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     Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy (Book for English Learners), p.1

       Jonathan Olliffe
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Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy (Book for English Learners)

Thank you for reading this story...

There are many storybooks aimed specifically at students of English, but I have noticed most do not use their full potential. They are basically stories adapted in order to be more easily understood, but do not give the reader activities and exercises where they can put the language to use. I have tried to correct this.

This book includes:

Conversational English of the type that is used in everyday life.
Written notes in every section, explaining different words and expressions.
21 picture activities in the story, focusing on different aspects of vocabulary, grammar or functions.
Extra exercises at the end of the story to teach grammatical structures, phrasal verbs and extending vocabulary.
Extra articles focusing on aspects related to the story.
A link to an audio file to listen to the whole story.

Above all, I have tried to write a story which is entertaining as well as educational. This is my first book and I hope that you enjoy it. If you find it useful, please let others know. If it is successful I will be able to dedicate more time to writing stories like this!

The second Aethelflaed book: 'Aethelflaed & the Rock Star' is now for sale on Amazon.
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Finally, if you have any question related to this book, or to English in general, please do not hesitate to write to me on the following web page:

Profesor Nativo Gratis – Ask!

Would you like to hear the story? For the AUDIOBOOK, go to:

To see all the activities IN COLOUR, go to:

For all the ANSWERS to the activities and exercises, go to:

Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy

Story & Language Activities
Saturday: The Big Match 5
Sunday: The Missing Trophy 19
Monday: Aethelflaed Sorts It Out 39
Grammar & Vocabulary Explanation & Exercises
Understanding Language (1) 52
Understanding Language 2: In Depth 53
Vocabulary Builder 1: Synonyms 58
Vocabulary Builder 2: Definitions 59
Extra Articles
The Saxon Kings and Queens: Alfred, Aethelflaed and Athelstan. 61
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution 69

Saturday: The Big Match

In Davingstock nothing ever happened, so people were always excited when it did.
On the day of the big match Aethelflaed was having lunch with her brother and father in their cramped1 little terraced2 house, and Athelstan was explaining to his father what all the fuss3 was about. Alfred Jones made a point4 of ignoring the news, and generally knew much more about events twelve centuries earlier than those of the previous week.
Athelflaed was not usually interested in football either, although now that her friend Samantha's brother was the local team's goalkeeper she was happy to make an exception. In fact, she had planned to meet up with5 her after lunch to get the best seats for the game. If Samantha found Aethelflaed's sudden interest in football surprising, she made no mention of it.
“I'm off.” Aethelflaed said “I'm picking up Sam and Nat on the way to the stadium. Are you coming Stan?” She asked her brother.
“No, you go ahead. I haven't finished eating. I'll see you there.”
Aethelflaed lived only about a five minute walk from the stadium, but her friends Natalia and Samantha lived at different points of Davingstock, so she had to leave early, not that she was bothered6. Aethelflaed didn't mind walking.
No sooner had she7 stepped out of the front door when she bumped into her next-door neighbour, Rodney, who was a tough-looking twenty-year old. Beside him was his friend Gary, as always with his cowboy hat and clothes, cigarette, and a generally dodgy8 look about him.
Aethelflaed didn't know so much about Gary, apart from the fact that he was old Scroogey's son. In a town full of oddballs9, Scoogey stood out from10 all the rest, living in a boat on the water, surrounded by piles of junk he fished up from the river. Apart from Gary, nobody had spoken to Scroogey for years.

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