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Sacrifice a short stor.., p.8
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       Sacrifice - A Short Story, p.8

           Kell Inkston
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to the news of strange and exciting plants growing from the earth, the fish being caught like never before, and the legendary stags appearing for the first time in ages. There is great happiness in the village, and there shall be for years to come.

  Somewhere else, a family reunites as a whole for the very first time; they are even happier.


  (Read on for a secret note that is no longer a secret because I just now mentioned it!)


  Thanks so much for reading Sacrifice. I very much hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  I wasn’t sure how to end this one, so it sat on my hard drive for several months before I finally decided on an ending and made it available- would it have been better if Cuuo had or had not died? Would it still hold the same meaning one way or another? I struggled with this for a while, but after lots of deliberation I made my decision- it’s a weird feeling, sacrificing one ending, and thus one theme for another, but I thought it was a good compromise. I then published it and let it sit for over a year. It all came back to me one evening that I hadn’t done the true ending justice. So I came back to it, gave it what I feel now is the proper end, and that’s the one you just read. I hope you enjoyed it.

  Anyway, if you liked it, please consider doing me the honor of writing a review. It would be massively helpful. (Write a review on or

  Also, if you want more from me, exclusive tales, news and more, sign up for my mailing list to get the latest and greatest.

  As always, I’m totally blown away by everyone’s support and good vibes. You honor me every day with your readership, and it’s truly a great pleasure to write for you all.

  Until next time,

  Kell Inkston

  About the Author

  The mysterious Kell Inkston has been writing with vigor since 2009 and has probably visited at least a couple of different dimensions. Kell believes in writing things so good, that those who don’t read, will, and those that do read, shall do so ever-more.

  Kell loves to read, that’s for sure, but more important to Kell is what reading means. That’s the reason Kell writes, after all, for meaning. People don’t simply read books to enjoy them, but for those short, small glimpses of things that mean something to them.

  Kell is here to give that to you, and we certainly hope you’ll join us.

  If you’d like more of Kell, send an email over to [email protected], or check out the website,

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