backyard or just an overgrown place of weeds. Our country has been at war for several years so our group was bound to go right into war.

  I don't know what was worse, the training or the hike to get there. We were all covered in chainmail which was heavy and we also had to walk with all of the weapons which added another al least ten pounds. Not to mention all of the food that we had to carry. We atleast lot 10 to 15 men on the hike when we were attacked in the woods. We also hiked in the mountains so some froze to death; it was treacherous.

  We had just barely crossed the mountains when first arrow flew, the sound of bronze on bronze made the horses crazed. Blood poured out of the man there was too much blood and guts everywhere you could practically smell it. When we charged, the war head on the weapon that I used was a spear and it was the best balanced spear in the world it felt like a scale with two rocks at both ends. I hated killing people but it was part of my job so I had to. My brother on the other hand he refused to kill anyone he hated seeing people die so he was in the back a little bit and didn't see much action me on the other hand o was one of the best I had a lot of action. We finally drove the enemy team back enough to take control. We had lots, at least 150 at the time, and we were about to lose another one.

  “My Brother!” I screamed.

  We knew the war would end if their was a sacrifice to the gods. And My brother was chosen. It was the most heart breaking moment in my life. To know that he was going to die was the hardest moment of my life. When he passed, I was determined to make something great out of his accomplishments.

  After the war, and my brothers sacrifice I became one of the most powerful people in the city. I made a great sanctuary out off all his belongings. It took may years, and I finally  made it happen. I named the great city that we had after my brothers war name…. Sparta!

  Lucky Star

  By  Jason Popper

  Zoe Nightshade hated being the leader in the hunters of Artemis. Being second in command made her nervous. Like right now, she and the other hunters were walking on the 45 mile road  to the temple of Artemis to see what she wanted, and she was so nervous to see that that she was spacing out.

  “What does Artemis want?’’ asked the youngest hunter, Haden, she had been  babbling and talking non stop.

  “I Don't know,’’ said Zoe.

  Zoe had wanted to hurry and get to the temple, but now that she was standing inside it, she wanted to be anywhere but there.

  All of a sudden, there was a cold chill and a dazzling light, and the goddess Artemis appeared in front of the hunters.

  “My  dear hunters, I have one favor to have you do. I have teamed up with Athena to help her keep Athens. If you did not know, Poseidon has taken the chance to try to take Athens.’’

  All the hunters were quiet, and all of a sudden Zoe needed to talk to feel comfortable.

  “Why is Poseidon trying to take Athens,’’Zoe asked.

  “Athena has been on a leave of absence and has not been looking after her city and Poseidon took the chance to take her city.”

  After Artemis had talked to the hunters, they had trudged back to their camp and started talking.

  Khloe started talking first, “I think that we need to ask the gods to give us weapons. We have nothing to fight with.”

  “I think that she is right,”Zoe interrupted, “but I think that we should ask the other hunters what they think.”

; Later that night at their evening meal, there was a shimmering light, and right before the hunters, there was Athena dressed in full battle armour. Zoe was the first to talk.

  “Great Athena, why have you showed up?”

  “Zoe is one of the best hunters. I have heard of you, and I have come to give you the supplies you will need to defend my beloved city.”

  “How are you going to give us the supplies we need?’’ said one of the littler hunters reply.

  “I will prove how I will what would you like to use to defend my city?” Athena asked.

  The little girl pondered what she wanted to use, and at last she finally said,  “I would like to have a bow with bronze tipped arrows.”  and then she added politely, “please.”

  All the hunters went up to Athena one at a time to asked  for the weapon they needed to use when Zoe got to Athena she said,

  “ Dear Athena I would like to have something special I would like to have. I have a feeling that we will need more than just bronze weapons i  think we will fight wolves not just monsters ,so i would like to have a never ending supply of gold bronze and silver arrows and a bronze on one side and silver on the other sided sword.”

  “You are a very smart girl Zoe I will grant you what you want on one condition i know you will lose a lot of hunters are you ok with that.” Athena made it sound like she had to say yes like it was a statement and if she did not she would be in smithereens so she said

  “Yes I am willing to lose hunters for you.” Zoe said at last.

  “That is a very wise choice Zoe the second in command is a smart one you will be rewarded with something special.”

  Once Athena had said those words she disappeared in a great white blinding light all the hunters turned and where Athena was standing was the gifts for Zoe and a gong with a note that said bang this once before you go out to battle and when you get back bang it four times.

  Zoe and the rest of the girls took turns to heave and pull the gong to the middle of the camp after that they went to bed.

  Zoe spent all night thinking about the look in Athena's eyes when she said to hit the gong three times after the battle.

  Zoe had a dream that night that she was in the sky and all of a sudden it got dark and the stars came out and a lot of the hunters were dancing around all these shiny, silver lights Zoe wondered what those things are she had never seen them before in the sky at night and then she saw a big bright light and it was above all the bright lights (it was the moon but back then they did not have a moon or stars) Zoe looked around and realized she was no longer on the ground and was in the air dancing with all of the other hunters the dream faded out and Zoe found herself in her sleeping quarters she looked outside and decided that it was 7:00 and get ready for the battle tomorrow then she saw Haden she was sitting and crying and sniveling Zoe realized she was only  

  The Golden Currys

  By Ryan Lugo

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