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They dont exist, p.2
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       They Don't Exist, p.2

           J.R. Leckman
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  Daniel just nodded, thinkng of all the times he had cleaned that very room, feeling watched.

  Almost four hours later, Daniel arrived back at the BrookShire Inn. The police had finished with the Cliffside Cabin, though the opening to her room was still surrounded by yellow tape. He found himself drawn there, and could still see the bloody handprints on the bedroom window. Her Mustang was still parked out front.

  “Damn.” He turned to walk away, but felt a cold blast of air on the back of his neck. He turned to look again and blinked.

  For just a second, he had seen her, her eyes empty, blood leaking from the sockets, her mouth opened in a soundless scream behind the glass, fists pounding. Just his imagination.

  “Shit. There are no such things as ghosts.” As he walked away from room 110 in the Cliffside Cabins, the presence trapped inside for all eternity couldn’t have disagreed with him more.


  About the Author:

  J.R. Leckman currently resides somewhere in Colorado with his wife and a house full of pets. He is currently pursing a degree in physics, but still finds that writing is his first love. He hoped you enjoyed or hated this story enough to leave a highly opinionated review and looks forward to inviting you into another of his worlds very soon.

  About the Artist

  Laurie Ricard lives somewhere in Florida with a husband, (the creepy guy on the cover), a dog, and a psychotic rooster. She came highly recommended by a fellow author and did not disappoint. Friend her on Facebook, and she may just make you a snazzy cover too!

  About the story

  This story started one day when a coworker flat out stated, “There are no such things as ghosts.” I found the statement interesting and about 48 hours later, this story was written.

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