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       Paradon: An Unexpected Chronicle, p.1

           Jordan W. & Alexander K.
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Paradon: An Unexpected Chronicle
 Paradon: The Unexpected Chronicle


  Table of Contents



  The Great Tri War

  Chapter 1: Pinnacle

  Pinnacle Part 2

  Chapter 2: Entropy

  Entropy Part 2

  Chapter 3: Coming of age

  Coming of age Part 2

  Coming of age Part 3

  Chapter 4: Eradicant

  Eradicant Part 2

  Chapter 5: Procurement

  Chapter 6: Accord

  Accord Part 2

  Accord Part 3

  Accord Part 4

  Chapter 7: Proscription

  Proscription Part 2

  Chapter 8: End Game

  Chapter 9:

  Part 1: Battle of the Great Wall

  Part 2: Battle for the Stunt Sea

  Part 3: The Siege of Ohith

  Chapter 10: Aurora



  Paradon, a world of war and treachery. A world that has always been divided. However, this land is not sparse nor is it deprived of life, incredibly abundant with greenery and diverse in fauna, this is by no means a dead land. These features cover rich and colourful landscapes that seem to change nearly in every area. There was the north, Livonia, the land of the Humans. To the south, a great distance away were the untamed lands of the beasts, known to the Humans as Doomenheim. Doomenheim has five higher beings, the Trolls, Orcs, and Goblins and there are the great flying beasts which were the Wyverns and Gargoyles. Never at peace, the beasts often fought against one another over the less fertile southern lands and every so often wars would erupt between the Humans and the Beasts, it would always either be one or two Human kingdoms warring with one of the beast factions as the beasts would hardly ever unified or ally with one another, to the relief of Humanity. Beasts and Humans were on par when it came to weighing strengths, thus when conflicts arose between them, the death toll would be incredibly high for both sides. The Humans themselves have had a very war stricken history, the Human kingdoms often fought each other as well. In fact, the Kingdom of Hetheil, the oldest and strongest of the four kingdoms has distinguished itself as the dominant kingdom through wars with the other three kingdoms.

  However, recently there has been very little tension between the Human kingdoms and hardly any contact exists between the beasts and Humans. All this peace and tranquillity has allowed the Human kingdoms to prosper and focus on the improvement of their lives and reap the benefits of a temporarily war free Livonia. During this time, king Henriet of Hetheil managed to have two sons with his wife, Queen Elia. Their mother, Queen Elia would unfortunately not live, she died while giving birth to Elis shortly after giving birth to Allan. One son would be named Allan Reeve and the later of the two was to be named Elis Reeve, who would in time be the destruction upon peace sparked by years of jealousy and the fiery ambitions to take over not just Hetheil but all Paradon, their story is one like no other. What caused this peace was the impact of the great Tri War, a war like no other. But such a deep wound never fully heals, paving the way for another conflict, this time between two brothers.

  The Great Tri War

  Before Allan and Elis Reeve were born, the Great Tri War bloodied the land and ended just as bloodily. At the turn of the century Aldor the Orc unified all five of the beast races under his sole command with his unmatched charisma, skill as a warrior and his popular ideologies, one such ideology was the annihilation of Humanity. However, this was not be an easy task as the Humans may not be powerful but they are disciplined and technologically superior with weapons that can deliver great damage to a much larger enemy, such as catapults and trebuchets.

  With the emerged threat of Aldor leading a unified army of beasts into Livonia, the land of the Human kingdoms, the king of Hetheil known as Henriet rallied all four Human kingdoms. The Kingdom of Hetheil is famous for its impeccable military prowess.

  Then there are the other kingdoms. The Kingdom of Unodos, famous for its many skilled smiths and metal workers, they forge the best weapons, tools and jewellery in Livonia, unmatched in their fine metallurgy. The Kingdom of Koros is famous for its medical advancements and domestic innovation and lastly the bountiful Kingdom of Diamonheim renowned for its riches and its ability to provide resources including men and metals. To further strengthen the alliance between Diamonheim and the Kingdom of Hetheil, the Diamonheim offered King Henriet a princess to wed, Elia the daughter of the old Diamonheimian King, the Humans are now firmly with each other till the end.

  The Human has more brains than brawn, smaller and less strong than their counterparts, the Beasts. They knew they had to work together to face Aldor and his hordes. However, for the beasts, it was all about power and whoever led had to be the strongest, unfortunately it was Aldor the Orc. He wasted no time in attacking the Humans, he began the war as he and his brother initiated an attack and ambushed an unsuspecting Human army but not before the Humans regrouped and counter-attacked the beasts at the battle of Mount Ranicus. There, the large and aggressive beasts hurled themselves against the Human soldiers as they marched forward in disciplined columns. This small Human army fought long and hard and inflicted many casualties with their arrows and diversionary tactics yet they were doomed as they were lightly equipped and without their great weapons, this militia was all but wiped out. The remaining that survived fled to the nearest Kingdom, Unodos the first Human Kingdom after crossing the border.

  Their first encounter with the unified beasts had been a disaster, yet they continued their resistance. Fortunately, King Henriet was not present as diplomatic issues and army building detained him. Had he been present in this battle and died, the Humans would not stand united without the leader who had brought them together to fight to begin with. Aldor had sent a clear message to him and the Humans, he is coming to kill them all and he is coming fast.

  Aldor called for reinforcements from all over his newly found domain to fight as he knew he was going to need them for the inevitable battles to come, he stated that all beasts who defy him or reject forced conscription will be severely dealt with and Humans whom he had captured were brutally treated before being put to death. Because of these actions, he would come to be called Aldor the Cruel not by just the Humans but also by his own people. However, many Beasts were still inclined to stand with him. He was unlike the other beasts, he had a goal in mind and this Orc’s lifelong dream was to rule all. His skills as a fighter and his mind had set him apart from the rest. All but the Humans, had pledged allegiance to him, a race he has hated since his youth whom he was raised with deep hatred for.

  He has developed a plan to cease a road that lays passage to Unodos’ capital, Maredos. From there he can access the main trading roads which will lead him to the other kingdoms’ major cities. One morning, he carries out the plan with fresh troops, bent on taking out a heavily fortified Human outpost called Fort Corfu, situated along the road. A small but prepared garrison awaited the beasts. When the beast army began to march forward the defenders of the outpost made a stand. Archers were on the walls and protected by the main line of Unodite infantry, these troop’s skills paled in comparison to their allies but they were well armed and well armoured. The archers opened fire when the beasts got within range of their arrows. They relentlessly fired volleys of arrows, trying to capitalise on the disorganisation of the enemy army. The beasts then broke into a speeding frenzy and charged, Aldor was in the front, leading them.
  The infantry lines collided, the Unodites took a beating on impact. However, their deadly arrows were causing casualties, impactful but the beasts just kept on coming. This battle continued as both sides were slugging it out, fighting for hours on end. The Unodite soldiers were able to hold the line long enough for their King, Paulos to ride in with some fresh mercenaries from the other kingdoms to aid the troops already fighting, for they knew that if they lost this battle their city would fall. The opposing forces were now balanced in power resulting in a long battle between two equivalent forces.

  The sky was an eerie dark colour as the battle continued into the evening. Aldor had to do something to break the deadlock, his answer came when winged beasts began to appear over the horizon, wyverns and gargoyles had finally arrived as the final addition to his reinforcements. They struck terror into the hearts of the soldiers and descended upon them in vast number, hurling deadly debris and attacking the Humans, tipping the battle in Aldor’s favour. He pressed on the attack and his newly encouraged troops mercilessly slaughtered the Human force.

  Nightfall, the beasts stand on the battle field in full possession of it. The number of dead is alarmingly high for both sides, even the valiant King Paulos was laying lifeless on the ground, a hurling axe, lodged in his chest. All the Human soldiers were killed in the battle and even though the

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