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       This Man, p.69

         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Page 69

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  Jesse moans in pure gratification. ‘Hmmm, I can feel you throbbing against my tongue, baby. ’

  I can’t even talk. The influence he has over my body is extraordinary. I don’t think I’m weak, I think he’s too powerful – he definitely holds the power.

  My over worked heart starts to steady its beats, as I weave my fingers through his hair, relishing in his attentive mouth dropping tender kisses down the insides of my thighs, nibbling and sucking as he goes. We’re in tender lover mode, but for how long could be anyone’s guess. I’m not going to try and kid myself that I’ve heard the last of my contraventions from last night, but I’m quite content to lay here with Jesse nuzzling between my legs for as long as he’ll allow. And that’s another thing: it’s always on his terms.

  His teeth clamp lightly onto my clitoris and I shudder, hearing him laugh lightly as he kisses his way up my body until he finds my lips, sharing my release with me, brushing his soft lips over mine as he gazes down at me. My arms find his shoulders and accept his weight as he buries his face in my neck and sighs, his raging arousal thumping lightly against my thigh. I shift my hips so it falls to my opening.

  ‘You make me so crazy mad, lady. ’ he breathes into my neck, lifting himself and slowly driving into me on a stifled moan. I whimper, gripping every muscle around him. ‘Please don’t do that again. ’ He reaches down and snakes his arm under my knee, pulling it up to drape my leg over his shoulder before bracing his upper body on his forearms. Slowly, he withdraws and lazily works his way in again, his eyes fixed on me.

  ‘I’m sorry. ’ I murmur, circling my hands in his hair.

  He pulls back, driving forward on a moan. ‘Ava, everything I do, I do to keep you safe and to keep my sanity. Please listen to me. ’

  I moan on another deep, delightful plunge. ‘I will. ’ I confirm, but I’m aware I’m raging with pleasure and, once again, he can make me say anything he wants. I don’t need keeping safe – except, perhaps, from him.

  He gazes down at me. ‘I need you. ’ He looks despondent, throwing me out completely. ‘I really need you, baby. ’

  I’m mindless on pleasure, totally swallowed up by him, but he can’t keep saying things like that – at least not without elaborating. He’s making my brain a knotted mess of coded statements. Is he getting confused with needing and wanting? I’m past the wanting stage and only mildly afraid that I’ve let myself fall into the realms of really needing this man

  ‘Why do you need me?’ My voice is broken and husky.

  ‘I just do. Please, don’t ever leave me. ’ He plunges forward again, enticing a collective moan.

  ‘Tell me. ’ I all but groan, clenching at his shoulders, but ensuring I keep my eyes fixed on his. I need more than his confounding brainteasers. These shallow waters are becoming muddy as well.

  ‘Just accept that I need you and kiss me. ’

  I look up at him, torn by my body’s need for him and my brain’s need for information. He’s leisurely working his way in and out of me at the most dreamy pace, gradually encouraging another buildup of pressure to begin. I can’t control it.

  ‘Ava, kiss me. ’

  My body wins. I pull his face down to mine, worshipping his wonderful mouth, as he sinks in and out, rolling his narrow hips each time. The mechanical tense of my body sets in as my pleasure peaks and I start to wobble on the edge of release, short sharp breaths escaping as I try and reign in my impending climax.

  ‘Not yet, baby. ’ He warns softly, grinding hard on another drive forward.

  How does he know? I concentrate hard, but with this music and Jesse working my mouth so delicately, I’m really struggling. I claw my fingers into his shoulders, a wordless signal that I’m tipping the edge. He groans, biting my lip and jerking forward.

  ‘Together. ’ he mumbles against my mouth. I nod my acceptance as he increases his strokes and carries us both closer to ultimate ecstasy, all the time maintaining his controlled, accurate drives.

  ‘Nearly there, baby. ’ he moans.


  ‘Hold on, just hold on. ’ he says calmly, plunging forward again, executing a painfully deep, delicious rotation of his hips, pushing himself forward as far as he can get.

  We both cry out.

  ‘Now, Ava. ’ He withdraws, driving forward again, harder.

  I let it go, feeling him throb and jerk inside me as we swallow each others moans and both roll over, descending into a calm, unhurried fall into nothing. My flesh trembles around his beating cock and my heart is hammering in my chest.

  I kiss him adoringly as he relaxes on me, holding my leg over his shoulder and pushing his body further into me, releasing everything he has, moaning in pure, raw pleasure.

  The unwelcome invasion of moisture creeps into my eyes, and I fight real hard to prevent them from falling and ruining the moment. He continues to accept my reverent kiss, meeting my slow, sweeping tongue, stroke for stroke. I’m trying to tell him something with this kiss. I’m desperate for him to recognise it.

  I love you!

  He pulls back, breaking our kiss and frowns at me. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asks softly, his voice full of concern.

  ‘Nothing,’ I reply too quickly, mentally cursing my wretched hand for shifting on the back of his head. He searches my eyes, and I relent on a sigh. ‘What is this?’ I ask. He’s still moving slowly inside me.

  ‘What’s what?’ The confusion in his voice is quite clear. I kick myself for opening my big mouth.

  ‘I mean me and you. ’ I feel stupid all of a sudden, wanting to retreat under the covers.

  His eyes soften and he swivels his hips slowly. ‘This is just you and me. ’ he says simply, like it really is that simple. He kisses me gently, releasing my leg. ‘Are you okay?’

  No, I’m shit! ‘Fine,’ I reply, more harshly than I intended. Is the man so thick skinned that he can’t see a woman in love when she’s lying underneath him?

  You and me, me and you, that much is bloody obvious. I don’t see anyone else in bed with us. I wriggle a little underneath him, and he narrows his sludgy eyes on me.

  ‘I need a wee. ’ I say in the most convincing I’m-not-pissed tone. I fail miserably.

  He latches onto his bottom lip, eyeing me suspiciously, but he pulls out, reluctantly freeing me from beneath him. I reach around to unclasp my bra before I make my way to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.

  Why can’t I just say it? I need to rid my mouth of the words that are causing me so much bloody agony. I mentally slap my sorry arse around the luxurious bathroom and flush my head down the toilet before I go for a wee. I’m such a loser. He must know how I feel. I drop to the feet of this man like a slave, giving my mind and body up to him at the drop of a hat. I don’t believe, not for a moment, that he doesn’t recognise all these signs.

  I finish up, presenting my naked form to the mirror. I stare at my reflection. My deep brown eyes are bright again, my olive skin fresh and clear. I brace my hands on the vanity unit, letting out a long sigh. This is not where I planned to be, but I’m here. I’ve been ram-raided in every sense of the word by this man, and I’m skirting precariously close to a broken heart. The thought of my life without him in it… I reach up and rub my chest. The very thought has my heart constricting. Even with all of his challenging ways, I’m hopelessly in love with him – it just is.

  I jump when the door opens and he strolls in, all naked and stunningly glorious. He positions himself behind me, resting his hands on my waist, his chin on my shoulder. Our eyes lock together for the longest time.

  ‘I thought we made friends?’ he questions on a slight pucker of his beautiful brow.

  ‘We did. ’ I shrug. I had expected far more retribution than what I just received. Yes, he shredded the taboo dress, but all things considered, he’s been quite reasonable today. It’s quite funny that I can play
down a clothes massacre as quite reasonable.

  ‘Then, why are you sulking?’

  Because you’re thick skinned! ‘I’m not sulking. ’ I say oversensitively. It’s bloody obvious that I am.

  He shakes his head on a long tired sigh. What has he got to be tired about? He circles his hips against my lower back. He’s hard again. He’s going to distract me from my sulks with his unreasonable, sexual manipulation. I know it.

  ‘Ava, you’re the most frustrating woman I’ve ever met. ’ he grumbles.

  My eyes widen at his cheek. He thinks I’m frustrating? His mouth clamps onto my neck, penetrating me with heat.

  ‘Are you holding out on me for a reason, lady?’

  ‘No. ’ I breathe. What’s he talking about? I never hold out on him. I give myself up to him, unreservedly and willing, every time. A little gentle persuasion is sometimes required, but he gets what he wants in the end. Holding out?

  He reaches down and slowly starts rubbing his palm, up and down, between my thighs. It’s the perfect amount of friction at the perfect tempo. I hold his eyes in the mirror. Fucking hell, I’m gagging for him again. I drop my head back, giving him perfect access to my neck, his tongue working a firm, heavy trail up the column of my throat, circling at the sensitive hollow under my ear.

  ‘You want it again?’ he teases in my ear as he works my core.

  ‘I need you. ’

  ‘Baby, those words make me so happy. Always?’

  ‘Always,’ I confirm.

  He growls his approval. ‘Fuck, I need to be inside you. ’ He yanks my hips forward and positions himself at my entrance before hammering into me on an ear piercing yell that echoes around the vast bathroom.

  ‘Oh, shit, Jesse!’ I support myself on the vanity unit, bracing myself for the onslaught.

  He crashes forward. ‘Watch…your…mouth!’

  I’m subjected to a relentless, desperate round of punishing blows as he yells like a man possessed, yanking me back, impaling me to the most excruciating depths. My head is spinning, my body abused, and I’m out of my mind on the most intense, painful and pleasurable drug that is Mr Challenging himself. I drop my limp head.

  Holy mother fucking GOD!

  His hands move to my shoulders. ‘Look at me!’ he yells, pounding me with a purposeful blow at his demand. I draw in a sharp breath, drag my heavy head up and find him in the mirror, but it’s hard to focus. I’m being thundered forward, my arms struggling to hold me as he slaps against my backside on continuous groans. His frown line is so deep, his neck muscles strained. The demanding, brutal sex Lord has returned.

  ‘You’ll never hold out on me, will you, Ava?’ he barks through laboured grunts.


  ‘Because you’re never leaving me, are you?’

  Oh, here we go again. All the coded sex talk scrambles my brain more than the formidable assault my body is under. ‘Where the fuck am I going?’ I scream in frustration on another merciless blow.

  ‘Mouth!’ he roars urgently. ‘Say it, Ava!’

  ‘Oh God!’ I cry. My knees buckle and his hands move quickly to my waist, capturing me.

  My world goes completely silent as I ride out the vibration of waves that piston through me, so harshly, I think my heart might have ceased from shock.

  ‘Jesus!’ He falls to the floor, rolling onto his back so I’m lay across him, my back to his front, his arms sprawled out at his side. I’m being heaved up and down on top of him.

  My mind is a foggy, churned up mess and my poor body is wondering what the hell just happened. That was a sense fuck if ever there was one. But for what purpose?

  ‘I’m fu…’ I snap my mouth shut before I earn myself another scorn, but he still lifts an arm and finds my hip to have a little dig ‘Hey!’ I complain. I suppressed the urge. It’s an improvement.
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