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       Miami, Mistletoe & Murder, p.15

         Part #4 of Red Stone Security series by Katie Reus
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Page 15


  She felt him more than heard him as he came up behind her. Noel turned her back against the counter to find Travis standing there with mistletoe in his hand.

  He held it above their heads and kissed her softly. “Merry Christmas. ”

  Grinning against his soft lips, she had to stop herself from jumping him, stripping naked, and going back to bed. After a long kiss she sighed and pulled back. “There’s still time to back out if you want. ”

  “On Christmas?” he asked wryly.

  “We could spend all day in bed. Naked. I’m sure we could make good use of all these desserts. ” Oh yeah, that sounded like pure heaven.

  Shaking his head, he nudged her out of the way and stacked the four plastic containers, picking them up with ease. “Nope. We’ve got to stop by the hospital first and I don’t want to be late getting to your dad’s house. ”

  “I can’t believe you,” she muttered.

  He just shook his head. “You’re just mad because they sided with me last night. ”

  It was partially true. She’d expected her brothers to give Travis a little grief at their annual Christmas Eve gathering. After all, she was their only sister. But once they’d learned how he’d shot someone to save her friend and then knocked out that lunatic at her store, they’d been thrilled to welcome him to the family—but they’d been pissed at her for not telling them about the shooting and subsequent attack. And Travis had agreed with them. The traitor. She hadn’t told them because they had a tendency to get overprotective and crazed.

  With a smug grin, he kissed the tip of her nose and disappeared out the door whistling a holiday song.

  Noel snagged her purse from the kitchen table and fingered the beautiful diamond necklace Travis had given her. He’d woke her up this morning by clasping it around her neck. Considering how much time they’d been spending together, she was impressed he’d had the time to even buy it for her. The gift had taken her completely by surprise and the way he’d said, “This won’t be the last diamond you get from me,” had made her toes curl. There had been a wealth of promise in those words.

  And there was one promise in particular she was more than ready to give. She’d happily spend the rest of their lives together showing him just how much she loved him.

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