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       Corny Cornswab: King Crow's Revenge., p.1

           Jonathan Garcia
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Corny Cornswab: King Crow's Revenge.
Corny Cornswab: King Crows Revenge

  Copyright 2015 Jonathan Garcia


  This story was dedicated to my niece and nephew. But since they rather play videogames; I stopped writing it. Now here it is completed for those who would actually read and enjoy animated short stories.


  I want to thank those who contributed to the story of Corny Cornswab, my friends, my older nephews, my brother and my mother. Thank you for the help this one goes out for all of you.


  In a small town named Gooburough there was a farm. The farm was owned by Mr. Jeff Marshalls who was a devoted farmer since he was 15 years old. In the farm he grew all types of crops from pumpkins to potatoes, but his farm was mostly known for its cornfields. Mr. Jeff’s farm was the most prosperous farm in town, until the day he got very ill and couldn’t tend to his loved vegetables. He battled greatly against his disease, but lost the battle due to his old age. Mrs. Ellie Marshals Mr. Jeff’s wife, suffered for the loss of her husband, and couldn’t find a way to take care of the farm her husband had worked so hard on. Her daughter Jenna Marshals took Mrs. Ellie to the city so she could take better care of her and ease the pain of her loss. Leaving the farm behind and with no one to watch over the crops, the crows and some of the farm animals started to raid the plantations in search of food. Concerned the vegetables decided to fight against the crows and the farm animals to end the war. Potatoes, broccolis, carrots, cabbages, turnips, and corn swabs joined together to save those vegetables that were in danger. But after a great battle in the famous cornfields the crows and some of the farm animals triumphed against the vegetables. Soon after the war, the farm animals where relocated by Jenna who sold most of the animals to neighboring farms leaving the farm empty and abandoned. The remaining vegetables hid in the cornfields afraid of being eaten by the crows and vowed to never set foot outside of the cornfields ever again

  Years Later

  “The battle took place in the cornfields where all of our ancestors fought to keep us alive, the crows outnumbered us, and there was no where to run. Underground tunnels, soon were overrun by moles making the escape of civilian vegetables difficult. Completely surrounded, the corn swabs were ready to give up, but the carrots came to their aid. King Crow commanded his crows and fellow poultry on a fierce attack nearly eating all the fighting vegetables. That night in between the fog and the uncontrollable rain, our last warriors fought against the crows in a final attempt to end King Crows’ raid, but they didn’t make it; and the farm was lost.” A group of vegetables sat most nights listening to Pop Cornswab tell the story of the the great battle. Corny Cornswab and his friends Baka Karrot, Ricky Brocclin, and Carmen Potatos always took the front seat. Telling stories became a tradition for the small village of vegetables; they sat together by a small bonfire and told stories of when the farm was at its highest production rate. After the animals were sold, only the crows remained and since Jenna and her mother never set foot on the farm after Mr. Jeff’s passing, no one cared to scare the crows away. The small vegetable village lived in fear of the crows, and even though they haven’t seen a sign of them for years, Pop was sure that they were out there waiting for any of the remaining crops to step out of the field so they could feast upon them. That night as Pop laid to rest, Ricky sneaked into Corny’s room to wake him. “Corny… Corny…” Ricky whispered “Are you up?” “Yes. What are you doing here Ricky?” Corny answered “I came to get you. Carmen and Baka are outside waiting for us, we are going to sneak in to the barn and prove to everyone that the crows are gone.” Surprised Corny got out of bed and leaned towards the window, where Ricky was hanging. “Are you crazy? Pop said that we should never leave the village, left alone the cornfields. It isn’t safe out there.” Corny exclaimed in a low tone. “We are going out of the cornfield, are you in or out?” Corny looked at Ricky with a doubtful look, he knew they would be in a lot of trouble if they left the cornfields. “Ricky, this is not like those times we left the village, we could get in a lot of trouble for this.” Said Corny “If you’re not coming then just go back to sleep. I’ll bring you a souvenir from the barn in the morning.” Ricky answered angrily. “Wait!” whispered Corny. “I’m coming with you.” Ricky smiled and climbed down to the ground where Carmen and Baka waited. The four vegetables left the village heading trough the cornfield and out to the front of the barn house where they believed King Crow spent years waiting for the remaining crops to come out of the fields. Corny didn’t know if he made the right decision by leaving the village, he trembled in fear just thinking about his grandfather’s reaction. The night was quiet, not a sound could be heard. They approached an abandoned tractor when they heard a noise. “What was that?” said Carmen trembling in fear. “It’s nothing, just the sound of the dirt as we step on it.” Said Baka nervously. As they got closer to the tractor they hear the same sound again, and look back at the withered cornfield. “Guys I think we should go back, I have a bad feeling about this.” Corny whispered. “Nonsense, we made it this far we won’t turn back now.” Ricky replied. They reached the rusty tractor and stared at it amazed, as it was the same tractor Pop talked about in his stories. “Let’s climb it.” Said Carmen “Last one to make it to the top is a rotten egg.” Yelled Baka as he laughed out loud. “Guys don’t… wait!” Corny exclaimed but none of them would listen. They raced to the top of the tractor, and as they got close to the top a shadow ran along the ground. Corny alarmed looked up and saw the dark figure move swiftly through the moon light. Scared he started to climb the tractor to warn the others, but as soon as he made it to the top he saw them; puzzled they looked up into the sky. “Guys, we should go.” Said Corny in a loud whisper, but they wouldn’t answer. He stood waving his hands in front of their eyes but they wouldn’t even flinch. All of a sudden a loud bang hit the tractor. A 2 foot tall crow stood before them. “Well, well, well. What do we have here.” Said the crow as he got closer. “Hello sir, we were just leaving.” Said Corny in a nervous tone. “But it seems like you guys just got here. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” The crow replied. “No thanks, we’re not hungry.” Said Corny pushing Ricky, Carmen and Baka to the tractors’ seat. The crow moved in front of them, finally Carmen, Baka and Ricky came to their senses. “Let me show you guys around, I’m sure we can have a lot of fun.” “Crow!” Carmen screamed jumping of the tractor as Baka, Ricky and Corny followed. They ran towards the cornfield, Corny running behind Ricky says “I hope this is enough proof for you Ricky!” “More than enough, I’m sorry I dragged you into this.” “You’ll have time to apologize later!” Replied Corny as they made their way into the cornfield, but just as they reach the gate Baka trips and falls. Corny stops and looks back “Help me!” screamed Baka “Corny you won’t make it in time, you have to leave him.” Said Ricky, but Corny was determined to help Baka even if it was the last thing he did. “No, I’m not going to leave him.” Corny turned around and ran towards Baka. “Watch out Corny!” Baka yelled at the top of his lungs. The crow was diving down towards Corny. Corny closed his eyes and took a deep breath when they see something shoot out of the cornfield and into the air, tackling the crow in mid air. The crow came down plummeting into the ground. Corny swiftly helped Baka up and they both looked at the fallen crown lying on the ground. “Is he..?” Said Baka. “I don’t know” replied Corny. Carmen and Ricky stared from afar as Corny and Baka got close to the unconscious crow. “Guys, its moving!” yelled Carmen, but as Corny and Baka were about to turn and make a run for it, they heard someone talking. “Help me get this guy off me.” Corny and Baka got close slowly and as they approached the crow they could see someone pinned down. “Pop is that you?” Sai
d Corny. “I told you kids to stay in the village.” “Pop!” Corny exclaimed as he ran to lift the heavy crow off of his grandfather. “Baka, help me” They managed to lift the crow high enough for Pop to crawl out safely. “I’m so disappointed at you Corny. You knew about the dangers of leaving the cornfield.” “It wasn’t Corny’s idea Pop. It was all Ricky’s plan to prove to everyone that there’s nothing to fear about leaving the cornfields.” Said Baka facing down to the ground. “It doesn’t
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