(3 book romance bundle).., p.28
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       (3 Book Romance Bundle) "The Cowboy's Love" & "Sex with the Billionaire" & "Loving the White Billionaire", p.28

           Julie Allen, Carla Davis, & Monica Brooks


  Needless to say, people were shocked to see me at work. Not only was it supposed to be the day of my wedding, I looked like a garbage bag. My hair was scraped back into a curly bun type hairstyle, I had no makeup on, and my clothes were wrinkled. This was so unprofessional and so unlike me, but I didn’t feel like me since last night. I felt like a human vessel filled with pain and sorrow. As I unlocked the door to my office, I realized after the second and third unsuccessful attempt to get it open, that I was using my car key. Waking up, I finally got the right key out, and made it into my office.

  This was so not like my bubbly personality. What had I let this man do to me? Five minutes after I sat behind my desk my boss walked in and closed the door behind her. She walked only a few steps in before she stopped and stared at me. She looked worried, a little angry, bust most of all confused.

  “He cheated on you didn’t he?” She asked. What the hell?

  “How did you…?” I started.

  “Don’t worry about how I know,” she said cutting me off, “What’s important is that you don’t lose yourself to the cruel actions of some jerk off. Listen you need to keep your vacation, as a matter of fact, I’ll add a few extra days as long as you promise me one thing.”

  “And that is?” I asked.

  “Get your ass up, get it on that plane, and enjoy your honeymoon,” she said.

  “Honeymoon…I’d forgotten all about that. I can’t go without him.”

  “Nonsense! You’re to go on that trip or you’re fired,” she said with a wink as she turned around to walk away.

  “Thank you, Mrs. Gallagher,” I said before she had the chance to leave.

  “Put on some lipstick and remember that no man is strong enough to break your heart. You’re welcome Jaida, I’ll see you when I see you” and with that she was gone.

  And after a few moments of shock, I made the necessary arrangements over the phone, and left the office.


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