A jaguars kiss, p.13
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       A Jaguars Kiss, p.13

           Katie Reus
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Page 13


  Owen settled down next to her and pulled her tight against his body as he wrapped a leg over hers. “You’re moving in here permanently,” Owen said softly against her ear as he began to nuzzle her. “My brother will be out by next week. He’s moving in with another pack mate. ”

  For that she was glad. She still harbored some annoyance at his brother since he’d kidnapped her—even if the gun hadn’t been loaded. She was sure she’d eventually get over it, but it wouldn’t be today. “Hopefully you’ll let me sleep in your bed and not the guest room anymore,” she murmured against his chest.

  He lightly pinched her behind and she laughed. Then he sighed, the soft sound reverberating through her.

  She pulled her head back so she could see his face. “What?”

  “Your parents aren’t my biggest fans. ”

  Gabriela bit her bottom lip. “Well, my mom isn’t your fan. My dad is actually okay with you. ” Her father had told her a few days ago that if she decided to settle down with Owen then not to worry about her mother because she’d eventually come around. Considering her father hadn’t told her he planned to maim or kill Owen, that was pretty much giving her new mate the stamp of approval. Of course Gabriela had thought that was a moot point a few days ago considering Owen’s emotional distance. “She’ll come around, though so don’t worry. Speaking of moms…How does yours feel about me?” Owen’s mom had been out of town visiting relatives and as far as Gabriela knew, no one had told her about the fight with the vamps and jaguar or her own subsequent injuries.

  His arms tightened around her. “She’s always adored you and has told me more than once what a dumbass I was for letting you go. ”

  “Your mom did not say that word. ” Phoebe Wright might be a wolf, but she was fairly proper.

  He chuckled against the top of her head, his breath tickling her hair. “It was implied. And before you ask, because I can see the wheels in your head turning, Ethan feels bad about what he did, especially since you almost…” His voice became raspy as he trailed off.

  She tightened her fingers into his waist. “I’m alive and I’m here and nothing is going to happen to me. Unless your pack decides they don’t want a jaguar for an Alpha’s mate. ” The words were said semi-jokingly.

  His hand flexed on her hip as he rolled to his back and pulled her with him so that she had to straddle him. Looking down at him, she didn’t see any humor in his expression.

  Owen reached up, cupping her face and lightly stroking her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “After what you did, my pack adores you. I’ve already been getting calls from well-meaning aunts wanting to know when we’ll be having cubs of our own. ”

  The thought of having a family with Owen made Gabriela smile as warmth spread through her chest, so she kissed him again. She’d been traveling the globe for so long, running away from the one man she could never forget. Now that she was in his arms again, she knew there was no place she’d rather be.

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