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           Karen Swart
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Taming The Fae - An Exsilium Short Story
Taming the Fae

  An Exsilium Short Story

  By Karen Swart

  Copyright 2014 Karen Swart


  To all my amazing fans, and a special thanks to my amazing street team.


  All rights reserved. Published by Karen Swart. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher.

  Copyright 2014

  Edited by Blue Butterfly Editing

  Cover by Karen Swart


  Custos - Guardian Fallen

  Apprendo - Apprentice Fallen

  Filiola - Little Daughter

  Dominus - Master

  Salve - Greetings or Hello

  Vale - Farewell

  Puela - Girl

  Caveo - Take care

  Cor - Heart

  Bellus - Beautiful

  Exsilium - Banished realm

  Fillia – Daughter

  Bellator – Warrior

  Special Note:

  This is a short story based on events that happened within the Kasadya Hellhound Series.

  Chapter 1


  We all shifted and landed outside Chax’s home. My heart was still pumping with adrenaline and just utter shock. I remember the fury. I remember the hatred and then… my own hellhound pushed me back. I had to witness everything from inside myself. Although I carried the same fury and hatred, there was a point where I would not have been able to go on. But not this other form of me. This form was powerful, too powerful. And then I felt it, a slight touch of such peace and serenity that even that powerful form gasped from it. I looked up and found her, still frozen in place as her big blue eyes looked back at me.


  A primal surge when through my body, a declaration, a promise. Mine.

  “Do you guys think Kas will be okay?” The dreadful silence was broken by Lada.

  “It will be okay. Chax is mad, but he is not capable of hurting her…. Or let’s just say killing her.” Lotan embraced Lada in his arms, trying to comfort her fears.

  I looked back to Nanini but she was gone. Storming forward, I started to search the house. Her eyes were filled with her own fear, and I am afraid that fear was of me. I searched everywhere but could not find her. Where the hell did she go?

  Furious, I stormed back to Lotan and the others, who were all now in the living room. Lada was sobbing uncontrollably as Lotan held her. “Did anyone see where Nanini went?” It came out more of a demand than a question. But given what we just survived, Nanini being alone was not such a good thing.

  “No, she was here a minute ago and then she shifted out,” Ben replied, opening and closing his hand. He must have hurt himself during the fight. Although now immortal, injuries still hurt like hell to heal from.

  “I need to find her.” I turned around, determined to find her.

  “Max, she would be in shock. You are the last person she ever considered mating, and she was never one for the whole fall in love thing,” Lada muffled as she sat back up to look at me.

  “I know. It’s the reason I need to find her. She could get into even more trouble if Chax finds out she left the house.” Although, I might kill him if he tried. No, not might, I will.

  I stopped myself. Where in the hell did that just came from? Inside me I could feel the other part of me, the creature, restless and frustrated. He wanted her found badly. Shit! That’s all need, a hormone-enraged hellhound.

  “Knowing her, she would have gone straight for her parents. They have a very close relationship, and she would need help to get over the shock,” Lada continued on.

  “Where can I find them?” Again it came out more of an order than a question.

  “Max, do you really think it’s a good thing to try and sort this out now? Maybe you should give her some time,” Ben suggested.

  Should I? My hellhound slammed into my head, overpowering that thought instantly. Find. Mine. I bit down, trying to gain control. Feeling my hellhound backing up, I opened my eyes and locked eyes with Caim. He was standing there motionless.

  “I think I need to go as well,” he uttered, and shifted out instantly. Bloody hell, it would seem we both have problems.

  Lotan whistled. “It’s going to be a long night, that’s for sure.”

  “Lada, where are her parents?” I asked again, this time more politely.

  She rumbled off instructions to get to their house, and with a quick thanks I shifted and landed almost exactly in front of their home. I have been secretly scavenging Exsilium for a while, and have learned my way around the realm. It’s always good to know where everything is, especially exits and enemies. And even here in the so called peaceful realm, there are too many enemies. I stopped in front of the house, my heart pumping against my chest. My hellhound was on full alert and prowling. Inside, I could make out three shadows. Two were standing and watching a smaller shadow moving around with arms flying everywhere.

  “Mine.” The word left my mouth with power and determination.


  Chapter 2


  “There is no freaking way!” How could this happen to me? Why Godzilla? No, No, No!

  “Nanini, honey. You need to calm down.” My mother took a step forward, her eyes pleading with mine.

  “Mom, I can’t mate that… that uneducated…. self-centered…. overbearing…bully! I can’t, Mom!” I wailed again.

  Of all the stupid males around in this place, it had to be him. Why him? I hate him!

  “Nanini, take a deep breath, honey.” Now it was Dad’s turn. The mixture of emotions crossing over his face was interesting. He was concerned for me, but he was also kind of mad, I would say.

  “He will destroy my mojo. He’s already started. I can’t possibly end up with him. I just can’t. What if I run away, you know, go live on earth somewhere-“

  “Nanini!” Hearing him calling my name, I stopped midsentence.

  He wouldn’t dare! Storming to the window, I drew back the curtain, and my stomach dropped even more. He freaking did! I am going to have to kill him. Yep, there is no other way.

  “Honey, now don’t do something you will regret later.” Mom burst my killing bubble.

  I turned around and smiled. “Of course not, Mom. I am just going to ask him to go away. Promise.” With determination, I shifted outside.

  “Leave .Me. Alone.” I sneered at him.

  He was in front of me in a flash, grabbing my arm. “So you can run away?”

  I looked up at him, and tried to pry myself from his grip. “Anything would be better than you!” He might be taller than me, but I am so going to hand him his ass tonight.

  “You are going home with me and staying there until Chax returns.” His eyes was ablaze, I sure hope that was fury and not… oh hell no! Eeeuww!

  “Get your paws of me dog!” Yep, I just called a hellhound a dog.

  His jaw ticked, and now I was pretty sure it was fury in his eyes. “Don’t call me that.”

  Oh bingo! Hit the soft spot!

  “Sure thing, dog.”

  His left eye starting twitching, and I had to bite back my laughter. “I know this is a shock to you, it is to me as well. But you can’t go around making stupid decisions. We already had enough of that for one day.”

  “Oh you are freaking right there. Whoever decided that this,” I pointed to him and me, “was beyond freaking wacko. This will never be. Over my dead freaking body!”

  His eye t
witched again. “Nanini, we don’t have to discuss this tonight. Just come with me to Chax’s home and stay there until he gets back.”

  Bloody. Freaking. Hell. He was doing that “Oh I am mature and responsible” crap on me. Screw him!

  I raised myself to my toes and was still a good foot or two short to really get into his face, “No thanks, I would rather bite a snake than go back with you.”

  I could see the moment he lost all control, the eye didn’t twitch, it freaking jumped around in his socket like ping pong ball. And here we go. He tried to shift me to the house, but seeing that I was a fallen way longer then him, he ended up looking like an ass. I smiled at him, “Didn’t work hey?”

  My smile faded instantly, with a swift move, I was up into the air and landed on his shoulder. “I don’t have time now for your little girl tantrums,” Right you want a freaking fight, I’ll give it to you.

  I transformed and surged my fae bomb into my hands, building it up to be big enough to throw him forward. Then I let him have hit. He flew forward and I rolled in time to land on my feet. Unfortunately, he didn’t eat dirt the way I wanted him to. He regrouped and stormed at me. Yep, time to get the hell out of here.

  I flew up into the air and started to go as fast as I can. See hellhounds have this nasty things about catching their prey, and being able to fly, he could actually do it.

  “Nanini!” He yelled behind me.

  Okay, now where to go to ditch this sucker?

  Chapter 3


  I wasn’t going to be able to control the hellhound inside me much longer. Just my luck ending up with the one fallen who didn’t do the whole ‘obey’ thing. She flipped me off and jumped into the air, her small frame moving at an impeccable speed. At the sight of her flight, my hellhound submerged without my consent. My huge wings stretched open, and I leapt into the air after her. With powerful strokes the huge wings gained momentum fast.

  Stubborn, my hellhound complained. For the first time since taking over, I didn’t disagree. Nanini was one of the most stubborn females I had ever met. Before I met her, I thought Kasadya would be the one to give me a heart attack. But this little fae has proven to be ten times worse than even Kasadya. Around every turn she would be right up in my face, trying to dominate me. Me of all people. Stubborn fae females.

  My hellhound snorted in agreement. She ducked and dived around trees and buildings, determined to outmaneuver us. But my hellhound was not falling for it. We turned and ducked just in time as a huge pink bomb descended upon us.

  “Nanini! Stop this now!” I all but roared at her.

  In midair, she turned around and double flipped me off. I bit down and pierced my own cheek. She is going to be the end of me.

  “Nanini!” I tried again. She dove down towards the earth. Closing my wings, I followed suit. As the ground came towards us, I knew she wasn’t paying attention to her descent towards the ground. She was going to drive smack into it.

  “Nanini, watch out!” I cried out and pushed forward with all my strength.

  “Stay the hell away from me!” she replied while turning her head back towards the ground.

  “Christ, Nanini!” I was too late.

  The moment she turned her head back, the ground was already upon her. She crashed with a deafening shudder into the ground. Dust and debris jumped into the air, creating a dust cloud which I flew into.

  “Nanini! Are you alright?!” I yelled as I tried to find her in the cloud. I caught a soft whimper to my left and stormed towards it. Almost stepping on her, I found her on the ground, covered in dirt and … blood. My heart stopped beating completely.

  “Nanini?” I picked her up in my arms. Her head hung back and she moaned again. “Hang on, I’ll take you to Maia.” I shifted with her in my arms towards the spirit fae’s home. I landed as softly as I possibly could but the impact tore another cry from her. “Hang on, almost there.” I stormed into the house, not even bothering knocking. “Maia! Maia, Nanini is hurt!” I yelled as I made my way through the small house. But there was no answer.


  “Maia!” I yelled again. I looked down at Nanini ,whose head was resting on my chest. She was out cold. Every organ inside me ceased functioning. “Nanini!’ I shook her but she didn’t wake. My hellhound was out of control, smashing into my skull as he tried to take over the situation. Must save. Must help.

  “Yeah, I already know that, but Maia isn’t here,” I replied to the creature inside me.

  Shit, what do I do?

  Without any real plan, I shifted to the only place I knew someone would be able to help, or at least direct me into the right direction.

  I landed in the lobby of the former training facility of the fallen, called the Hellhouse. But after a huge breach on earth and thousands of fallen families attacked, it’s now the Fallen Orphanage. I turned into the first hallway and ran down it. “Vulcan!” I yelled with each step. Nanini was tossed around like a rag doll, and my heart struggled to keep pace with my moving body.

  “Vulcan!” I yelled again but no reply came. I was already in the second hallway leading toward the cafeteria. Just then, a young female stepped out of the door and looked down towards us. “Please, I need help. She is hurt,” I yelled at her.

  Her small eyes suddenly became large as she stormed towards us. Stopping, we met in the middle. “What happened?” she asked while looking at Nanini’s bleeding head. How to explain this? “She misjudged her descent to the ground and crashed into it.” That was enough information at the moment. “Do you know where I can find Maia?”

  “She and Vulcan left for Chax, but I can help as well.” As the words left her, she shifted and took a green color. Oh sweet heaven, she’s a spirit fae like Maia. As she sent her healing power into Nanini, I watched intently as the huge wound on Nanini’s left side started knitting together. Finally after what felt like a year passed, the wound was closed. Nanini moaned, and my heart gave an eerie thump at the sound. As if its own existence was now connected to Nanini’s heart. Maybe it was?

  Her eyes flew open and met mine. Heaven above, they were the most beautiful eyes I have ever looked upon. They weren’t too big for her small oval shaped face, no not at all. They matched her small little face perfectly.

  And then a fist blocked out the beautiful sight, and I was too late to pull my head back.

  Chapter 4


  The sound of bone cracking followed, as I landed a beauty on him. Stupid hellhound!

  “Don’t you dare touch me again!” I pushed away from him but, even in pain, the bloody thing kept holding on to me.

  He rolled his head, and his tongue caught the small drop of blood on his lip. Then he was freaking looking at me again, all dreamy-eyed and crap. “Argh, let me go!” I fought harder, but his freaking arms were like metal chains wrapped around me and not budging.

  “Calm down, Nanini. You got hurt pretty bad.”

  “No, really?”

  “Nanini, calm the hell down now,” he growled at me as he ducked my second punch. But he didn’t see the third one coming right at him.

  Boom, another cracking sound followed. Bull’s-eye! Time to break free of this so not going to happen relationship. I jumped out of his arms, pushed the gawking female out of my way, and ran for my life. A huge roar sounded behind me, but hell alone was not even going to stop me. I was suddenly pushed forward and started to see the floor in a million new painful ways. Closing my eyes, I braced for impact, again. But the only thing I felt was a soft punch to my cheek. Prying me eyes open, I wondered what the hell just stopped my face slap moment. Argh, it was him!

  “You stupid dog! Just let me go!” I pulled back my head, pulled up my butt, and swung out my foot. With my boot in his face, I pushed away from him again. It didn’t do any good however, because he was already attached to me like a freaking leach. “Let me go now!”

  “No, I had enough of your crap for the night. You are going home!”

“Like hell I am! Get the hell away from me, you jerk!”

  “Nanini, I just had to bear-“

  Yeah, another shot in the face. This guy have got to be the most desperate male in the world. Hell, I would have called it with punch number two. He roared again, and the next thing I knew my face was pressed into the cold tile floor, followed by my entire body. Holly crap! The bloody jerk just pinned me down. “Ge…t off.” I struggled under his weight.

  “No, not until you have calmed down.”

  “Oh, I am calm. Just let go and I’ll show you.” I tried punching him with my head, but failed.

  “Max, get off me now!” I was being squashed by a psycho.

  “What on earth is going on here?” Vulcan’s voice joined us in the hallway.

  “I am trying to calm her down. She has been out of control the entire night and almost killed herself,” Max chipped in.

  “Trying to get the hell away from you, you mean.” I kept on struggling, but the jerk just wouldn’t get off me.

  “Okay, both of you, get up and calm down!” This time Vulcan used a little of his “I had enough” voice.

  The crushing weight was off me, and I gulped down the new fresh air. As I rolled onto my back, Max bent down and offered me a hand to help me get up. I should have bitten it off, but instead I slapped it away and made my own way up. Leaning against the wall, I looked at him, death the only thing on my brain.

  “Okay, now let’s go get some tea, and then we can talk about this in my office.” Vulcan turned around and gestured for us to follow. I looked back at Max, and he at me. This was not going to happen, never. With a humph, I stormed past him after Vulcan. Walking past the female who was trying to bite back her laughter, I gave her the “Oh we are going to have a talk” look as I turned into the kitchen after Vulcan.

  Just behind me was the stupid jerk who won’t take no for an answer.

  Part Five


  This was not going to be easy. I kept my eyes on the little vixen as she stomped down the hallway after Vulcan. Her small frame sassing around even when she was clearly pissed off. She was going to be a handful, or two. I rubbed my face and quickly pulled away my hand when it touched my bruised lip. Damn, the little girl could give a punch.

  Following them into the cafeteria, I stopped just inside and kept my eyes on her. She was fuming, her adrenaline disorder going into overdrive. Instead of the usual jumping around, she was trying to step holes into the tile floor. Up and down she prowled, giving me the promise of retribution every time she would turn towards me. Hell, this was not going to be fun at all.

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