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       Always Enough, p.8

           Kay Edwards

  Chapter Eight

  Wendy and the boys were dressed and ready for breakfast. Stefan had taken her back to the apartment to get clothes for church the night before. They could hear the voices in the hallway as they started leaving their suite.

  Stefan looked at the boys and Wendy. He glanced at Liam. “I’m thinking we are overdressed.”

  Wendy turned and looked at the family. “Some people will be dressed like you. Others will be dressed like me. I assure you it isn’t a big deal. I always wear what I’m comfortable in.”

  Trevor turned around. “I’m wearing jeans. I have to dress up all week. I like the idea of being comfortable in church.”

  Gretchen looked at Aaron. “I’m with Trevor. I’m not wearing jeans, but a nice pair of slacks sounds nice.”

  The boys and Wendy headed toward the kitchen. She set the table with bowls before finding the boxes of cereal and putting them on the table.

  A few minutes later the rest of the family joined them. They all ate breakfast and then headed to Wendy’s church. Stefan looked at the three kids in booster seats in the back of the vehicle and then at Wendy. “This is fun.”

  Wendy smiled up at him. Her voice was sincere. “I like having you all with us. It is usually just the boys and me.”

  Stefan followed Wendy's directions to the church. As they entered the parking lot, Stefan could see the differing ways people were dressed. He was glad he changed. Trevor was right it was nice to know they could feel comfortable. His dad had opted to keep his Sunday clothes on, and it was pleasant to see that others did that as well.

  Wendy held onto the boys’ hands. She smiled up at Stefan who had Macy in his arms. Her eyes twinkled. “Are you ready?”

  Stefan winked at her as the rest of his family caught up. His heart was beating a little faster as he answered his assistant. “I am more than ready. Lead the way, and I will follow.”

  The group walked into the gathering area. Wendy took the coffee a very pregnant Kim handed her. Kim's voice sounded frustrated. “Here drink this for me. Tell me how awesome it is in detail.”

  Wendy laughed as she made the introductions. Kim shook hands with the family. She glanced over her shoulder at her husband and frowned. “Brandon is driving me crazy. He locked up my chocolate stash. I think we may need marital counseling after this.” She looked back at Wendy. "So, don't keep me hanging. How is the coffee?"

  Wendy sipped the brew in front of her. She raised an eyebrow. "It tastes great."

  Kim sighed. "I'm so ready for a cup of coffee again. I also want my usual carefree husband back."

  Aaron chuckled. “We men can’t help but worry when you ladies are having our baby.”

  Kim winked at him. “I guess I can forgive him then.” She glanced back at Wendy. “Do you want me to take the kids to class? I'm heading that way.”

  Wendy looked at Stefan. “Will Macy go? If not she can stay with us.”

  Macy started wiggling out of her dad’s arms. Her little voice was confident. “I go wif da boys.”

  Stefan gave Wendy a lopsided grin. “I guess we have our answer.”

  The group watched Kim walk away with the kids and then started for their seats. Wendy felt Stefan’s hand at the small of her back. A part of her was a bit curious about the feelings it caused. A bigger part of her was ready to worship and see what God had for her today.

  Carla looked at her friend. She then made eye contact with each of the bachelors. “I turn my back for one week, and you start taking charity cases. Seriously, these guys have a face only a mother could love.”

  Wendy stared at Carla’s black eye. “That is probably one of the most offensive and bizarre distractions I have ever heard. What happened to your eye?”

  Carla cringed as she looked at the others. “I was really hoping that outrageous remark would work. Wendy is a nag.”

  Wendy shook her head. She had a good guess at what had happened to her friend. “I’m waiting for an answer.”

  Carla watched as the worship team headed for the stage. “Would you look at that? It seems like this has to wait until after church. You run along now.”

  Stefan and his family watched Wendy frown at her friend before going up on stage. He looked at Carla. “She sings?”

  Carla moved aside as they all sat down. She giggled. “You are in for a treat. Wendy is a ball of energy when she worships. Her abandon is contagious.”

  Brandon spoke to the congregation. “Today we are going to be doing a variety of worship songs. Some of them are older while others are not.”

  Gretchen looked at Aaron as they listened to and watched Wendy start praising God. It was evident that Wendy loved Christ. As the words to the song Adonia flowed from her heart and soul, Wendy’s passion for her Savior was undeniable.

  Stefan could not take his eyes off of the worship team. If he had to be honest, his eyes were on Wendy more than the others. She glowed with her love for Christ. It took him a little bit to remember he needed to be gearing his heart toward Christ, not Wendy.

  As the congregation stood and worshiped Stefan joined them. He recognized two of the next songs they sang. The last two were new to him, but he still read the lyrics. As worship finished, he was surprised when Wendy stayed on stage.

  Pastor Dale stood up and started speaking. “I asked a few people with some hidden talents to do kind of a skit today. I have been led to preach on a very distinct topic today and hope this ‘skit', I use that term loosely, helps you get a new perspective on it.”

  Aaron leaned over and spoke to Gretchen as the skit started. “Wendy is hysterical.”

  The congregation listened to Tobymac’s song Feel It fill the sanctuary. They started laughing as Wendy, and two others started lip syncing to it. It was evident that each of the three people was trying to ‘out’ lip sync the others.

  Stefan’s jaw dropped open as it soon became apparent that not only could Wendy lip sync she could break it down unlike the other two. Liam and Trevor were both holding their stomachs as they watched the other two people give up trying to keep up with Wendy. Liam leaned over and spoke to Stefan. “Your assistant can dance.”

  Stefan chuckled. “She is full of surprises. She really is a ball of energy.”

  When the song ended and the congregation stopped laughing, Wendy, and the others left the stage and took their seats. Stefan leaned over and whispered in her ear. “It was awesome.”

  Wendy’s eyes sparkled. “It was fun.”

  Pastor Dale started his sermon. He read Matthew chapter fifteen verses seven through nine. When he was done, he looked out across the congregation. “I have realized in my life ‘lip service’ is not going to cut it anymore. I have often asked myself how sincere is my walk with God. When I’m speaking to others about Jesus am I merely talking or am I really passionate about my faith? Am I trying to get others to see Christ so they can see my point of view or am I trying to help a soul see the danger of hell to their mortal soul? Now I have Wendy’s permission to say what I’m going to say next. Which do you think was lip service? Was it lip service when she sang Adonia? I personally don't believe that was the case. What about the other song? How many of us do just that? Wendy and the others moved their lips. However, no sound came out of their mouths. They all went through the motions and mouthed the words nothing more.”

  Wendy took notes as the pastor continued to preach. She made sure that she jotted down things that were specifically her weaknesses. She continued to listen and learn as she wrote.

  Stefan listened to the pastor’s words. He knew that he was just coming back to Christ. Stefan admitted to the things that could go wrong if he chose not to be sincere in his walk. He leaned back and put his arm around Wendy without thinking. When she looked up at him surprised, he grimaced as he started taking his arm down. He whispered. “Sorry, it is kind of a habit.”

  Wendy could see he was a
bit upset with himself. She murmured softly. “If you need to stretch I’m ok. I trust you. Keep your arm there.”

  Stefan nodded. “I guess I’m not exactly tiny.”

  Wendy smiled and then went back to taking notes. She soon forgot her bosses arm stretched on the seatback behind her.

  Stefan continued to listen to the sermon. He realized how easy it would be to start doing lip service just to get by. Stefan had always known that he was placed in a unique position to help those that had less. He wanted his walk to be more than just words in his own comfort zone. Stefan wanted to follow Christ’s leading with everything. Stefan wanted to let Christ tell him what he was supposed to do with his daughter and his assets. He looked down as Wendy leaned against him. He knew she was unaware that she had done it. Turning his attention back to the sermon, he acknowledged that he wanted Christ to lead him on what to do with this special friend. Wendy was starting to fit perfectly into his life and his heart.

  When service ended, Wendy looked up at Stefan. “How did you like it?

  Stefan chuckled. “I thought the skit was hysterical. It actually really did tie into the sermon. I liked it. It helped me see a few things that I needed to be aware of in my life.”

  Wendy nodded. "Me too."

  Stefan smiled as Wendy's face became determined. He knew her friend was about to be questioned again.

  Wendy glanced at Carla. “How did you get the black eye?”

  Carla looked at the group as they waited for her answer. She took a deep breath. She frowned at Wendy as she responded. “I went to help Clair. She was at the club last night and called. She needed my help.”

  Wendy stood up and looked down at Carla. Her voice was angry. “Are you crazy? You cannot keep doing that yourself. Why didn’t you call me?”

  Carla glanced at her as she stood up too. “You have two boys now to consider. I’m not calling you. I have this.”

  Wendy knew she needed to calm down. She got herself in check and then spoke. “You and I both know you do not have this. Your sister is going to get you hurt or killed. She needs help.”

  Carla sat back down. She looked up at her friend. Tears formed in her eyes. “I don’t know how to help her. I can’t even fathom why she does half the stuff she does.”

  Wendy looked at her friend’s long sleeved shirt. She gently took her hand and rolled up her sleeves revealing more bruises. “Did Jake do this to you?”

  Carla nodded. “I had to get her out of there. I’m alive, so I guess you can say I handled it.”

  Stefan looked at his mom when she nodded he glanced at Carla. “Do you want to join us for lunch? Maybe we can find a way to help.”

  Wendy watched the play of emotions on her friend’s face. She knew Carla enough to know she hated people knowing her family’s problems. Wendy spoke to Carla gently. “Please let us help.”

  Carla nodded. Her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Ok. I’ll come.”

  Wendy turned and looked up at Stefan. Her eyes were tormented as she spoke. “Thank you.”

  Stefan touched her cheek gently. “I find I like making you happy Miss. Collins.”

  Wendy leaned slightly into his touch. When she realized what she was doing, she stopped and looked back at Carla. Wendy chose to focus on her friend and not the feelings her boss’s touch seemed to be stirring in her.

  As the group went to pick up the kids, Aaron and Gretchen smiled at each other. To them, it looked like their son was falling in love again. It was something that pleased them both since the one he seemed to be falling for was Wendy. They were both were quite smitten with the young woman.

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