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     A Ordinary Day

       Katyjean Leslie
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A Ordinary Day

An Ordinary Day
Told in twenty poems

Katyjean Leslie

copyright 2017 Katyjean Leslie

Sun Rise
All Because
The Rules
The Exchange (rhyming)
The Actor (rhyming)
Walking with Elvis (rhyming)
Hollow Gourds
Dinner (rhyming)
Knee Deep in Love
The Walking Dead
When I Go (rhyming)
The Woman
Ode to Attila (rhyming)
Sun Rise

Under a hazy cover among the lush green
The sun peers lazily over the early hour
And the tops of the trees
To smile his warmth across the sleepy morning
And blow a familiar kiss through my open window
Like so many mornings before
Nudging me gently with his long golden finger
To present me with an unspoiled unwritten day.

Morning sun awakens-
Colorful ribbons stretch
languorously across the sky-
Cries to me, “Rise!”
It is a brand-new day-
half asleep and laden with dew,
pregnant with all the hope
and apprehension that the
unknown, unproved can hold.

I do rise-
and through eyes open, expectant,
contemplating the lushness that life can bring,
I pay homage to the sun-
its arms encompass all
growing wider and wider-
colors fade into each other
become white and far reaching,
draws shadows on the ground.

lies the highway, hard and gray
neither guilty nor innocent,
It just is-
it can take you
or lose you
but you will go
along with all the other vehicles
their headlights now going off.

The sun illuminates the way
as they embark on their various
routines and destinations.
I breathe deep
becoming the moment,
absorbing the lightness,
unreachable and brilliant.
All Because

There I was,
Blithely going through my days,
Never strayed off the path,
Always kept my eyes on the clock
And my hands upon the wheel
Until that inexplicable moment
When the world exploded into
A vibrant cosmos of color,
The air became heavy
And my heart pound in my ears
Like a thousand horse’s hooves--
I could not breathe,
My stomach clinched
And my knees felt as if they would buckle
Under the sudden extreme weight of my body--
All because you said, "Hello".
The Rules
We all play the same game
We play by the same rules
Some of us do well, some do not
But we play by the same rules
Some of us try very hard indeed
Some find it better to cheat
Since we all play by the same rules.

But what if the rules were changed
Only none of us citizens knew?
What if the ‘powers that be’ lied to us
Only none of us citizens knew?
What if there were secret handshakes
That caused alliances to shift and change;
If the ‘powers that be’ bought the world
But none of us citizens knew?

If we suddenly woke one morning
To find we could no longer come and go
As we choose
What would we do?
If everyone carried an unlicensed gun
Around on their pocket
Because ‘terrorist’ are everywhere
What would we do?
Or if we had to live under one religion
And sign a book if we worshipped differently
What would we do?
And if the ‘powers that be’ decided to
‘Rehouse’ the broken, the impoverished, the impaired and the elderly
So as not to be a drain on the system
Would we allow it?

We knew how to play the game
Because we knew the rules.
But the ‘powers that be’,
The powers that ‘we’ elected,
Are changing the rules
Only they are not telling us
What those rules are.
We need to make it our business to know.
Now is the time for accountability.
Now is the time for action.
Now before we ask the question,
“What could we have done?”
The Exchange
The building seems tall
in the eyes of the child
but the whole world is huge
when you’re so very small.

All brick red with concrete
for casements and sills.
The building is four stories high
with windows that repeat.

The child held tight
to the hand of her mother.
A bright colored balloon
bounced along on her right.

Between the buildings were
sidewalks and patches of grass.
The child looked up at the windows
to see a little girl looking at her.

Her mother had stopped
to speak to a passerby.
She had no choice but to wait
when something suddenly dropped.

There just a foot away,
wearing a bright blue bow with
the grass cushioning its head,
a fluffy brown teddy bear lay.
A huge smile came across
the face of the child below.
She gazed at the window
from where it was tossed.

The face in the window waved
at her secret friend below
who released the colorful balloon for
The teddy bear she could have.

The colorful balloon glided high
up toward the window child,
it’s colors shining in the sun.
Causing such a joyful cry.

In through the opened window
with speeds both swift and quick
the balloon was gleefully received
from the child on the ground below.

The teddy bear now retrieved
held tight in childish arms.
A secret pact of friendship;
A childhood language conceived.

As the mother started to go;
her little charge still in hand.
One last glance to the child above.
To exchange silent smiles below.

The Actor

Under the glaring spotlights
On top of the wooden stage
In front of the velvet curtain
The actor becomes the sage.

He wears all the costumes
He plays all the parts
He invokes all his lines
He knows them all by heart.

Now he has come to the end
He has played his last show
He has taken his final bow
Only thing left is to go.

One last curtain call
One last look around
One last deep breath
Then silence comes down.

He exits stage left
Through the side door
Onto the street

Where the actor,
Once revered,
Is just one more in a million feet.

Walking with Elvis
We walked a mile!
Or was it two?
I’d like to say it was because
We had nothing better to do.
But really it was the doctor
Who said we should walk each day.
The exercise, you see,
Should help take the pain away.
So, I put on my walking shoes
And Elvis adorned his lead.
Ok. He had my hands to use
But his big brown eyes said, “Please”.
So off we went down the street
Past Mrs. Wilson’s bungalow.
We quite enjoyed the folks we met.
Though it must be said you were slow!
All that stopping to smell everything
Just so you could pee on it!
And I wouldn’t have said a thing
Until you got the leg of Mrs. DeWitt.
I tell you, I’ve never seen
Anyone go into such a rant!
That woman was downright mean!
After all she was wearing pants.
Mrs. Johnson’s roses were divine.
They smell just as lovely and sweet.
Your watering them I’m sure she didn’t mind.
I’m just grateful that you missed my feet.
I thought poor old Mr. Agee
Didn’t look quite himself
Might be sick. Don’t you agree?
Plus, he had a peculiar smell.
He did have a pocket of treats.
He’s still thoughtful and kind.
I guess if he’s giving you something to eat,
An odd smell you’re not going to mind.
Say, when did the filling station close?
You know, the one on the corner.
Look, I know I may be getting old
But I thought the place got a new owner.
Don’t give me that look, little dog!
I have not yet become senile.
Besides, who tripped over that log?
You could have seen that from a mile!
I noticed you were quicker coming back.
Was it the thought of your bag of treats?
Oh no. That’s right. It was Mrs. Ferrelli’s cat
That had you pulling at your lead!
However, pooping in her yard was not good.
You see, I forgot to bring the bag
So, I couldn’t retrieve it like I should
And she can be quite a nag.
Oh well, home again my little friend
Off with your lead and my shoes.
A pat on your head, a scratch of your chin.
Time for a snack and a snooze.
I know we walked a mile today.
Or maybe it was two.
Not even close, I dare say
But I always like walking with you.

(for Elvis, my terrier, my buddy)
They met.
They laughed.
They loved.
They married.
Time passed.
He cheated.
She cried.
He raged.
She hurt.
He hit.
She bled.
He left.
She died.
It ended.

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