A sword of wrath book i.., p.35
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       A Sword Of Wrath, Book I: Blood And Dust, p.35

           K. E. MacLeod


  The Centurion led Tiberius and Spurious through the underground tunnels, towards the Palace.

  Spurious held his father's hand, "The curia father. We must go there!"

  "He's right, sire," the Centurion said. "It is the safest place in Odalia at the moment!"

  "I care not where we go as long as someone brings me my powders for this headache!"

  They continued to run towards the curia and the Emperor's vision became spotty before his eyes. As they neared the entrance that would take them up to the curia, they could hear the sounds of the crowds rioting outside the Palace. "Close the doors to the Palace!" Tiberius shouted to the Centurion. "Call in the guards and go into the Ala District and slaughter them all! Have them kill every last one of them! Even the rats! I want their blood to flow into the streets like water!"

  "Yes sir," the Centurion said as he ushered the Emperor and his son into the curia. Once inside, Spurius ran to the windows and peered out as if he were looking for someone.

  Tiberius stood in the center of the room, his face twisting, "Can you hear them son?"

  "Hear who, Father?"

  "The Sirens! They are screaming their songs in my head!" Tiberius put his hands to his ears and squeezed, "Oh gods, I can't make them stop!"

  Spurious ran past his father, ignoring his lamentations, and looked around the throne, "She's not here! She said she'd be here!"

  Tiberius fell to his knees and shouted, "The screams! Can't you hear them? Why won't they stop?"

  Spurious stood over his father and looked at him curiously, "I can make it stop, Father. She showed me how and it's very easy. Do you wish me to stop it for you?"

  Tiberius grasped his son’s clothes, the whites of his eyes becoming red as his pupils became pinpoints, "Please, my son! Yes! Release me from this pain! Make them stop!"

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