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       Rough Rider 3: Bad Boy MC Romance (Fast Life), p.5

           K.N. Lee
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  I pulled it together, saying, “I know. I don’t want that, either. But I have a few things to do.”

  “Where are you going to look for him?”

  I looked around. Everybody was walking back to the field.

  “I’m gonna ask around, first. Find out if anybody talked to him and knows where he is tonight. I don’t feel like riding all over town for him, you know?” I grinned at her. “After that, I’ll go to your house. Okay?”

  “Okay. I have to drop Maggie off, anyway.”

  I gave Trinity a kiss and held her close to me. Maggie gave me a thumbs up, and I knew she would take care of Trinity.

  I rode back down the road, to the field where the party was still raging. Most everybody who saw me cheered, since I won and everything.

  I wished I was in a better mood. At that moment, I didn’t feel like celebrating.

  Facing Drake was the last thing I wanted to do, but it had to happen. I was the only person who could get through to him. I wasn’t sure what I would say if I found him.

  I came across a group of people I knew Drake was friends with. “Hey, you seen Drake tonight? I’m wondering if he’s okay.”

  One of the girls shook her head. “Nah. I haven’t seen him in days, now that you mention it.”

  Everybody else in the group agreed. He had disappeared.

  I rode through the party for fifteen minutes, and it was always the same story. Nobody had seen him, nobody knew where he was. He was a ghost, all of a sudden.

  Had he run? I might have scared him into running away before the cops brought him in. It wasn’t like him to do that, but none of this was like him.

  Maybe it wasn’t even connected to Angela. He might’ve wanted a different life. I felt like he would have told me he was going though.

  Even though we’d had a fight, we’d been friends for a long time. It seemed like somebody would know, either way.

  I wondered for a minute if something happened. Maybe he killed himself, I thought. Maybe he did it, and nobody knows it yet.

  I imagined him jumping off a bridge. Maybe I had pushed him too far, and the guilt was too much for him to handle.

  Then I found Crystal. I knew she and Drake were kind of dating.

  She was alone—at least, without Drake. I didn’t like her too much. She was cheap and crass, a bleached blonde, and sloppy. I wondered how the same person could have been with Angela, then this slob.

  “Crystal!” I waved to her. She came over to where I was waiting on the bike.

  “Hey, that was a fucking great race,” she said, blowing her cigarette smoke in my face.

  I wondered what it was like when she and Drake were together. One big cloud of smoke.

  “Thanks. Is Drake around anywhere? I haven’t seen him in days.”

  “He’s out of town.” She answered me so fast, and so flatly, I knew she was telling me what he had told her to say.

  “Really? Where did he go?”

  She shrugged. “Why the fuck would he tell me?”

  “Why wouldn’t he? I thought you two were sleeping together?”

  “Yeah, well…” She looked around to make sure nobody was listening. “Okay. Between us, I think he was in a hurry.”

  “A hurry? Like he ran?”

  She shrugged. “I don’t know, man. It felt like it. He wanted to get away from somebody.”

  She blew more smoke at me and I coughed.

  “Listen. If you know anything, or he calls or something, let me know. Okay?”

  I pulled out my wallet and handed her a hundred dollars. “It’s real important I talk to him. But don’t tell him I’m looking for him.”

  “You ain’t gonna hurt him or nothin, right?”

  I shook my head. “No…it’s not like that.”

  But I will if I have to.


  I was waiting in front of Trinity’s house when she pulled into the driveway. The house was empty, her dad’s car wasn’t there. I wouldn’t have waited, otherwise.

  Just because I raced didn’t mean I had a death wish.

  “Take me somewhere,” she said as she threw her arms around me.

  I breathed in her scent. She was so much nicer than the cheap perfume, hairspray and cigarette smoke Crystal had breathed at me.

  “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

  “Yes. Anywhere, I don’t care.” She pulled away to look at me. “Dad will be home soon.”

  “Right. He will. Which is why it’s not a good idea. Listen, I wanna be with you, but I don’t want you risking anything for me.”

  “I want to be with you, too. I don’t care anymore what he wants. Don’t you get it? Let him live in his miserable world. I want you.”

  She pressed herself against me, and I felt her tits rubbing against my chest. It was electric.

  “I want to do what I choose, and that is you. I want to be with you, always. Nothing will ever stop that.”

  She leaned in, covering my mouth with hers. The only thing stopping me from taking things further was our location.

  “Okay, climb on,” I said, taking a deep breath and shaking my head to clear the fog she had me in. I needed her—right away—and I knew just where to take her.

  After about ten minutes, we were at the bluff. “This is my favorite place in town,” I said, as I turned off the engine.

  “I’ve never been here before,” she said, looking around. “And I’ve lived in this town my whole life.”

  She got off the bike and walked close to the edge, where there was a drop-off. In front of us was most of the town, laid out like a map. It was a clear night, and there were a million stars.

  I could have told her why she never knew it existed. It was on the wrong side of town, closer to where I lived than where she came from.

  The differences between us still bothered me, like they did just then.

  “It’s beautiful.” She turned and looked at me.

  “You’re the beautiful one,” I said. I held my hands out to her, and she straddled the bike, facing me.

  I felt her breath, hot on my face. I wanted the moment to last forever. That one, quick, heart-pounding moment when you know something’s gonna happen.

  Then the moment ended, and I pulled her to me. The kiss started slow, sensuous, the both of us wanting to take our time.

  We weren’t in any hurry—we were alone, in the dark, just the two of us. I’d been wanting to take her since I first saw her before the race.

  But first, I wanted to take some time to drive her crazy.

  So I gently touched my tongue to hers, stroking her hair while we kissed. She sighed, and her arms wound around my neck.

  My hand went lower, past her hair, down to her back. Then to her ass, under her dress. I only touched her, skimming the surface of the cloth.

  I teased myself and her at the same time. I wanted us both to scream by the time this was over.

  She whimpered. I was already driving her crazy. She was so firm, and warm, and smooth. Every sound she made got me a little harder.

  I pulled on her hips until I was between her legs, pressing up against her pussy. I knew she had to be wet by then, from the way her breathing got heavier.

  She moved her hips in circles, pushing down on me, humping me. I groaned. It was good, but not enough.

  I slid my hands down her thighs, then back up, until they were under her dress. She grunted softly, then gasped when I ran the tips of my fingers over her ass.

  Her head tipped back, and I licked up and down her throat, tasting her, smelling her, feeling the way her pulse throbbed under my tongue. She was still humping me, and I slid my fingers under her panties to stroke her slit while she moved.

  “Oh, God!” Her moan echoed in the air, but she didn’t stop moving. She was too far gone.

  Her fingers laced around the back of my neck, and she leaned back to let me kiss more of her. I pulled one hand away from her heat to ease down the top of her dress.

  Her nipples instantly hardened
in the night air, and I licked back and forth across them, from one to the other. She moaned again and again, and every moan made me throb a little harder for her.

  She was so hot, and so wet. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it before I had to fuck her.

  I strummed her clit with my fingers, and she rode my hand.

  “Yeah, baby. Make yourself come for me. Let me hear you come,” I grunted, breathing heavy, wanting her to explode before I took her.

  She rode harder, faster, leaning back against the handle bars. She was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, leaning on my bike, her tits bouncing up and down as she rode my fingers to get off.

  When she did, she bit her lip to hold back the screams coming from her throat. Good idea—we didn’t need the cops breaking up our fun. She arched her back, then her entire body shuddered.

  I didn’t say a word. All I could do was pull out my throbbing dick and pull the crotch of her panties to one side. Sliding into her was like heaven.

  “Stay that way,” I said, running my hands over her body. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

  My hands landed at her tiny waist, and I held onto her as I slowly started pumping in and out. She gasped and threw her head back, taking me inside, again and again.

  “Tyler…Tyler…” she moaned into the night sky. It was incredible, doing it like this, out in the open with the whole town below us.

  I thrusted harder, and was loving the moans and gasps that came from her, whenever our bodies met. The harder I went, the louder she got.

  Her hips jerked upward with my thrusts, and she got even tighter. She was getting ready to come. I forced myself to hold back, wanting to watch her one more time before letting go.

  She started jerking her hips harder, getting tighter and tighter, her moaning ever louder until she clamped down on me.

  I waited until she was finished, letting her ride it out, watching the way she gasped and rolled her head on her shoulders. Feeling her muscles massage me as she pulsed.

  When she was finished, she turned around, facing away from me. It was like she read my mind. Now I took her hard, fast. I was in control, and I knew how I wanted her.

  She held the handlebars and pushed back against me, while I held her waist and moved her up and down.

  “You’re so fucking hot!” I gasped, throbbing with every thrust.

  I was on fire, the master of the universe, the man who would protect her and take her and make her mine. She was good and pure, yet nasty and sexy, riding me like I rode my bike.

  I let go of her waist and touched her everywhere, wanting to take everything of hers and make it mine. I fondled her tits and her hips, thighs and neck.

  Only I could make her come the way she did when I fucked her. I had that power…and she gave me more pleasure than I ever knew I could feel.

  She started gasping, grunting, and showing me how much she loved it when I fucked her like this.

  It was all too much, I couldn’t hold on, and the second I felt her tighten around me again, I let myself go, grunting one more time before I exploded into her. She bit back another scream, and finished with me.

  She laughed quietly when it was all over, leaning back against me. “Who are we when we do that?” she asked, still breathing heavily.

  “What do you mean?”

  “I mean, who is that girl? The one who just rode you like that? I don’t even know her.”

  She blew me away again. “You just said exactly what I was thinking,” I whispered, holding her close for a minute before letting her go so we could both get ourselves put back together.

  She was right—we were like two different people. Or maybe we were finally, really ourselves.

  I hated to do it, but I knew she needed to go home. I took my time, riding slow, taking back streets instead of a direct route.

  As long as she was behind me, with her arms around my waist and her head on my shoulder, everything was all right. Everything was perfect, actually.

  We got lucky—her dad’s car wasn’t in the driveway. She hopped off and kissed me, hard and fast.

  Then she ran up the stairs and into the house. I waited until she was safe inside to pull away.

  Not two minutes later, while I rode home, my phone buzzed with a text. I thought it might be her, and worried something bad had happened.

  Only it wasn’t her…it was Crystal.

  She knew where Drake was, and she told me where to find him.

  Continued in Rough Rider 4:

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  K.N. Lee, Rough Rider 3: Bad Boy MC Romance (Fast Life)



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