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       My Expectation (My Escort Series Book 3), p.1

           Kia Carrington-Russell
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My Expectation (My Escort Series Book 3)

  My Expectation

  My Expectation

  Kia Carrington-Russell

  Crystal Publishing



  Published by Crystal Publishing (Australia)

  Copyright © Kia Carrington-Russell 2015

  The moral right of the author has been asserted.

  Cover Design: ©

  Interior Cover Design: ©

  All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced or partially used by any means unless prior permission by the publisher.

  ISBN 978-0-9943865-2-6



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  About The Author


  A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey. To those who have supported me unconditionally and believed in my wings spreading and my dreams coming true- Thank you. Step by challenging step we are getting there. My writing is not only my career but my purpose in life, thank you for being a part of that vision.

  My Expectation

  The challenging thing about life is how you handle the unexpected.

  To find optimism and love in each situation.

  To be gentle when uncertain and not let these fears shine through.

  Life is full of surprises.

  It is full of mystery and love.

  To find someone who completes you is the most magical part of it all.

  Love is unconditional.

  It is the unexpected things that will bring you both closer.

  Love is unsuspecting and is beautiful.

  The truth is, no one knows what to expect when in love.

  You just live each moment and bask in its radiance.

  Enjoy the laughter and tears and never take it for granted.

  Be you and happy in love.

  Chapter One

  Mr. Brogardt, Damon’s father and I waited patiently outside the hospital room door. We had been counting down the hours since we received the message that Michelle’s water broke. Twenty-seven hours later and with a large sense of anxiety within the ‘Be True’ Magazine office, we received a phone call from Phillip. I was already on my way home when I received that call. We now waited patiently for Damon to arrive from the office. Mr. Brogardt had arrived at the same time as me. We walked to the waiting room with a casual chat as we waited patiently for Damon.

  Damon hadn’t much free time lately with the large workload he had taken on since claiming the CEO position of ‘Be True’ magazine, but this was an event that he instantly dropped his workload for.

  Since the change over from Michelle stepping down and Damon taking the role, he had applied more pressure on himself by sourcing and creating new magazines and editions to expand on the Magazine’s success. Within two months, the first published edition of ‘Be True Sports’ was soon to launch. The trial articles written by Hayden Zilch, a former university friend of mine had spiked sales and increased the stats of male buyers in the main fashion magazine.

  Since they’ve decided to work closely. Despite their issues at the start, the two have become very close and Hayden is still able to spend most of his time focusing on his own business, Zilch Enterprises. I hoped that after the launch of ‘Be True Sports’ that Damon might be able to take a small break but instead he focused on furthering and expanding the business. I admired his work ethic that was much like my own and I did everything I could to support him.

  My travel columns and articles had expanded me fantastic opportunity. It was a highlight as other magazines tried to source me and offered me positions within their respective magazines. But not being biased, I would much rather stay at the magazine that I love so much, and well my boss is... a sexy, charming, playfully teasing lover. Better phrased, is my lover.

  It’s been about six months now since Damon and I began to live together and life has been busy with consideration of our jobs. I am scarcely home when I have to travel and Damon often has a lot of his own business trips and spends late hours at the office. Yet, what I admire most is that we are perfect for each other and understand each other’s limits and busy schedule. We are supportive and I could not imagine having that support from anyone else other than Damon.

  “Am I late?” His voice rang out to me before my gaze had time to gravitate towards him. Damon walked with a slow pace down the corridor with his hair slightly messed and his tie loosened around his neck.

  “No we’re still waiting for permission to go in,” I said with a smile as he looked around slightly bewildered. When Damon first found out he was going to be an Uncle he seemed to be just as shocked as Michelle and Phillip who found out about the pregnancy. He looked at the closed doors as if confused that one of them wasn’t yet open for us. Mr. Brogardt had a knowing smile.

  “It’s fine. It will only be a little longer,” I mused to Damon. I held out my hand to him and he naturally took it. He leant down to me and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips as his slightly panicked demeanor began to wipe away.

  “Sorry it took me so long,” he said still assessing the doors with anticipation. Mr. Brogardt cleared his throat.

  “Dear boy, the way you are searching the empty halls, someone would think that you were about to give birth to the child,” Mr. Brogardt said with a cheeky smile. It reminded me far too much of the one Damon often had.

  “Is that so father?” He mused back, now back to his usual self. He went to respond with a witty comment but Phillip began to walk down the hall grabbing our attention. He looked tired and much like the state that Damon was in with messy hair and the top two buttons of his dress shirt undone.

  Although fatigued looking he gave us a warm smile as he adjusted his glasses. “There is someone I would like you to meet,” he said as he radiated with a magnificent glow.

  Damon’s fingers were tightly bound in between mine as he looked back at me, nervous. I tried to hide the smile that toyed on my lips. He was so nervous, it made me question how he would react if we were ever to have a child. When finding out about Michelle’s pregnancy I had once thought about it, but since, time seemed to have flashed by. This year was almost over and the only progress made was within our own working careers, not that either of us minded. It was the only thing we could focus on right now and we supported that decision, but I couldn’t help but question if he would still have such an apprehensive demeanor to him if it were his own child. I wondered if children was something Damon even wanted. Oddly enough it felt like we had known one another for a lifetime and yet we had never properly discussed this.

  Phillip led us around the corner and we let Mr. Brogardt walk in front of us. Phillip opened one of the doors and nodded at Mr. Brogardt as he walked past him. He rested his hand on his shoulder proud. We trailed in to the darker looking room and pushed aside the curtains to reveal a very tired Michelle who slowly rose higher in her sitting position.

sp; Phillip was already by her side aiding in moving the pillows more comfortably underneath her. In her arms, was a small bundle of pink. Michelle reluctantly handed the baby over to Phillip with a smile. She doted on the little girl unable to pry her hand away from still touching the tips of her blanket.

  Phillip handed over the baby to Mr. Brogardt who instantly looked ten years younger. He glowed with fondness as he pulled back the blanket slightly to have a better look. Damon and I took the side of Michelle. Damon pressed a kiss to her forehead and I did the same.

  “Congratulations,” I said with a smile. Although tired, Michelle responded with the same.

  “You did well,” Damon said proud.

  “Of course I did. There was only one way that baby was coming out and I can tell you-”

  “You’re my sister,” Damon said raising his hand with a smile. “I don’t want to know anymore.” I slightly laughed at the two as I shuffled around to have a better look at her. Mr. Brogardt offered her to me.

  I hadn’t much experience with baby’s, but it brought back so many fond memories of when Megan, my little sister had her two sons. I adored my nephews and couldn’t believe how much they had grown since I once held them just like this. She was beautiful with the thick eyelashes of Michelle, and the little nose of Phillips. I smiled coyly as the baby hardly moved and was peacefully sleeping.

  I felt Damon’s presence over my shoulder as he looked on in bewilderment.

  “She doesn’t bite you know,” I teased.

  “I heard they go through a phase where they do,” he mused. I sighed and shook my head.

  “She doesn’t even have teeth yet,” I said. I rocked back and forth maternally.

  “Thank Christ for that, could you imagine my poor nipples if she did,” Michelle mused. Phillip smiled at her response.

  “Again I’m your brother and I don’t want to know,” Damon said with a smile as he reached over my shoulder to put his large finger in the palm of the baby’s hand.

  “What’s her name?” I asked looking up at Phillip and Michelle. They had been very quiet about the name and Damon and I had a few bets of our own going on.

  “Rosalie,” Phillip said dotingly. “She is our little Rosalie Clare Brogardt.”

  “It is lovely to finally meet you Rosalie,” Damon said with a smile, the warmth of his breath was flushing over my neck. “I am your Uncle Damon and this is Auntie Clover. And that old man over there is your Gramps.”

  “Who are you calling old man?” Mr. Brogardt said with sternness. I smiled at those in this room that I now considered family. They have always been so welcoming of me being here. And for Damon to introduce me as Auntie, made my heart swarm even larger. They always made me feel loved and accepted.

  “Congratulations Phillip and Michelle, she is beautiful,” I said with a smile.

  Chapter Two

  “You looked so awkward holding her,” I said as I placed my bag down on the kitchen counter. I looked over my shoulder as Damon locked the door behind us. The size of the apartment still took my breath away. I felt lucky that I lived with a man who was as tidy and pedantic about order as I was. His home was presented as he would himself, flawless. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, pinning my waist to the counter. He whispered in my ear from behind, which came out more as a savage growl.

  “Clover Granture, sometimes you are asking to be punished,” he breathed deeply. I tried to twist to look at him but he was adamant in this position. I trailed my hand up his long sleeve feeling my body radiate with heat all over. I hated to admit it, but I loved it when he became dominant like this.

  “I never asked for such a thing,” I murmured in a playful tone. Damon and I didn’t often have time for this anymore. It’s not that we put our careers first but we were very accommodating and understanding of one another’s positions. He kissed my neck and trailed over my shoulder to the lining of my dress. I almost buckled with anticipation.

  “I think you did,” he growled. He spun me around and threw me over his shoulder effortlessly. I banged on his back in laughter still surprised that he could lift my weight so easily.

  “Put me down you caveman,” I yelled in laughter. He roughly placed me on the three-seater sofa and looked over me hungrily.

  “If it’s a caveman you want Clover, it’s a caveman you will get,” he smiled cockily. His knee rested between my two as he leant down to kiss me. He was rough and I returned the fierceness. It had been a while since we had been like this. It felt like we were both built up and wired from the wait. I pulled his shirt over his face while giving him passionate kisses. I was near savage myself. I admired his well chiseled muscle and naked frame for a moment before I pulled him down on top of me.

  He fiddled with the back of my dress pulling down the zipper. He unhooked my bra just as quickly and placed his cold hands over my breast. He began massaging them as he began kissing the tops of them.

  “I missed these,” he said through heated breaths. He looked at me endearingly as he pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. “I’ve missed you.”

  “I’ve missed you too,” I said, sweetly returning the genuine kiss. Within seconds, his tongue was leading mine and I was arching myself into him. My body wanted more, it craved for Damon’s touch. His hand slipped beneath my dress and his cool hand glided up my inner thigh. I had to hold onto him, I had to be pleasing him as much as he was pleasing me.

  I fumbled for his belt pulling it off and throwing it to the floor.

  “You’re savage,” he whispered as his fingers edged closer to the part of me that heated most for him. He dipped his fingers in, making me moan at the long anticipated wait. I fumbled to grasp onto him, needing more. My fingers edged over his hard shaft and I couldn’t settle for only the two fingers he dipped inside me. I got onto my knees looking down on him as I arched myself over and pinned him on his back.

  I removed his pants completely, admiring his shaft that I so exotically wanted. How long had it been? He seemed surprised by my force but a cocky smile played at his lips. I leant down again kissing him as passionately as my body ached for him. I hovered myself over him, positioning myself over his thickness and pushing myself onto him.

  It was like a spring of ecstasy. Although slightly painful at the start, my body engulfed him and on a high of pure bliss. Only Damon and I with passionate kisses and heat swirled around us. I played with him for a while, enjoying the slow pace as I adjusted to his size. I couldn’t help but kiss him as he was thrusting his own rhythm which matched my own.

  I moaned at his size and the speed which was to follow. He pressed passionate kisses trailing down my neck as he cupped my breasts, and tugged slightly at my nipples. I shakily moaned his name feeling completely at bliss as he began to rub my clit. My nails trailed over his chiseled arms as I demanded more of his pace and girth.

  He grabbed under my thighs and lifted me, gently placing me onto my back. He slammed into me making me squeal his name out triumphantly. I was completely his in every way. Naked and exposed to only this man that I loved. I tried to grip onto the leather that was beneath me but quickly gave up as my knees wrapped around Damon’s back and enjoyed the ride.

  A wave of bliss pulsed over me and I throbbed harshly for Damon. His pounding was rhythmic to my heart as he continued to pound into me. I rode that wave for so long. Time passed and it was only him I could focus on. The time around us passed by, but only he and I in this very moment mattered.

  No longer able to hold off, I gripped him tightly, the pleasure had become too great and my body was caving into him. At the same time that my body gave into the pleasure, I breathed his name into his ear. Damon gave in as well.

  Still poised over me, he pressed kisses down my cheek gently and titled my chin slightly. He pressed a sensual kiss to my lips and looked at me endearingly.

  “I’m sorry to have made you wait so long,” he said earnestly. He pressed another kiss to me.

  “You’re lucky you are worth holding out for,” I t
eased. I pulled him down to my lips again for a passionate kiss. He arched an eyebrow in challenge.

  “By the sound of that orgasm I don’t think you were holding out for too long,” he mused. I slapped him on the chest playfully.

  “Oh is that what you thought that was? I don’t recall such a thing,” I teased. I looked away childishly in amusement. He growled at my response.

  “Well if that’s the case, then I am going to have to work harder,” he said. He shifted his weight and drifted his head with kisses down my stomach and between my legs.

  “No, no, no. . .” I arched into him as he tasted me, still sensitive. And yet my body purred, wanting more. It had been some time since we could be like this and my body couldn’t help but crave for the man I loved. I didn’t mind being all that spoiled when we could spare the time.

  Chapter Three

  I woke that morning and Damon was already gone. There was always a longing I felt when he went to work before me, wishing for a day where we might be able to have a day in bed. Instead of pitying myself, I did a forty-five minute cardio workout and began cooking myself a light breakfast. After four bites I was done with the scrambled eggs and toast. I didn’t like wasting food but some morning’s I simply didn’t have the appetite for it.

  Pudding however, was a fatty like always. He meowed at me loudly rubbing against my legs impatient for his food. I emptied his can of food and watched him devour it within seconds. Much to my surprise Pudding took the move very well, it was simply a larger kingdom for him to claim.

  It was routine now. Something I didn’t mind. I was now at my dream job, with the man that I loved, and less pressure than my previous role. Debra Coorman truly was the boss from hell. Without her added pressure I only had to focus on my own deadlines and self-expectations.

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