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       This Man, p.62

         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Page 62

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  ‘Do your legs ache?’ he asks, just as I’m stretching them under my desk again.

  ‘-ish,’ I’m not giving him the satisfaction of knowing that I’m actually in pain. I’ll have a Radox bath before I go out. Hold up…was he trying to cripple me so I can’t go out?

  ‘-ish,’ he replies, humour clear in his husky voice. ‘Remember our deal?’

  I roll my eyes to myself. I was kidding myself if I thought he would forget about his little deal. And now I’m certain he had me running a marathon at the break of dawn in an attempt to immobilise me. Control freak!

  ‘No reminder fuck required. ’ I mutter. He’ll never know. I’m not going to get so drunk that I have a raging hangover – it’s too soon after my last performance.

  ‘Watch your mouth, Ava. ’ he sighs, tiredly. ‘And I’ll decide when and if a reminder fuck is necessary. ’

  He’s serious? I gape a little down the phone. Has he no sense of humour? I stand up again, pulling my thigh to my butt on a satisfied groan. Damn him and his break of dawn run.

  ‘Roger that. ’ I confirm with all the sarcasm it deserves.

  ‘When will I see you?’ he sighs.

  ‘Tomorrow?’ I really do want to see him, despite his challenging ways.

  ‘I’ll pick you up at eight. ’

  Eight? It’s a Saturday, I want a lay in. Eight? I really won’t be getting drunk, not if Jesse is going to be rocking up at eight. ‘Noon,’ I counter.

  ‘Eight. ’

  ‘Eleven. ’

  ‘Eight!’ he barks.

  ‘You’re supposed to meet me half way!’ The man is impossible.

  ‘I’ll see you at eight. ’ He hangs up, leaving me on one leg with my phone hanging from my ear. I look at my mobile disbelievingly. He can turn up at eight all he likes; I won’t be awake to let him in. And I seriously doubt Kate will be either. I sink my achy body back into my chair on a few sharp inhales of breath. I’m never running again.

  ‘Tom,’ I call. ‘We’re out tonight, you coming?’

  He looks up with a dirty, great big grin on his baby face. ‘I shall decline graciously,’ He bows his head like the gentleman I know he’s not. ‘I have a date!’


  ‘I can’t come. I assume you were going to ask me. ’ Victoria huffs without looking up from her drawings. I don’t dignify her sarcasm with a response, flashing my screwed up face to her back instead.

  ‘Yes! This one is definitely a keeper. ’ Tom nods with the biggest smirk on his face.

  I leave Tom with his grin, returning to my computer. They’re all keepers.

  I leave the office at six, heading straight to the shop to get some Radox and a bottle of wine, before making my way to the tube. I fight off the temptation to open the wine here and now. It’s Friday, I’m catching up with Kate tonight and spending the day with my challenging control freak tomorrow. Perfect.

  I walk through the front door, finding a half-naked Sam walking out of Kate’s workshop, followed by a fully dressed Kate with a highly satisfied smile on her face.

  ‘Seriously?’ I splutter, as I try to direct my eyes anywhere, except on Sam’s fine physic.

  He blinds me with his ultimate cheeky grin and turns to face Kate, giving me a rear view of his bare back and baggy jeaned arse. It’s then that I notice a lump of cake mixture at the nape of his neck.

  ‘You missed a bit. ’ I point to the offending smear of mixture.

  Kate swivels Sam back around to face me and licks up the centre of his back towards his neck. He smirks at me. I laugh. What a pair of exhibitionists.

  Making my way up to the flat, I hiss at the stabbing pains travelling down my legs with every step I take. I go straight to the bathroom to run the bath, pouring in half the bottle of muscle relaxing bath soak. Then I take myself to the kitchen to take care of special requirement number two; I pour myself and Kate a glass of wine. I gasp my appreciation as I take my first sip.

  Five minutes later, I’m flinging every garment in my underwear drawer over my shoulder in a panic. ‘KATE!’ I know I put them in here, so where the hell are they? If this is Sam’s idea of a joke, I’ll wring his fucking neck!

  Kate breezes into my room. ‘I’ve turned your bath off. What’s up?’

  ‘My pills,’

  ‘What about them?’

  ‘They’re gone,’ I turn an accusing eye on her. ‘I can’t believe you let Sam in here. ’

  Her eyes widen. ‘I didn’t let him in. And anyway, your pills weren’t in there. I would have seen them. ’

  I let out a frustrated yell and proceed to turn the rest of my drawers inside out and upside down. I know I put them in here. ‘Shit!’

  ‘Chill out, you can get some more. Are Tom and Victoria coming?’

  I scoop up the contents of my underwear drawer and stuff it back in. ‘I already did that. And no, they both have dates. ’

  ‘Your organisation skills are shocking. ’ she moans tiredly. She’s right, they are, but I manage fine at work. It’s the personal side of my life that suffers. ‘Oh, is it Victoria and Drew’s date tonight?’ Kate looks at me with wide, blue eyes.

  ‘Yes!’ I meet her wide eyes with my own.

  ‘It’ll never work. Hurry up in that bath, I need a shower. ’

  I grab my wine and head for the bathroom.

  The water is glorious, and I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner. I shave everywhere, and then reluctantly pull myself out before downing my wine and brushing my teeth.

  An hour later, I’ve blow dried and curled my hair, creamed up and got half a face of make-up on. My door opens and Kate’s head pops around. ‘How long?’ she asks. Her fire red hair is in rollers and she looks at about the same stage of readiness as me.

  ‘Half hour,’ I confirm, opening my underwear drawer.

  ‘Cool. ’ She shuts the door.

  It opens again.

  ‘What?’ I ask, without looking up from finding suitable underwear.

  Within two seconds flat, I’m grabbed, my towel is yanked from my body and I’m on my back atop the bed with a hulking male looming over me.

  WHOA! I’m completely disorientated and still clinging onto a pair of knickers that I was deliberating over. I don’t even have a chance to focus in on his face. His lips smash against mine, starting to work my mouth greedily. What the hell? There’s no chance to fight him off or ask what he’s doing here. He flips me onto my hands and knees, his fingers slide over my entrance – no doubt to check my readiness – before he undoes his flies and slams into me on a garbled yell.

  I cry out, getting a hand clamped over my mouth for my trouble.

  ‘Quiet. ’ he grates, through merciless pounds.

  Fucking hell! I’m completely helpless as he thrusts in and out with complete determination and purpose. The depth he’s hitting soon has my vision blurry, my head spinning with desperation and pleasure. His hand leaves my mouth, returning to my hips, pulling me back against each of his hard advances.

  ‘Jesse!’ I yell desperately. He’s merciless.

  ‘I said, quiet!’ he barks.

  As my pleasure builds and builds, I find myself pushing back against him. He groans on each thrust, powering forward at a mind blasting rate, colliding with my womb and sending me into a haze of shocked euphoria. I try to grab a pillow, but my disorientation has me grappling at nothing but sheets. I can’t find the strength to lift my head and use my eyes. I’m completely helpless.

  I feel his grip on me tighten, the tense and swell of him pounding into me is stretching me beyond comprehension. This is a possessive fuck. That’s what this is. Not that I’m bothered. I might be helpless and at his mercy, but I’m still going to have a mind-bending orgasm.

  His thrusts speed up and with one last pump and deep slow grind, I splitter straight down the middle, and I’m charged with a mind-
blowing orgasm that has me burying my face in the mattress to stifle my scream of release. His horse cry echoes around the room as he joins me in my crazy bliss, collapsing on top of me, panting loud in my ear. He’s jerking and shuddering inside and all around me.

  That really was shock and awe. I’m completely depleted and grabbing at valuable air to give my lungs some relief. They’ve really been through the mill today.

  ‘Please, tell me that it’s you. ’ I pant, closing my eyes, soaking up the warmth of his body through his suit. He hasn’t even taken his jacket off.

  ‘It’s me. ’ he breathes, moving my hair from my back and skimming my bare skin with his tongue.

  I sigh happily, letting him nibble and lick me all over.

  ‘Don’t be having another shower. ’ he orders between tongue strokes.

  ‘Why?’ I frown into the sheets. I won’t be, anyway – I haven’t got time.

  He withdraws, flipping me over and pinning my wrists on either side of my head. He gazes down at me, his styled hair of this morning now in disarray, but he looks no worse for it. ‘Because, I want me all over you when you’re out. ’ He drops his lips to mine.

  Ah, he’s trampled me. I was bang on the money. I should have known. Crazy man.

  He takes a whole other tactic with my mouth, swirling his tongue, humming into me and nibbling my lips. It’s a world away from the ferocious attack I’ve just sustained.

  ‘Do men have an instinct for recently fucked women?’ I ask around his lips.

  ‘Mouth,’ He pulls his face back, giving me a really disapproving look. ‘You’ve had a drink. ’

  Oh, shit! ‘No. ’ I blurt guiltily.

  He looks at my wrists when he feels the tense of my natural reflex, then back at me with an arched brow. ‘No more. ’ he demands softly, giving me another lavish kiss. ‘I was hoping to find you in cream lace. ’ he hums through our joined mouths.

  I’m really glad I wasn’t. It would be in pieces on the floor by now, and I really like it. I might be buying me some more of those, perhaps in different colours. He releases one of my wrists, trailing his finger down my side, over my sensitive hips and to the juncture of my thighs.

  ‘You would have ruined it. ’ I gasp when he plunges two fingers into me. I’ve not even recovered from my last mind numbing climax, and I’m set to go on another. This man is seriously talented.

  ‘Probably,’ he confirms as he circles me deeply, pushing his fingers as far as he can get them.

  ‘Hmmm. ’ I sigh in total satisfaction, tensing my legs underneath him.

  ‘Don’t be wearing anything ridiculous either. ’

  I throw my hand out to grab his shoulder and pull him down to my mouth, but he won’t budge. He’s looking at me expectantly and I realise…he’s waiting for a confirmation that I understand his commands.

  ‘I won’t!’ I cry desperately when he hits me with a delicious sweep of his thumb over my clitoris.

  ‘Are you going to come, Ava?’

  ‘Yes!’ I yell at his face. Any moment now, I’m going to have an en-core to my previous release, and it’s going to be equally as satisfying and earth shattering. ‘Please!’

  He moves in closer, his lips as close to mine as they can be without touching. ‘Hmmm, that feel good, baby?’ He pushes in deep and high, brushing my front wall.

  ‘Oh God!’ I cry. ‘Jesse, please. ’ I lift my head to try and capture his lips, but he pulls back.

  ‘You want me?’

  I’m starting to burn, my legs tensing as he strokes between my swelling lips. ‘Yes. ’

  ‘Do you want to please me, Ava?’

  ‘Yes. Jesse, please!’ I cry.

  I’m completely stunned when he withdraws his fingers and rises from the bed.

  What? No!


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