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           Kay Edwards
Always Enough
Always Enough

  By: Kay Edwards

  Copyright © 2016 by Kay Edwards

  All Rights Reserved

  About The Author

  Kay Edwards is a country girl. She is still quite new to the publishing scene but has already released seven books. This is her eighth book. It is first in her new series The Felix Brothers Trilogy. Kay has taken us from small town Pennsylvania to Texas in her last two series. In this series, Kay takes us into the world of the rich and famous of New York City’s business world. Join Kay as she takes you through three different journeys of love. Let her introduce you to Stefan Trevor and Liam Felix as they meet the women God has ordained for them.

  In the first book of this series, you will fall in love with Wendy and Stefan. As they learn to deal with loss, you will see them forge a delicate friendship that blossoms into love. Kay hopes you enjoy getting to know this couple as much as she did when she dreamed them up.

  Dedications and Recognitions

  I would like to dedicate this book to my readers. The emails and messages are what keep me writing. Thank you for taking a chance on a new author.

  I would also like to take a moment to thank my newest proofreader. Terry Lapaglia Ross, you have blessed me beyond words with your honest critique of my work.

  Of course, I have to thank my family for giving me space to create and write.


  Wendy glanced down at her nephews. Taking a deep breath, she took each of their little hands in hers. The three turned and walked away from the grave of her sister. Wendy would miss Gracie with her entire being. She thanked God for the time they had together. She thanked Him for the two boys her sister had entrusted to her to raise and prayed that He would give her all she needed to do that.

  Sean looked up at her. “Are we going home with you?”

  Wendy smiled sadly at him. Her voice was soft and gentle as she answered the same question she had answered daily since her sister’s death. “You are going home with me.”

  Cory turned and looked once more at the grave. Tears ran down his cheeks as he sniffled. “I love you, Mamma.”

  Wendy’s heart was broken. Her older sister had been her best friend. She looked at the boys and knew that she would do everything in her power to raise them how her sister would have wanted. She knew that God would not leave her as she embarked on this new journey of motherhood.

  Chapter One

  Three Months Later

  Wendy was running late. She had dropped the boys off at her neighbor’s apartment and then rushed out the door in an attempt to make an early morning interview on time. Her brown hair was not put up as she had wanted and she was hot. Summertime in New York City was not chilly this year. Not that it ever was. She rounded the corner of the building and dashed into the elevator looking more adorable than professional.

  Stefan looked at the woman standing by him. It was evident she was flustered. “What floor?” He asked politely.

  Wendy dropped the piece of paper when she went to read it. She picked it up trying to maintain some control. She was beyond rattled. Looking at her shaking hands, Wendy spoke. “It looks like the fortieth floor.”

  Stefan took a deep breath. He really hoped the woman standing there was not the one he was interviewing in ten minutes. He was tired of dealing with flirty woman fresh out of college. This one was cute and more than likely knew it. He frowned as he realized he had not even looked at the age of his latest applicant. He decided to do a little probing. “I take it you are here for an interview.”

  Wendy nodded. She glanced at him as she spoke. “I am. I’m a bit nervous. I hope they give me a chance.”

  Stefan grimaced. “It sounds like you are young.”

  Wendy looked down at her hands. Her voice shook. “I am, but I really need this job. I had a job that I needed to quit. The fact I didn’t give that employer notice is a drawback for me.”

  Stefan was surprised she admitted it. She was not flirting with him now maybe he had misjudged her. Of course, maybe she didn’t know who he was either. The latter would be strange, though. Most people knew exactly who he was. “Why did you choose not to give a notice?”

  Wendy glanced up at the man. She shrugged her shoulders. It was not like this was the person who was going to interview her, she decided to be honest. “My boss made me uncomfortable. I was what he was looking for until he realized I was not interested in more than work. I… I just don’t want to do that. There is no integrity in that.”

  Stefan was surprised. The woman was actually very attractive. In his experience, some women used that alone to get ahead. The door opened at the fortieth floor. He waited until she got out. He watched her go to the receptionist desk. While she was occupied talking, he walked past her and into his office unnoticed.

  Wendy knew she had only a few minutes until her interview. She had hoped to collect her thoughts while she waited. She also had wanted to get her nerves under control. When they called her name, she stood up and followed the older woman back to the office. When she entered, she stopped. She felt defeated before the interview even started.

  Stefan stood and held out his hand. The look on the young woman’s face said it all. She had not realized who he was in the elevator. “Good morning Ms. Collins.”

  Wendy shook his hand and tried to smile. Her voice was soft. “Good morning Mr. Felix.” She had no doubt that every person in New York City knew who this man and his brothers were on sight. Everyone except her. She started kicking herself for not listening to her friend Carla and doing some research.

  Stefan indicated she should sit. When she was seated, he decided to continue the interview he had started in the elevator. “You said you need this job. You are only twenty-two and fresh out of college. What makes you different from my other applicants?”

  Wendy looked up at him. She answered sincerely. “I am only interested in doing my best. I don’t know your other candidates. I can’t tell you what makes me different from them. I can only tell you about me. If you give me a chance, I will not let you down. I graduated top of my class because I worked hard. I will always give you my best.”

  Stefan spoke again. “Unless I want more than work…?”

  Wendy flinched and then stood as looked at the man. She started feeling sick in her stomach at the insinuation. Tears stung her eyes, and her voice was choked. “I’m sorry. I think I wasted your time. Please have a nice day.”

  Stefan stopped her as she started walking toward the door. “Wait! I’m not asking for more than work. I apologize if that is how you took it.”

  Wendy nodded. She slowly walked back to the chair and sat down. She looked at him and waited for him to ask more questions.

  Stefan had a few more things he needed to know about her. “How flexible are you?”

  Wendy was surprised by the question. She was under the impression this job had set hours. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

  Stefan leaned back in his chair. “There may be times I need you to attend certain functions with me. Our clients like us to rub elbows with them. That would require a bit of flexibility sometimes.”

  Wendy needed a bit more information to answer that. “Would it be last minute requests or would I have time?”

  Stefan was not sure what to make of that question. “Time for what…?”

  Wendy knew she had no choice but to explain her hesitation. She had not even been considered for three jobs because of the boys. “I would need time to find a sitter.”

  Stefan looked at her application again. He glanced back up at her. “Your application does not say you are a mom.”

  Wendy nodded. “I’m not.”

Stefan was still confused. “Why do you need a sitter?”

  Wendy stood again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to waste your time.”

  Stefan stood as well. He intercepted her at the door. For needing a job so bad, she seemed set on running away from him. “I’m interested in what you have to offer this company. Please finish the interview.”

  Wendy took a deep breath and looked up at him. “I would need a sitter for my nephew’s. I’m their legal guardian.”

  Stefan nodded as he guided her back to the chair. He looked at her application and then back at her. “You are only twenty-two.”

  Wendy was not sure what he wanted her to say. She nodded. “I am.”

  Stefan sat back in his chair again. He regarded her curiously. “Why do you have your sibling’s children and not your parents?”

  Wendy felt tears sting her eyes. She looked down at her hands. “My sister died three months ago. My parents were killed in a fire four years ago. I’m all my nephews have and they are all I have. I don’t need your sympathy. I need a job. I have a sitter I can use if I have notice.”

  Stefan was not untouched by her words. He answered honestly. “We usually can give you notice that you will be required at a function. If there is no notice, I will allow you to bring your nephews to my place. My daughter’s nanny can help with them. How old are they?”

  Wendy glanced up from her hands in disbelief at him. She was surprised that he would say that his nanny would help. She answered the question. “Sean is four and Cory is six.”

  Stefan smiled. “My Macy is three. She would be fine having them over to play.”

  Wendy continued to stare into Stefan’s face. Her heart was in her eyes. “I can do this job, Mr. Felix. I just need a chance.”

  Stefan could not disagree. If he had, to be honest, she was exactly what he was looking for. He wanted someone that could get the job done without being flirtatious or too forceful. The men he had interviewed came across as aggressive while the women were coy. Wendy came across as just what she was a person that was willing to work hard. He stood and walked to the front of his desk. He leaned back against it as he regarded her again. “I think I am willing to do that Ms. Collins. Since I know you quit your last job without notice, I would like you to start as soon as you have a sitter lined up.”

  Wendy looked up at him. For the first time since she had taken custody of the boys, she felt like maybe there would be hope for them. She whispered softly. “Thank you.”

  Stefan knew he may be crossing a line as he asked Wendy one more question. “How did she pass?”

  Wendy swallowed the lump in her throat. She bit her bottom lip to keep from crying. When she had herself under control, she looked up at him and spoke. “She was hit by a drunk driver. She was here and then she wasn’t.”

  Stefan could relate to the pain he saw in her eyes. He picked up his card and gave it to her. “My personal number is on the back. If you do not get me here, please call my cell. Like I said, I would like you to start as soon as possible. You also need to know we have a sign on check for you. As soon as you leave here, you will go down to HR and sign the paperwork they have for you. When you leave them, they will give you your first check.”

  Wendy looked at him surprised. The fact she could pay the sitter up front was more of a blessing than this man knew. She spoke to him softly. “Thank you for letting me show you that I can do this Mr. Felix.”

  Stefan grinned. “You are welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer this company. Have a good day and don’t forget to call me Ms. Collins.”

  Wendy smiled as he escorted her to the elevator. He reminded her to stop at HR on her way down. When the doors closed, she leaned against the back wall. “Thank You, God. Thank You for helping me find this job.”

  Stefan turned back to his office. He looked at the receptionist. “Cancel all of the other interviews set up for tomorrow. I just filled the position.”

  Walking into his office, he shut the door and picked up the phone. He called down to HR and gave them Wendy’s name. When he hung up, he looked out of his office window over the city. He was the CEO of one of the most powerful companies in the world. He was one of the youngest CEOs that had ever acquired his success. Today that didn’t matter to him. What mattered was the look on Wendy’s face when he had offered her the position. He absolutely believed she would be an asset to his company. He had not seen that kind of honesty in a very long time. A knock drew his attention.

  Trevor grinned at his brother. “How goes the search for that assistant you've been looking for? Rumor has it you found your ‘man.'”

  Stefan gave his older brother a look that said he didn’t appreciate the air quotes. “I found a person I do believe will be a fit.”

  Trevor walked in and took a seat. “I heard she is young and not hard to look at.”

  Stefan watched as his younger brother Liam walked in with a grin. He shook his head at him. “I take it you don’t have anything better to do either?”

  Liam looked at Stefan. “You and I both know I am always all ears when I hear what the HR people have to say.”

  Stefan glanced at his brothers. He was aware that they were worried about him. If he had, to be honest, he didn’t blame them. It had been almost two years since his wife had died of cancer. They honestly thought he didn’t date because he was still mourning. In some ways, he was. But that was not the only reason he had not dated again. He had a daughter to consider now. She came first. He glanced at them and was honest. “I hired her because I really do believe she is the right fit. I think if given a chance she will give this company all she has.”

  Liam looked at his brother. “So, is she attractive?”

  Trevor leaned forward and smiled. “We heard she was very attractive.”

  Stefan took a moment to think about Wendy. He gave them his honest opinion. “She is cute.”

  Liam spoke to his brother gently. “Don’t’ you think it is time?”

  Before Stefan could answer, a knock sounded on the door. He smiled when he saw Wendy.

  Liam looked at Trevor and grinned.

  Wendy peeked in at her new boss. She waited for him to wave her in. She made a wide berth around the men in his office. “I am sorry to disturb you. Your receptionist said you were not busy.”

  Stefan shook his head. “I’m not. These two are my brothers Liam and Trevor.”

  Wendy was still very nervous. Her voice was soft. “It is very nice to meet you both.”

  Stefan had watched women fall all over themselves to get to his brothers. Wendy looked like she wanted to run. “Did you forget something?”

  Wendy forced a smile on her face. “I wanted to tell you that I am available as soon as you need me. My sitter is retired, so she has no issues with any schedule you choose.”

  Trevor was curious. She looked young. “You are married?”

  Wendy glanced at him. She remembered her boss at her last job and took a step away from him as she answered. “I’m not married.”

  Stefan spoke as he looked at his computer calendar. “If you want to start Monday I have more time that day to show you the project I’m on right now.”

  Wendy smiled. “That will be okay. What time should I be here?”

  Before Stefan could answer the question, Liam spoke. “How old are your kids?”

  Wendy bit her bottom lip. It had been an already overwhelming day. The thought of talking about her sister’s death and her nephews brought tears to her eyes. She glanced at Stefan.

  Stefan spoke to her gently. “I’m fine if you show up at 9 am.”

  Wendy’s voice was shaky. “Thank you.”

  The men watched her walk out. Stefan looked at his brothers. “I can’t believe you did that to her. Her sister died, and she has custody of her nephews.”

  Liam grimaced. “I kind of feel like a heel right

  Trevor shoved him. “You should. I do too.”

  Stefan looked at the papers in front of him. “I have a lot of work to finish before the weekend. If you two could go, I would be grateful.”

  Stefan watched his brothers leave. He sat down at his desk and tried to get the look on his new assistant’s face out of his mind. The pain in her eyes was heartbreaking. Taking a deep breath, he got back to work. Monday would get there soon enough.

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