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       Night of the Storm: An Epic Fantasy Novel (The Eura Chronicles Book 2), p.23

           K.N. Lee
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  Aria’s eye twitched. The corner of her mouth turned up into a snarl.

  “You will regret this, Sona,” Aria said, directly into Sona’s mind.

  Aria watched Sona’s lips curl into a grin.

  She was held by her arms as one of them pulled out a sharp knife. She squeezed her eyes shut as he began sawing away at her long beautiful hair. He held the black mass out before her eyes, and when she opened them, a whimper escaped her lips. She’d never cut her hair in all of her forty years. Having such an intimate part of her taken away hit her harder than she’d anticipated.

  They left her hair uneven and short like a boy’s.

  “Perfect,” Sona sneered.

  Aria’s lips parted as they pulled her back to the chopping block. The blood of previous criminals stained the wooden platform. Murderers, rapists, and those that committed the darkest and most evil of crimes had proceeded her. At least Aria had sought the truth and knew exactly who deserved such punishment. It was a bitter thought to know that she was the first innocent victim of this form of punishment.

  Her heart pumped wildly within her chest as she was pushed down to her knees.

  “Aria,” Yoska’s voice called from the distance.

  She looked up to see him fly toward the palace, relief and sadness filling her. Don’t come any closer, Yoska.

  No, he thought. I cannot allow this to happen to you. I will not.

  You don’t have a choice. They will catch you and kill you too if you reveal yourself.

  Aria hated to send him away, but she was relieved to see him one last time. To see someone who loved her before she died was truly a gift.

  Thank you for coming to me one last time.

  No, he thought, his voice wavering.

  Aria held her breath as Yoska flew straight to her, landing on the wooden platform. “Yoska. Leave. Quickly!”

  Sona shot to her feet and pointed to Yoska. “Grab the eagle. I have some questions for him.”

  “No. Leave him alone,” Aria pleaded, breaking her composure.

  The guards reached for Yoska, and he turned to her, his dark eyes meeting her tear-filled gaze.

  Aria’s voice caught in her throat as Yoska closed his eyes…and transformed right before everyone.

  There was a collective gasp from the crowd as they watched Yoska’s eagle body spin and morph into a creature that hadn’t been seen by Tryans in hundreds of years.

  Yoska, Aria thought, her chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath and make sense of what just happened.

  His body stretched tall and his body became lean. There was a shimmer across his stark, nude white skin that made him look unnatural in their realm. He glanced at Aria and then to the men that had tied her to the stake.

  You’re a Silver Elf?

  All anyone could hear was the sound of the wind as Yoska turned to her and nodded.

  I am.

  Yoska’s eyes were no longer black, but a silver that reflected the light.

  Surprise filled his eyes as he looked at his hands.

  They shook and Aria raised a brow, wondering if he even knew what had just happened.

  His chest heaved as he touched his short, silver hair.

  “My curse is broken,” Yoska whispered in awe.

  A whisper rose from the people of Oren, until shouting filled the entire square.

  “KILL THE ELF,” Sona shouted, her eyes wild with bewilderment and what was, perhaps, fear. She kept shouting the same thing as if she knew something Aria hadn’t quite figured out. “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

  Soldiers started to rush the platform, and Yoska lifted his hand.

  In a flash, the enchanted elven sword that had hung in her vaults for centuries met the palm of his hand. He wrapped his hand around the hilt, and within seconds, he was clothed in shining black armor.


  Aria swallowed, stunned by what she beheld.

  Her mind raced as she tried to comprehend what she’d just witnessed, and her eyes widened at the realization.

  Yoska is The Steel.

  His eyes glowed, and with speed she’d never seen, he made three swift slashes that sliced through three soldiers. The blood splashed onto the faces of those closest and dripped down Aria’s cheeks toward her lips.

  Yoska sliced through the ropes that bound her. “Aria,” he said, finally looking at her with his silver eyes.

  Goosebumps knitted her exposed arms. She finally saw the true Yoska.

  “Come,” he grabbed her by the forearm and lifted her from the stake, the sword in his other hand.

  He clutched her tight to his chest, looked deep into her eyes, and together… they vanished.

  BRIGHT LIGHT WELCOMED Kavien as he opened his eyes. Numb and disoriented, he squinted against the light that nearly burned his eyes.

  Where was he? The smell…smelled like home.

  Move, he thought, and focusing on his arms first, his body obeyed.

  Power filled his body as he shot up from the bed that had been more of tomb, and he froze the instant he saw the man in the room with him.

  Kavien fell to his knees, utterly stunned by what he saw. The bright light that emanated from his body was what Kavien had seen when he was awakened.

  Lilae, he thought, despair taking over the brief moment of joy he’d felt.

  His face went stern, complacent, as his eyes lifted to the man that stood in his quarters, shrouded in light, skin the color of polished bronze, dark hair pulled into a ponytail. He bowed his head, tired of fighting what he knew his destiny to be.

  What else could he do? Lilae had betrayed him yet again.

  “Welcome to Eura,” Kavien said, coldness filling his heart. His jaw tightened as he looked up at the man before him. “Father.”


  LIAM HELD LILAE IN his arms, Rowe at one side, Nani at the other. The twins and the Shadow Elves waited behind.

  Grand Master Neru met them in the Goblin City, ready for the quest ahead. By his side was his greatest pupil, Kenichi.

  The young Shadow Elf man held Ayoki’s hand, a smile on both of their faces.

  No one had to die.

  This time.

  Liam closed his eyes and kissed Lilae’s forehead. He would hold on tight to the ones he loved and never let go.

  “Are you ready?” Delia asked, her hand firm on the stem of her staff.

  Lilae and Liam nodded.

  “We are ready,” Liam said, rubbing Lilae’s forearms.

  They shared a look—one that gave him no doubts of her feelings for him. After the havoc Litha had set upon the Goblin City, everyone knew that everything was different.

  What was coming to Ellowen would bring dark times, suffering, and death.

  It also brought together a group that Liam was confident would face that threat admirably.

  “Let’s go then, shall we?” Delia said, nodding to Vaugner who stood across from them in the center of the city.

  He outstretched his staff, as did Delia, and together they created a portal that would transport Liam and his small army to the mysterious North of Eura.


  “Step into the light,” Delia said. “I will be behind you and will close the Gate.”

  Nodding, Liam stepped forward, Lilae’s hand within his.

  Together, they said goodbye to the Goblin City, ready…for whatever Wexcyn sent their way.

  He was powerful, a god, a master manipulator.

  Liam was certain Wexcyn was pleased with himself. He’d used Litha to force them to break one of the sacred Laws, and would now be free to walk Ellowen once again.

  Liam looked ahead, the world blurring as he and Lilae were sucked away.

  Wexcyn’s brilliance was astounding—but, somehow he forgot that while he could now walk Ellowen—the other Ancients could as well.

  War was on the rise, and this time the odds were stacked in Lilae and Liam’s favor.


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  SONA FLEW ON HER WYVERN above the smoke and fire of Willowmere, a small kingdom in Alfheim. Her eyes searched for any movement other than the writhing and frantic jerking of burning Silver Elves.

  She smiled at the chaos.

  The once beautiful village was devastated by flames.

  “Steady now, Tollie,” she said to the wyvern as it glided just out of reach of the flames.

  She would help as much as she could to secure the destruction of Alfheim. The Shadow Elves were doing a pretty good job already, leaving her only smaller cities and villages to ruin. Despite their best attempts, there were already scores of Silver Elves and Tryans who had been warned.

  It was time to head to Avia’Torena.

  Her grin faded. As much as she had enjoyed taunting him, she didn’t look forward to meeting Kavien’s wrath.

  Her glare shot to Silver Elf soldiers that seemed to come out of nowhere.

  Tall, silver haired elves swarmed from the caverns of the Cascadian mountains. They were all in light armor with shining weapons.

  Finally, Sona thought. A real fight.

  They spotted her and archers began shooting sparkling arrows through the darkness toward her. She led Tollie to the ground and hopped from the wyvern’s back.

  Many of the soldiers had gone to the valleys to fight the Shadow Elves, leaving their homes unprotected. She figured this small troupe had been informed of her attack and had hurried back.

  Sona slid her swords from their harness strapped to her back and gave them a simultaneous swing through the air. They glowed green with her Tryan Enchant and she stood before her wyvern, waiting.

  Tolie camouflaged itself with the ground and stealthily slipped away unseen. Wyverns were amazing rides, but they were annoyingly afraid of outright battle. They would carry their master through fights, but would hide at the first chance they got.

  The soldiers gathered together.



  Interesting, Sona thought.

  She walked toward the huddled group of soldiers as their shields went up. In unison they used their Agility to attack her from all positions. She stood their transfixed for a moment. She’d never seen Silver Elves in real battle. They moved similarly to the Shadow Elves, but there was such grace. Her mouth hung open for a moment as they seemed to move above the ground.

  Then, they attacked.

  Everything became extremely fast. The sparkling swords and maces went after her.

  She dodged them, sliding through the mud and slashing through their legs with her enchanted swords. It sizzled through their armor and many were taken aback. It had been centuries since Tryans and Silver Elves had fought each other. Soon they realized the key to fighting her fairly.

  Agility wasn’t key.

  Vanish was.

  Sona gasped as her sword was thrust into a Silver Elf. He had become translucent, her sword hitting nothing but air. She stared at her sword

  Her shoulders slumped.

  Vanish wasn’t fair.

  Neither was she.

  Sona reached inside her pocket. She ran a finger along the smooth metal. Each race had a talisman, created during the first war of the races to protect them.

  It was unfortunate the Tryan talisman was in the hands of a little boy.

  She’d find him, and she’d take it…just as she’d stolen the Silver Elves’ talisman.

  Sona couldn’t wait to activate it.

  Her eyes flickered up.

  Now was a good time as any.

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