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       Rough Rider 2: Bad Boy MC Romance (Fast Life), p.1

           K.N. Lee
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Rough Rider 2: Bad Boy MC Romance (Fast Life)

  Table of Contents

  Title page


  Chapter 1 - Trinity

  Chapter 2 - Tyler

  Chapter 3 - Trinity

  Chapter 4 - Tyler

  Chapter 5 - Trinity

  Chapter 6 - Tyler

  Chapter 7 - Trinity

  Chapter 8 - Tyler

  Rough Rider 2

  Fast Life Series


  Copyright © 2016 by L.N. Pearl. All rights reserved worldwide.

  No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior written consent of the author/publisher or the terms relayed to you herein.

  All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  Chapter 1 - Trinity

  My heart was in my throat throughout the race.

  People did this? Regularly? For money? How did they stand the strain? How did I not know about this?

  I thought I might faint from the excitement, but it wasn’t a thrill. I was scared to death for Tyler.

  Why? I didn’t even know him really. It didn’t make sense, but it didn’t seem wrong.

  In fact it felt right to care what happened to him.

  And that kiss…

  The race wasn’t even close. He was far ahead of the other guy, by a lot.

  So apparently, he was as good as he’d said, after all. The crowd was going nuts and for a brief moment, I was one of them.

  There was no difference between us. We were all cheering for Tyler.

  Then, something happened. I couldn’t tell quite what, but Tyler suddenly swerved, and I heard screams.

  One of them might have been mine, I wasn’t sure. We all took off at a run down the sidewalk toward the finish line.

  I pushed my way through the crowd, straining to see what I could of Tyler. He was on the ground…unmoving.

  Something inside me cried out and I had the briefest flash of a thought—we just met, this isn’t fair—as I continued pushing my way through the crowd.

  “Excuse me!” I said as I pushed my way through to get to the front, and I could have cried when I saw Tyler sit up.

  A group of people was already surrounding him, everyone either cursing his bad luck or expressing relief and laughing at his close call.

  I wasn’t doing any of those things. I just looked at him and silently thanked God because he seemed to be all right.

  He looked around, from person to person, until our eyes met. He looked relieved when he saw me and I smiled.

  A few people moved closer to Tyler, helping him to his feet, but his eyes never left mine.

  The look he gave me was full of feeling, the sort of feelings we couldn’t say out loud to one another.

  For all the crowd, we might as well have been alone on the street. There was no one but us.

  He shrugged off the hands of the people helping him once he was on his feet, thanking them but heading straight for me.

  He held out his hand, and I took it without hesitation. We started to walk through the crowd together. I didn’t know where we were going, but it didn’t matter.

  We both had to get away from there.

  My eyes were on him, and I wondered if he should even be walking or moving at all. He turned to me like he had heard my thoughts.

  “I’m fine,” he said.

  “What are you, a mind reader? I didn’t even ask.”

  “I know.”

  “Are you sure you shouldn’t go to the hospital? I mean, you could be seriously hurt…internally or something.”

  He shook his head, “I’ve been hurt before. I know how it feels. I only slid over the ground this time.”

  I decided to take his word for it. While his tone was gentle, I had the feeling there was a lot going on under the surface—and none of it was pretty.

  He had to be good and mad that he lost the race. I didn’t want to push.

  Then Drake burst through the crowd, cursing up a storm. I thought he might have a stroke, he was so worked up.

  “What the fuck was that?” he was screaming mad, spit flying as he shouted.

  I turned my face slightly away from him to avoiding being hit by random spittle. He was the most disgusting person I’d ever met.

  What was Tyler doing with a person like him?

  “I don’t know, man. Now’s not the time.” Tyler put a hand on Drake’s chest, like he was holding him back.

  “What do you mean, it’s not the time? When is the time, then? That sonofabitch needs to pay for what he did!”

  I looked from Drake to Tyler, silently wondering what secret language the two of them were speaking that I wasn’t following.

  Tyler shook his head firmly, “Let it go, man.”

  “You were winning!”

  “I know…I was there, remember? Jesus!”

  Drake stood down but didn’t calm down. “It had to be Marco, right? He fucking cheated again.”

  Tyler shook his head again. “No. He didn’t do anything. Something fell off the bridge and in front of me.”

  Even I didn’t buy that.

  It sounded awfully coincidental that something just happened to fall in front of Tyler at the exact moment he passed under the bridge as he was winning the race.

  I was beginning to take Drake’s side, something I didn’t think would ever happen in another circumstance.

  Drake laughed harshly, “Gimme a fucking break! He didn’t even fucking stop when you crashed, man! He went right through. That’s just being an asshole, you know?”

  Tyler nodded. I looked carefully at him, and I saw that he was very tired.

  My heart went out to him. He just wanted to go home after everything that happened. He’d been so sure of winning, too.

  The cocky kid was gone. Now he was clearly over it.

  “Yeah, he’s an asshole,” Tyler agreed, “but he won. There’s no way to prove anything different.”

  Just then, Marco came riding up. He had slicked-back blonde hair that looked greasy and uncombed.

  My nose wrinkled just looking at him. He had a nasty sneer on his thin, narrow face.

  The tension built almost unbearably. He looked like a smug jerk, too, not even bothering to hide the triumphant little grin on his face when he met Tyler’s eyes.

  Drake’s head was about ready to explode. He advanced on Marco, and everyone nearby cried out.

  But Tyler kept a cooler head, and pulled Drake back.

  “What?” Marco asked. “I didn’t do nothin’! You all saw it. He crashed! Not my problem. Somebody has to win.”

  His smug attitude made my skin crawl, and there was obviously no love lost between him and Drake. Tyler was barely holding him back.

  “You’re a filthy fucking cheater, Marco, and everybody here knows it.”

  Drake spit on the ground, and a few people cheered in agreement. I was sure there was about to be a fight, and I didn’t want to be around for it.

  But Tyler squeezed my hand—again, uncannily, it was as though he knew what was happening in my head and wanted to quietly reassured me.

  “Listen,” Tyler said, dropping his voice low so Drake could hear him over the crowd. “We can’t prove he did anything. Let it go, man.”

  “This is fucking bullshit,” Drake hissed, his eyes never leaving the smug Marco.

  “I know, but you’re just making me look like a sore loser right now. Picking a fight because I’m pissed that I lost. I can’t be that guy. Get it?”

  I watched Drake. It was like the tension visibly drained from his body.

  When he wasn
t cursing and posturing, he reminded me of a lost little boy. If he hadn’t already disgusted me, I might have felt sorry for him.

  He shot one more look at Marco. “Yeah, okay. It’s over.”

  Marco rode off, followed by jeers and curses from others in the crowd. He might have won the race, but he hadn’t won any respect.

  Tyler was still the hero.

  But all I had to do was look at him to tell he didn’t feel like such a hero. He was ashamed of himself for losing.

  The urge to take him in my arms and tell him he didn’t need to feel that way almost overcame me.

  I wanted to comfort him and protect him from creeps like Marco, who cheated to win.

  It made my blood run cold to think what might have happened to Tyler if he hadn’t managed to go into a slide.

  He could have crashed into a car or a wall. I squeezed his hand, reminding myself that he was safe beside me.

  Tyler glanced at me, then at Drake. “Can I borrow your bike for a little bit?” he asked. “I need to take her home.”

  Drake looked at me like he was just seeing me for the first time since the race ended, then nodded and handed Tyler the keys.

  We walked back to the lot together, not saying a word but still hand-in-hand.

  Dozens of people came up to Tyler to tell him how unfair it was that he’d lost, and he graciously accepted their encouragement.

  But he didn’t say more than what needed to be said, and he didn’t speak against Marco. He was very closed-off.

  It felt good, climbing onto Drake’s bike and wrapping my arms around Tyler’s waist.

  It was as though every one there had even more respect for him than they had before the race—maybe even more than they would have had he won.

  And I felt like a part of it. I was the girl on the bike with him. None of the other girls. Just me.

  We didn’t speak on the way back to my house, but then we couldn’t really converse on the bike.

  As we rode, I thought about what I could say to him when he dropped me off.

  What was there to say? I was sorry, sure.

  I thought it was a cheap trick that jerk Marco pulled on him—there was no way something just happened to fall from the bridge at the exact moment Tyler rode beneath it.

  I could definitely say I was glad he was okay, and not hurt the way I’d thought he was going to be when I saw him hit the ground.

  The relief was still tangible.

  We pulled up in front of the house. I wasn’t afraid of being caught now, knowing Dad wouldn’t be home again for hours.

  The house was dark, and there wasn’t a car in the driveway. Tyler turned off the bike, and I climbed off the back.

  “Hey,” I said, “You rode a good race tonight.”

  “Yeah,” he agreed, with an exaggerated sarcastic tone. “I did a great job.”

  “You did! You would have won if that jerk hadn’t cheated. He was miles behind you. Now I know why he cheats—he couldn’t win any other way.”

  I wanted so much to cheer up him, but it didn’t look as though my words were getting through to him.

  I put my hands on his shoulders.

  “Listen,” I said, feeling corny but wanting to get through to him. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re the winner. You won the race, no matter how it turned out. Marco was afraid of you. He’s a coward. And you didn’t give in and beat the crap out of him, though I might have if I were you. You took the high road and I’m proud of you.”

  Tyler smiled for the first time since the race ended, and I felt immeasurably better. I hugged him, tight, to punctuate my words.

  After a moment of hesitation, his arms wrapped around my waist. I felt his heart beating through his chest, the fast rhythm matching my own.

  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with him, but there was no denying the way my heart had clenched in my chest when I thought he was hurt.

  “Thanks,” he said, pulling away.

  He was still smiling. “That makes me feel better than anything else did tonight. Everyone was nice to care the way they did, but your caring made me feel much better. Like it was more sincere. Does that sound crazy?”

  “No,” I said, “I get it.”

  I ran a hand over his cheek, so glad that he was all right. It scared me, the way I already felt about him.

  What did it mean that I was flooded with relief when I saw him get to his feet after the crash?

  My good sense was telling me to leave him alone, but somehow I couldn’t tell him to go.

  Chapter 2 - Tyler

  I was fucking humiliated. I couldn’t believe Trinity saw me lose like that—and I’d been so cocky, too.

  I was sure I would win, since I usually did. Now I felt like a loser.

  But she didn’t see me as a loser. It was funny, but she made me feel even better than I probably would have even if I had won the race.

  Anybody can have people fall all over them when they win. People can slap them on the back and tell them how amazing they are.

  But when there’s someone around to care when a person loses…really care…that is special.

  She was special.

  “You made my night,” I said, as she ran her hand over my cheek. “Really. I don’t know how I would have handled any of this if you weren’t here.”

  “I’m glad,” she said, softly.

  The way she looked at me was too much. Her eyes were shining, her lips were pouty and full.

  I remembered the way she tasted when I kissed her before the race, and thought of all the things I’d wanted to do to her then.

  Now we were alone. Now I could actually do it.

  I pulled her to me by the waist, wrapping her in my arms and crushing her lips against mine.

  I was afraid for a second that she might pull away, but she did the opposite. I felt her kissing me back, maybe even harder than I was kissing her.

  It was the longest and hottest kiss of my life. Our tongues clashed together like we were both trying to find something in each other.

  She groaned, and I hardened instantly. I wanted to make her groan like that over and over.

  My hands wandered over her back, then up under her shirt. She whimpered into my mouth, but her kiss got stronger. She wanted this just as much as I did.

  “I can’t leave you,” I panted when the kiss ended. “I need you.”

  She didn’t know the risk I was taking—she didn’t know how much her father had it in for me already.

  It was better that she didn’t, or else she would have made me leave for sure. The way I was feeling in that moment, nothing could have dragged me away.

  “I don’t know,” she whispered. She was gasping for air, her cheeks were deep red.

  I had smudged the lip gloss over her mouth, and I wanted so much to taste it again.

  Her eyes were wide and burning. “It’s not right. I don’t want to get into trouble. My dad…”

  I almost laughed. She thought she would get into trouble?

  I didn’t want to tell her how much worse it would be for me.

  “Do you really want me to leave?” I asked, looking her right in the eye.

  She nodded, “Yes.” Then she bit her lip.

  “I don’t think you do,” I whispered, sliding one fingertip over her face, then down her throat.

  She shivered and bit her lip harder.

  “I think you want me to go in with you.”

  “It’s not safe.”

  “Everything will be fine.” I explained that I would park around the corner, then meet her at the house.

  She only hesitated for a split second before nodding. I couldn’t get to her fast enough.

  When I did, she quickly led me upstairs to her room. As soon as we were inside, I kissed her again.

  Her face was in my hands, and I stroked her cheeks with my thumbs as my tongue made circles inside her mouth. She moaned, running her hands up and down my back.

  We fell onto the bed, side-by-side.

nbsp; We kissed for a long time, touching each other, mostly innocent stuff.

  But the ache of my hard cock wouldn’t quiet down, and I wanted more. I took a chance and slid my hand up under her shirt, rubbing her tits through her bra.

  She sighed, pulling her arms from the shirt and breaking the kiss long enough to pull it off over her head. I touched her soft, warm skin, and she sighed.

  Then she surprised the hell out of me by reaching down to unbutton my pants. “Are you sure?” I asked.

  I wanted her more than anything, and was about to explode if I didn’t have her soon, but I didn’t want her to regret it.

  “Do what you want to me,” she said. “Anything you want. I need you.”

  That was all I needed to hear. What man doesn’t want to hear a gorgeous, sexy girl whisper that to him?

  She unbuttoned me, then slid one of her small hands inside my jeans to stroke me through my shorts. I almost came right there, it felt so good.

  I unbuttoned her jeans, and she kicked them off and onto the floor. I returned the favor she was doing for me and rubbed her pussy through her panties.

  She was already soaked, and her hips bucked against my hand. She was more than ready.

  I pushed myself up on my arms, then knelt between her legs. I pulled my shirt over my head and was just about to rip her panties to shreds.

  The look on her face told me to keep going…

  Suddenly, there was a noise downstairs, and we both froze and flew apart. I jumped up from the bed.

  “My dad!” Trinity was frantic, pulling a bathrobe on over her underwear.

  She pointed to the closet and started throwing our clothes inside. “Get in!”

  Once the room was free of me, I slid inside the closet and shut the door behind me.

  Not five seconds later, there was a knock on the bedroom door. I let out a shaky sigh of relief, then reminded myself I wasn’t out of the woods yet.

  I heard the door open. “Daddy? What are you doing home? It’s so early.”

  “I know,” I heard.

  The sound of his voice made my skin crawl. I wished I could throw the door open and beat the shit out of him.

  He’d already caused me a lot of trouble. Only I didn’t think he’d appreciate it if he saw me in my underwear in his daughter’s room.

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