Alpha instinct, p.42
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       Alpha Instinct, p.42

         Part #1 of Moon Shifter series by Katie Reus
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Page 42


  She was so close to orgasm, it made her tense everywhere. Her inner muscles fluttered around his fingers with each languid stroke. She just needed to clear her head and let go.

  “Touch yourself,” he murmured between kisses.

  A shiver rolled over her at his commanding tone. She could definitely do that. When he shifted his position to watch her cup her breasts, the fire in his eyes nearly melted her.

  The heat coming off him was potent and all consuming, and she loved watching the changing emotions play out in his eyes.

  Slowly she strummed her nipples, not only to pleasure herself but to tease him. She liked it when he was as hot and bothered as she was. Right now the look in his eyes told her he definitely was.

  “Pretend it’s me touching you,” he managed to rasp out.

  She couldn’t hide the small smile at the unsteadiness of his words. As she imagined his fingers and mouth teasing her breasts, he increased his movements. She let out a moan and arched her back slightly as she closed her eyes. Right now was all about the pleasure he was giving her. Everything else faded away.

  When he lightly tugged on her clit with his teeth, she jerked at the abruptness but was finally able to let go. Her thighs tightened around his head as her orgasm tore through her with a wildness she hadn’t expected.

  Using one hand to push back her thigh, he continued rolling his tongue over the sensitive area until she clutched his head, silently begging him to stop. After her climax crested, the extra stimulation was making her weak everywhere.

  “Connor. ” She pulled at him, trying to tug him upward. Her voice was ragged, unsteady.

  Leaving his two fingers still buried inside her, he met her mouth with his. Hungrily he ate at her. As they kissed, her inner walls tightened around his fingers once again as another, lighter, tremor curled through her.

  Finally she tore her head back to breathe. “Thank you,” she murmured.

  He dropped a trail of kisses along her jaw and shoulder as he slipped into bed behind her. He pulled her tight against his back, but when he didn’t make a move to take off his pants, she frowned.

  She shifted her behind against his covered erection. “What about you?”

  “Just go to sleep,” he whispered against her hair.


  “Shh. I know you’re still sore from your accident and I want this to be only about you. Let me give this to you. ”

  She opened her mouth once, then shut it. If she wanted him to give more to her, she knew she needed to give something too. She could let him take care of her as long as he let her do the same for him.

  When he tightened his grip around her, she shut her eyes and sank deeper against him. Later she could worry about the future and the problems facing their pack, but for now she savored his strong embrace.

  Ana opened her eyes and frowned at the haziness surrounding her. It was as if she were looking at a fuzzy photograph. She rubbed her eyes and looked around but nothing changed. The edges of her vision were covered in dark shadows. Alarm jumped inside her when she realized she was in the woods.

  And naked.

  Strange, she didn’t feel the cold, though there was a light layer of snow on the ground. Heavier than the last time she was outside. Even with her high body temperature she should still feel the air rushing over her bare skin. When had it snowed so much? Her feet should be tingling from the icy ground. Or at least feeling something.

  Why am I naked? She wrapped her arms around herself to cover her chest and started walking.

  She remembered going to bed with Connor after he’d given her an intense orgasm. Warmth spread through her at the thought of how much time he’d spent between her legs.

  Right now she needed to figure out how the hell she’d ended up here and how to get back to him.

  She recognized the woods as her own so at least she wasn’t lost. She was right in the thick cluster of trees close to the main house.

  As she started walking, a mangy, feral gray wolf appeared out of the woods. He was coming right for her. She tensed but he didn’t even see her.

  Just kept walking. His red eyes glowed fiercely and his fur was dirty, matted and falling off in places. But he brushed by her without a glance in her direction. She shivered and ducked behind a tree, even though he didn’t seem to be aware of her existence.

  Careful of any protruding sticks or branches, she hurried through the woods until she came to the clearing.

  There was a sea of dead and feral wolves. She clutched her stomach as bile rose inside her. The mangy feral wolves didn’t seem to be actually seeing anything. They blindly walked among the dead wolves.

  As she walked toward the lifeless animals she heard a female cry out. Turning back toward the woods she watched as Carmen clutched her neck and collapsed onto the ground.

  Ana started running but she didn’t make any progress. “Carmen!” Her heart pounded wildly as she tried to move. She needed to reach her sister. Her legs were like lead.

  Suddenly the cold ripped through her and her body became violently aware of the elements. Her sister convulsed on the ground and started foaming at the mouth.

  “Carmen!” she screamed again, but it came out as a whisper.

  Tears streamed down her face as she tried to reach her. Her sister’s body stilled and Ana cried out in anguish. Why couldn’t she get to her?

  A warm hand gripped her forearm and everything around her dissipated as if it had never been there. She now stood on the front porch of her house, fully clothed. Matt was there with a grim expression on his face.

  He immediately let go of her arm.

  “What are you doing here? Where am I?” she demanded.

  “You’re dreaming. ” His voice was annoyingly calm.

  As if she hadn’t just seen her sister dying on the ground. She frowned. “Then how are you in my head?”

  “Technically you’re in my head. I brought you here to show you this so you understand the danger facing your pack. ”

  “Dream walkers can do that?” She’d always thought she’d known him, but now she realized she didn’t know shit.

  “Some can’t. I can. ”

  “How come you never told me about this?”

  He shrugged. “Why would I?”

  She frowned at his response, not that she blamed him. Why would he have told her? “Does anyone else know about your ability?”

  He snorted softly. “If you’re talking about anyone in town, no. My mother knows and so does my … former clan. ”

  “In New York? Why did you and your mother leave?” She wasn’t sure why she was pushing him, but this was probably one of the weirdest things she’d ever experienced, having someone else in her head like this. She felt like she should know maybe just a little more about him.

  He ignored her question. “There’s a coyote in your midst. ”

  She didn’t care about coyotes. She cared about her sister. “What was wrong with my sister? I need to get to her. ”

  “She’s fine … for now. What you just saw is a vision of things to come. ”

  “Dead and feral wolves littering my lawn are a vision of what’s coming? And Carmen dying?”

  “Dreams aren’t always literal, Ana. ”

  “Then my sister …”

  “She needs to be careful. You need to warn her. ”

  “What about the other stuff I saw?”

  He shook his head. “If something isn’t done about your neighbor and his drug running, the feral wolves will be a reality for our town. They’ll sweep through like a disease. People and wolves alike will start dying. Once the first human is killed by a shifter, your entire pack will be targeted. You need to do something about him. ”

  “How do you even know about that?”

  “I see many things. ”

  It was hard to digest what she was seeing and what he was saying, and she
wanted to make sure she completely understood what was going on. “So wait. These are your dreams or visions, not mine or anyone else’s?” When he nodded, she continued. “Then who is the coyote in our midst? Who is trying to poison us?”

  A dark expression crossed his face. “That I don’t know. I have no control over what I see or if my visions are literal or not. I’ve tried reaching out at night but I can’t get into his—or her—head. I’m sorry, but I simply don’t know, Ana. His thoughts are too dark, too guarded. ”

  She bit her bottom lip. Connor had told her to stay away from Matt but it’s not as if she had a choice since he’d sucked her into his dreams. “My mate told me to stay away from you. ”

  Matt’s lips curved into a slight smile. “I figured as much. He cares very deeply for you. ”

  She briefly wondered why he said that, but dismissed it. “What’s going to happen to Carmen?”

  “You need to warn her to stay away from these woods. I keep seeing her … death in my dreams. Warn her to stay inside and to surround herself with your pack. ”

  “And she’ll be okay?”

  “It doesn’t work like that. Sometimes things happen no matter how hard we try to stop them. ”

  “Like fate or something?”

  He paused before he said, “Or something. ”

  “How do I know you didn’t make me see this stuff? Like, conjure it up?”

  His eyes narrowed. “I’ve shared this with you because I care about your pack and our town. I won’t be insulted by you. ”

  She bit her lip. “I didn’t mean it that way. I’m just trying to understand what all your dream walking entails. ”

  He started to fade in front of her. “I can’t hold the link much longer. Remember what I said. ”

  “But my sister …”

  The vision in front of her scattered into a ribbon of white smoke.

  “Ana. Wake up, Ana. ” She opened her eyes to find Connor lightly shaking her.

  Her heart beat unsteadily as she fought to slow her breathing. She reached out and grabbed his shoulder to make sure he was real. Hard muscles flexed underneath her fingers. “Am I dreaming?”

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