Time Swirl A Binky Adventure

       John Pirillo / Actions & Adventure
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Time Swirl A Binky Adventure
Inside Front Cover
Before Binky became Lord When's trusted companion, he was the best friend of another well known genius...Merlin the Magician. A Merlin who was both wise and kind. A man who won Binky's heart and soul, if not his AI implanted electronic, bionic body.
Come back in time to join with Binky as he lives through a golden age of man when there were Knights of the Round Table, and a young man whose future decreed that he one day rule all of Britain with a firm, but fair hand and bring the Light into the lands that were darkened by the hordes of Druids and ravagers of those times.
See how Binky helps and launches the career of a new Lord When, who will one day scour time and space to help those in need of his services.
Learn what Mordred and Morgana truly were during those times, and what their parts in the grand play of King Arthur's life were.
Then...time swirl on your next adventures with Lord When!
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I'd like to thank all the wonderful people in my life who have made this journey an adventure and an exploration of the heart, mind, soul and body.
To all those who aspire to greatness I say keep on trucking, the road is a long one at times, but like the little train that thought it could, we all can with patience.
To all the great writers upon whose wonderful words, fantasies and characters I ride.
To my daughter Faith, who has been a cornerstone of my life for years before and hopefully many more to come.
To the planet without which I would have no home, and to all those brave enough and wise enough to want to preserve it for future generations.
To all my friends who have already crossed into the Light.
To all the new friends I hope to make before my adventure on Earth ends and I began my new one in the Light.
Time Swirl
"A Binky Adventure"
John Pirillo
Copyright 2014
Chapter One
Binky's head lights blinked on and off as he watched the screen before his bug-like eyes. His antenna twitched in anticipation as Lord When's graceful hands swirled over the light panel before him. On a large screen before them Binky could see the planet Earth, its greens and warm earth colors filling his electronic vision and exciting his deeply written, electronic computer heart.
Binky was Lord When's best friend and companion. Even though he was mechanical in almost every aspect, his consciousness was not. He was a very wise being from a planet long lost to history, but that had once orbited our sun. Now it was just a twisting stream of asteroids and meteorites that plunged in a sub orbit between Mars and Jupiter ---the so-called asteroid belt.
The asteroid belt which was now the forgotten world of Maldecelin, as the old worlders came to call it before its fall into darkness, after which it became the cursed Maldek, where science and philosophy had turned to the dark side of life, enslaving and cloaking everyone in a layer of darkness that only the death of a planet could ever remove. The Maldekians had been seduced by power and the need for it. The leaders no longer led, but subjugated their populations to hardships and deprivation in order to gain further power and wealth. Finally, they began to war on each other, using different kinds of mind powers to enslave and terrorize each other and the masses. The end result was that their world had finally been blown to thousands of pieces by their dark powers.
"Get ready for Time Swirl, Binky," Lord When uttered in a voice, hushed with anticipation and awe.
Binky's thoughts came back to the now. He shuddered electronically, shaking off the temporary darkness of his memories of that horrible planet. He smiled inwardly as Lord When leaned closer to the view screen, his eyes lit up with excitement.
Even after these many years of flights between time and space, he never failed to appreciate, nor be amazed by the wondrous energies that occurred during Time Swirl...the transition between planes of consciousness, time and space.
Without a Time Swirl, the Time Boat, which they rode in, would have merely transited from one portion of space to another, but never gone to another time and awareness. The Time Swirl used Newton's Tenth Principle, and Einstein's lost theorem, to navigate time and space and the consciousness of the Universe. It had taken the First Lord When many lifetimes to discover those principles, plying down one time stream after another, dying and being reborn, losing his memories, regaining them, and then again continuing his search.
Binky suspected the Old Man as he was wont to call him at times, but with humor, or else he might have gotten a sour look or two for a time; he suspected the Old Man was about to go into a different calling before he finally hit pay dirt, so to speak. The Great Light had seen fit to give him one more chance, as he kept reminding Binky.
Binky wasn't so sure about all those life and birth things, but sometimes Lord When came up with names and places there was no other possible way he could have known them, at least as far as Binky could see. And Binky could see quite far. He knew many races had telepathy, and some the ability to see into the future, but never to the degree of clarity that Lord When would surprisingly show at times.
"Penny for your thoughts." Lord When said, pausing for a moment in his work. "He gave Binky a knowing wink, which caused Binky's antenna to spark with surprise.
"Caught me again." Binky noted with pride, as well as caution. He hoped that his friend hadn't seen where he had hidden the birthday gift for him. "Caught me again." Binky repeated, before realizing he had.
Lord When reached a grizzled hand over and stroked the nose of his beloved friend. "No, my dearest friend. You have caught me again. And again and again. And so it shall be as long as I live in this body."
Binky blushed electronically, his body circuit lights flaring for a brief moment, until he could get his emotions back under control once more. He gave Lord When's last words a lot of thought...almost ten Nano-seconds, and was about to come up with a quick, tart reply when the Time Boat gave a sudden lurch that sent him scrambling to hold his position with his electronic grapplers thrusting behind him.
"Sorry about that." Lord When told Binky, and then went back to his calculations.
Binky doubted any other being spent so many lives pursuing a truth like Lord When did. Now, don't get confused, Lord When is not a person, but an office, much like the President of the United States is not George Bush, or Barrack Obama, but rather they are the Presidents of the United States, individuals elected to their office by the will of the majority.
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