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Nocturna league (episode.., p.9
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       Nocturna League (Episode 2: The Mist Hour), p.9

           Kell Inkston
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  The Captain, filled with holes, grins widely as his body quickly loses strength, the sand blowing out all across the island. Boris’ knot plan worked, be it to stop him, or kill him. “Well, look at that. Maybe you are worth something after all.” He then reaches for his bandages, and finds they are not there. He looks to Colette’s hand, and sees the bandages that are wrapped around it. He grins as the rest of the sand blows out of him into the air- she thinks she inhaled a little. The Captain’s clothes collapses to the floor harmlessly, and his hat is being pulled away by the wind. Colette takes it up and places it securely on her head. She stands there a moment, listening to the wind and then she hops down over the point to a lower ledge. There’s a note, but no Grancis.

  Dear Miss Colette Lancely Ketiere,

  Miss Vereyrty is safe and sound back on the Nocturna. Did you really think I would do such a thing? For shame- how degenerate!

  I recovered her last night and made sure that the criminal involved wouldn’t get up until you were on the scene the next day. She’s happily cooking with Boris in their little culinary wonderland as they usually do- so since you killed me, you’re actually the last of the crew left on the island. Of course, if you’re reading this, I can only assume that I’m still super good at making you do exactly what I want you to, even when I’m dead. Worry not, however. Over this time we’ve spent together, you’ve shown considerable improvement and I have many a fond thought of the time we spent together. I do want to see if you’re a bad enough lass to finish the job. Very soon, you will hear screaming in a certain spot in the island. Go there and defeat the warlock that will probably be resurrected by the time you get there. You’ve used my rifle before. You know what it does. Of course, you can choose to run from your youthful mistake and take a boat back to the Nocturna- you can probably see it from this distance, that majestic metallic beauty. I know you better than that however, and I’m sure you’re going to fix the problem, probably for the better. I trust your decision and I know you’ll do the right thing.

  Oh, and if you brought the cheese and crackers I asked for, thank you. It was probably a very enjoyable meal, because I love cheese and crackers.


  The Captain, now expired

  (P.S. Drinking vinegar is a disgusting, degenerate activity reserved for children and criminals. I’m frankly completely shocked you didn’t call me out on it.)

  Colette looks up from the letter with a completely dumbfounded expression. She sits down on a rock, reloads her gun with her remaining bullets and begins eating some of the cheese The Captain left on the rock where he was standing. Staring into the distance for a full minute, The Captain’s hat upon her head at a slant, she finally speaks. “Captain, you fucking idiot.”

  The wind blows, and she’s quickly beset with a strange, out-of-nowhere headache. She braces in pain, and soon after, hears a group of screams down two miles in the distance in the forest. She knows what she must do. Starting down the peak towards the screams, she fails to inspect The Captain’s coat. Had she done so, she would have noticed an extra spool of bandages in his left inside pocket.

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