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Sacrifice a short stor.., p.6
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       Sacrifice - A Short Story, p.6

           Kell Inkston
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gotten interested in something other than killing yourself. There’s way better hobbies, you know.”

  For the first time, the clanless sees her turn and smile. “Please, clanle… Huh.”

  “What is it?” The sun dances between the leaves gracefully upon her headdress.

  “You came all this way for me, and you didn’t even give me your name, weirdo.”

  He leans back as their path gradually clears of foliage. “Yeah, you know, me giving you my name is sorta not mysterious at all.”

  “Yeah,” her features spread in disappointment, “I should have guessed.”

  “Oh, but hey! I made something for you!” He says, presenting the tiny thing to her.

  She takes it up, and looks it over only a moment— some kind of arrow or something. “Uh, nice, thanks!” She says as she tucks it into her headdress awkwardly.

  The clanless man nods and Luua turns back to the path in time to find a great clearing—Amuu waiting with his bow and a huge set of newly-crafted arrows. She approaches him without so much as flinching, with the clanless close behind.

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