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           Kay Edwards
A Prelude To A Dance
A Prelude To A Dance

  By: Kay Edwards

  Copyright © 2015 by Kay Edwards

  All Rights Reserved.

  About The Author

  Kay Edwards is a country girl. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She still has ties to that area. Growing up in the church, Kay noticed a lack of communication regarding sexual and physical abuse. She has a passion for giving an avenue for these silent victims to have a voice. She also has a passion for showing the world that the "church" as a whole does not condone these acts of physical and sexual violence. However, those are not her only two passions Kay also enjoys a great love story. Kay Edwards has decided to take these passions and put them together in this heart-warming funny and emotional trilogy. A Prelude to a Dance is the first book of that series. I hope you fall in love with Helen and Logan like Kay did when she dreamed them up in her heart and mind.

  Dedications And Recognitions

  This book is dedicated to Joanne and other women and men in the church that have held their pain in silence. Thank you for opening up and giving me an avenue to encourage others to do the same. It is time for our silence to end, and our healing to begin.

  To my husband Leron: Thank you for teaching me to dance.

  To my children, Tyler Samantha Joseph and Maggie: Thank you for giving me little bits of inspiration every day. Dream big and never be afraid of your imagination.

  To my mom Blanche: Thanks for always encouraging me to be my best. You gave me space. I know you always thought it was too much but trust me when I say it was just right. My wings were wounded and needed that room to heal.

  To my dad Ronald: Thanks for giving me your bullheaded attitude. Some things just need to be said, and you have given me the ability to do just that even if I do have to soften some things a bit.

  To Gail: My awesome new friend and proofreader. Your willingness to by another set of eyes was so needed.


  The nine-year-old walked along unaware she was being followed. The child ran and jumped. She hopped along oblivious and innocent. She had no clue to the danger that lurked. As the man’s arms wrapped around her, she let out a yelp that was quickly covered by a foul smelling hand. She spent the next hours screaming for her mother. She was afraid, bloody, and broken. She knew if he let her go she would never tell anyone what he had done to her. Not ever would she tell. She was so ashamed of the things he did and the things he made her do.

  Chapter One

  Helen heard a cry for help. As she neared the river, the cry grew louder. A small crowd gathered at the iced edge.

  Looking out, she could see a child had broken through the ice into the freezing water. People had their phones out calling 911 or taking video, but no one seemed inclined to, actually, help the little girl.

  As the child cried out again for help, Helen did not think twice. She wrapped a dead vine around her waist and went out onto the thin ice.

  The ice broke plunging Helen into its frigid depths. The freezing water seeped into her very bones. That did not matter. She was going to get to that child.

  People on the shore seemed more inclined to help now. Two bigger men held the vine as Helen broke the ice with her raw red fingers. As Helen got closer to the little girl, the child seemed to rally her strength. She seemed willing to hold on and wait for Helen to get to her. Suddenly, without warning under the water she went.

  Helen did not even think about it under the water she went also swimming as fast as her arms and legs would let her. She felt hair and grabbed it. Kicking with all of her might, she broke the surface of the water.

  “I have her.” Helen yelled, and that was all it took for her to feel herself being pulled in. As the men continued to pull her, she was pulling the little girl’s head up out of the water.

  Helen looked at the child’s lips. They were blue, and her face looked lifeless. As they pulled her onto land, Helen rolled the girl on her back and breathed into her mouth. She was just getting ready to press on the child’s chest when the girl made a gurgle and spat out water from her lungs. The girl made a small cry and then a louder one.

  Helen looked at the little girl, but something was not right. The child looked like a cloud was around her. Helen looked harder and blinked to clear her vision, but it didn’t work.

  The crowd was reaching for Helen as she fell forward passing out on the cold ground in front of her.

  Helen woke up to the sound of her mother’s voice. “Come now, my sweet girl. Wake up.”

  “Mom, what happened?” Helen asked even though her mouth felt like cotton.

  “You did Helen. You went into the river to save a little girl. They said you dragged her out of the water, breathed into her mouth, and then passed out.” Ester answered gently.

  It came back to Helen then. “Is she ok? No one did anything. They just watched and took video.”

  “Her name is Lidia, and she is going to be okay thanks to you” Ester assured Helen as she patted her cold hand.

  “I was so scared for her. She was so alone and so afraid when she was out there. I just could not stand and watch.” Helen said softly.

  Helen’s mother sighed deeply “I know, but you could have been killed. Your father would have had a heart attack if he were still alive and had seen you do something dangerous. How many times in the past has he told you the current could take you before you can help?”

  “I know that is why I tied a vine around my waist. It seemed sturdy enough to hold, and it did.” Helen’s voice shook with exhaustion.

  “Helen, I know you think I am overreacting but you need to remember that you are my baby. I thought I had lost you when I saw you on the news.” Ester said her voice raw with emotion.

  “Wait, what? You saw me on the news?” Helen asked surprised.

  “Yes, I was watching TV when the breaking news interrupted my show. You had just gone under to grab her when they started airing it live from the news chopper. You were on the screen long enough for me to see it was you, and then, you were gone. I thought that would be the last image I had of you.” Her mother sniffled as tears ran down her cheeks.

  “I’m sorry mom. I did not realize you had seen it. I can understand now how upset you would be to see that.” Helen whispered.

  “They are here you know? They want to talk to you.” Ester said softly.

  “Who is here mom?” Helen’s face showed her confusion.

  “The news media is here. It seems you are a bit of a hero. People uploaded the rescue to the internet and everything.” Ester brushed another stray hair from Helen’s forehead.

  Helen tried to take a calming breath. She hated attention. She suddenly felt drowsier. Her mother’s look of concern told her she looked tired too.

  “It is ok to rest now, Helen. We can deal with the news crews when you are feeling better.” Ester said as she softly touched her daughter’s forehead.

  Helen felt her mother’s warm hand on her forehead again. She closed her eyes and dozed back off to sleep.

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