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       Neewa the Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters, p.22

           John Cerutti
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  Heather adds, “We have been protecting Neewa and all of you since we have known about Heebe-tee-tse. Do you recall when Chester put the charm on Neewa’s collar after you came back from the ghost town? The charm is a Katsina, a sacred symbol that protects the wearer from evil trespassers. This Katsina is called ‘Wuyak-Kuita’ and affords its wearer safety from these trespassers. Chester got it from Doctor Cuthberson who also placed a potion in the Wuyak-Kuita charm. The potion guarded Neewa against the evil devil spirits who want to take Heebe-tee-tse’s Spirit for themselves and evil purposes. And the ‘jingle ding’ sound coming from the charm, the incantation. It's a magical spell to shelter you and your family from evil.”

  Heather continues telling about events in my life and she was not even there. “All of you had encounters with evil. Remember you met George Spahn at the general store near Manny’s house? You did not like the way he looked at you. He is a dead man. It was his ghost that invited all of you to his ranch. He would’ve killed Heebe-tee-tse and substituted an Evil Devil Spirit in Neewa. The Evil Devil Spirits at his ranch take the bodies and the souls of those who fall into their traps. They want to be At Rest with our people, but they are evil and we do not want them.”

  Heather smiles, “What’s more, have you forgotten what happened on the fishing trip? The gunshot that hit the ground near your van saved you from an Evil Devil Spirit stalking Neewa and Heebe-tee-tse. A Chosen One, who sees, fired that shot. He was not shooting at you or your family. His bullet was meant to defeat the evil stalker.

  Furthermore, remember my house? I used yellow and blue powders to vanquish the evil spirit in the dust devil? So you see, we have all been protecting you.”

  Chester speaks, adding still more archival proof to my already overflowing to capacity encounters with demons and evil spirits, “At the Pow Wow when the Deer Dance was performed and that Chief transformed himself into the Spirit Deer, that Spirit Deer has been following you and Neewa ever since the Pow Wow. At Ruby Lake the ghost of the mule deer was the Spirit Deer that left his antlers as a gift for you and Neewa for helping Heebe-tee-tse.

  “And you heard the howling coyotes at Ruby Lake? They too were evil and wanted the power of Heebe-tee-tse’s Spirit for themselves, but Spirit Deer and the herbs Heather gave you warded off their attack.”

  Chester adds, “Heather is certain you are safe now. You must always keep the antlers and charm you have been given. Never give them away or lose them, as they will keep you safe from the evil ones.”

  Heather talks to Dad, Jackie, and me, “I have another secret. No one will put a new house here in place of this old one. Under my house is our sacred burial ground where all our Indian Spirit Beings are resting. We cannot disturb them, the Spirit Beings must stay here forever.”

  Chester interrupts, “Now I have to tell you quickly because they will be here soon.”

  I ask, “Who will be here soon?”

  Jackie looks up as she is finishing her necklace, “Who else is coming to the beading party?”

  Heather and Chester smile and say in unison, “The Spirit Beings!”

  Jackie puts her face down on the table and covers her head with her arms. Dad comes to the table and sits between us, putting his arms around us both.

  Heather speaks, “Chanting will be starting in Linda’s room. The Spirit Beings are creating the sounds of the wind and the smells of fire and earth. The ceremony has begun.

  “First, the exorcism of Heebe-tee-tse from Neewa’s body, then the Spirit Beings will assist Heebe-tee-tse in entering the Spirit World through our sacred ground. Neewa will be the same coy dog you know and love after it is over.”

  I can smell burning roots, herbs, and sweet flowers. The smoke is swirling by the candlelight as Neewa walks behind the curtain. Flickering light is coming from behind the woven divide separating us from the Spirits. Mystical yellow and blue smoke churn overhead.

  Heather exclaims, “We are close, the Spirit Beings are thanking you and Neewa.”

  Dad squeezes Jackie and me tighter. Seconds pass like minutes.

  Chanting and drumming radiate from behind the curtain. “Hey Hey Hey Hey Ya Ya Ya… Ya Ya Ya….”

  The high-pitched screeches echo in my ears and through my head. Soft then loud rhythms repeat.

  The chants of the Spirits send chills down my spine, “Hey Hey Hey Hey Ya Ya, Ya Ya, Ya Ya.”

  Visible through an open crack, shadows of awkward human shapes move about on Linda’s wall. Above the woven blankets on a visible slice of ceiling strange forms move in circles.

  Frightened by the appearance of Heather leaving the back room, I’m startled and almost fall backwards off my seat.

  Heather nods and smiles a great big smile, “The Spirit Beings are thankful, Heebe-tee-tse is home, At Rest. No longer wandering the desert, he has left Neewa’s body and is where he belongs. All the Spirit Beings are celebrating with him.”

  Jackie speaks softly, “The ghost hunting equipment is at home, but all the ghosts are here.”

  I whisper to Dad, “Okay, so we don’t have scientific proof that there are ghosts, but there is no doubt about it in my mind. There are ghosts here.”

  Just at that moment Neewa runs out from behind the curtain and jumps onto my lap. I hold her close to me as she thumps her tail against my legs, wagging it vigorously. The charm around her neck is jingling as she licks my face.

  “Yuck, stop it Neewa.”

  Chapter 43 - The End

  I wake up in my bed with Neewa standing over me licking my face. As I push her away, she sits down at the foot of the bed staring at me with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth.

  I laugh, “Neewa, you are too cute, I love you.”

  Just then Dad yells from the kitchen, “Christina get up, you’ve been asleep for the entire morning. We are all packed and leaving for California tomorrow. You have time to visit your friends to say good-bye. Don’t forget Diane, Heather, Chester, and Marvin. I’ll call the Burns’s, Manny and Margaret, Doctor Cuthberson, and Linda. You and your sister have to stay together until we leave.”


  Chapter books to come

  Watch for volumes II and III of “Neewa The Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters.”

  Join Neewa, Jackie and Christina in additional scary, death defying, yet joyous adventures. Meet the Water Babies, Death Demon, wild animals, revolutionary specters and Lily of the Mohawks among many.

  Neewa and the sisters experience exciting adventures catching shad in the Choptank River, oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, and dig for treasure hidden by the pirates of the Chesapeake Bay.

  While exploring on the East Coast they search for James A. Michener in St. Michaels, but discover a ghost, a French soldier from the War of 1812, left behind long after the war ended.

  The sisters team up with Pickles the cat, Sheba the German shepherd and Neewa in another exciting journey. Sheba and Neewa body surf in the Pacific Ocean. Pickles and Neewa travel to the Rocky Mountains, Pueblo ruins and are besieged by evil at the Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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