(3 book romance bundle).., p.32
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       (3 Book Romance Bundle) "The Cowboy's Love" & "Sex with the Billionaire" & "Loving the White Billionaire", p.32

           Julie Allen, Carla Davis, & Monica Brooks


  It was about four when I heard a knock at my door. I had my flat iron gripped in my hair as I slid it down my blown out curls. Finishing up that section before I made it towards the door, I smiled a greeting towards my new friend, Sonya.

  “Hey, good to see you! I was hoping that you would come by, where’s Matthias?” I asked as we walked into the bathroom.

  “Oh, he is with his papa. We met up at the park today,” she answered as she voluntarily began to help me with my hair.

  I was about to object; only Josie knew how to do my hair the way I liked it. But Sonya seemed like she knew what she was doing. Actually, she seemed to know more than I did. The way she used the hair care products in conjunction with the heat tools made me feel like she did this for a living.

  “I got my certificate for cosmetology in France,” she said simply.

  “Well, by all means, but I have a date at five-thirty,” I said batting my eyes animatedly.

  “OH! Mirate! Look at you!” she translated in English.

  “Yeah, I know how much of a hypocrite I am.”

  “Don’t worry, I don’t judge. If you’re going out with who I think you’re going out with, I totally understand,” she said with a slight pucker to her lips. Josie did the same thing when she was speaking matter-of-factly, especially when it came to gorgeous men.

  “His name is Axel Frost,” I said remembering the story behind the company logo. Fire was his father’s personality while Frost was their last name. He’d lost his dad not too long before he launched his first line of computers and decided to change the name of the company from just Frost Computers to FrostFire Computers.

  “Oh, that is Mr. Sexy!” she said.

  I laughed at the name she’d chosen for him, being that I’d already deemed him Mr. Sexy myself. “Great minds think alike, I gave him that name the moment I saw him!” I said laughing as she put the finishing touches to my hair.

  “Wow, my hair looks great! Good thing you showed up when you did, I could never get it to look like this. Then again, I’m not some super fancy cosmetologist!” I said causing her to laugh at my compliment.

  “Don’t worry, while you’re here, I’ll teach you some things.”

  “Thank you for being so nice. Having someone cheat on you after so long is the hardest thing to deal with,” I said as I looked down to pick out some makeup.

  I noticed though that when I looked up, her face was a little somber, like she was thinking about something. Maybe she had been through the same thing I had? Before I could say anything to her, her face had brightened up when she saw my makeup.

  “May I do the honors?” she asked.

  Admiring what she did with my hair, I obliged.


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