The marshfield vampire, p.3
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       The Marshfield Vampire, p.3

           John Mc Caffrey
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skirts the southern edge of town I was led by my new found sense to a cave set deep into the side of a large outcropping of rocks.

  I stopped in front of the cave, and could ‘feel’ the others inside and was also aware that they could sense me. First one, then another figure appeared, followed by yet more. I recognized one to be the vampire who had crept secretly under my stair.

  “You made it I see,” he said, stating the obvious.

  I nodded and motioned towards the cave he walked out of. “This is home sweet home then aye?”

  “Aye mate, for now it is anyway. Many don’t stay long preferring to find their own way. You may want to stick around for a bit though until you know a thing or two. Let some of the old timers show you the ins and outs as it were.”

  I nodded for this all made sense to me. I felt the cool nights breeze in a way that I never had before and smiled in knowing that I'll never have to see the evil creature I married again. That alone above all else filled me with a happiness that made any of the downsides seem unimportant.

  I was just about to talk to him about some of the better spots in the area when I heard the most familiar and unwelcome sound imaginable. If Van Helsing himself were to have called my name it would have done little more than the voice I heard.

  It was Stella’s’ voice and it came from within the cave.

  “What’s this then? How is she here?” I asked, dumbfounded of my stairwell vampire friend.

  He shrugged his shoulders at me and gave me a sheepish look.

  “Sorry mate, no hard feelings but you did invite me in after all and I am surely not one to pass up a meal.”

  I stared after him in shock as he went on. “You didn’t rise that first day. I told you, some do and some don’t. So I came to see how you were making out and well, she was in the house and once we're invited it’s a permanent thing and all.”

  He pointed into the cave, “She rose that first night though.”


  That was a bit over three weeks ago, and I have not heard from either the one that bit me, or from Stella. After hearing her voice come from the confines of the cave that night, I flew like the wind back home, barely making it before daybreak the next day. The way I figure, it won’t take her long to take over the coven or pack, or whatever they call it and that might keep her busy for a while, but I'm taking no chances. I'm thinking it might not be too long before we start seeing more vampires over this way once they have had an earful of Herself.

  Stellas’ little devil dog didn’t make it past my first night back and I've gotten a hold of a few strays since then as well, but I need something a bit more substantial if I'm to live long enough to clear out of these parts for good. As I said, I'm sure she's in charge over there by now, but it's only a matter of time until she remembers me and comes to call. The both of us living forever together? Gawd help me!

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  About the Author

  John Mc Caffrey was born in Illinois and currently resides in northern Indiana with his wife and two dogs where he writes in his spare time. He has appeared in The Harrow magazine as well as various anthologies.

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