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       This Man, p.48

         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Page 48

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  What to do? What to do? And then it comes to me.

  ‘I’m sorry, I can’t fuck about. I have work tomorrow. ’ I turn to leave, hearing that familiar growl I love so much, his arm scooping around my waist and lifting me from my feet. I crumble in half over his forearm. I can’t help it. . . I laugh.

  He paces towards the kitchen island and flips me around, sitting me on the cold granite. His eyes are full of displeasure at my little joke. ‘When will you fucking listen, lady? You’re not going anywhere,’ He nudges my thighs apart, edging between them with his hands on my waist, his face deadly serious.

  I’m still recovering from my laughing fit, but it soon subsides when he pulls me forward to meet his groin, his erection rubbing me in just the right spot. I moan, placing my hands around his neck.

  ‘And watch your mouth. ’ he grumbles, his concentration slash concern frown, not so light on his forehead. It’s concern this time. Is he really serious about me never going anywhere?

  What? Ever?

  ‘I’m sorry. ’ I say genuinely. I shouldn’t play with him like that. It’s obvious he has issues with non-conformity.

  ‘You really know how to rub me up the wrong way,’ he mutters. ‘We do things my way from now on. ’

  ‘We always do things your way. ’ I sulk on a pout.

  ‘Correct. Get use to it. ’

  He stands before me, pulling his jumper up over his head, kicking his Grensons off, before making quick work of his jeans and boxers. I sit patiently, more than happy to watch him undress. This man is a God. I drag my eyes down the full loveliness of him, briefly faltering on his scar and settling on his thick, pulsing erection.

  ‘It’s rude to stare. ’ he says softly.

  My eyes jump to his, uncertain as to whether he’s referring to me looking at his scar or his beautiful manhood. He doesn’t elaborate. He moves back into me, reaching around my back to unhook my bra, slowly drawing it down my arms and tossing it behind him.

  Resting his hands on the edge of the worktop, he watches me as he leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth, slowly swirling and flicking it with his tongue.

  In pure, unashamed bliss, I sigh, reaching up to lace my fingers in his hair as he divides his attention between each of my breasts. My head falls back and I close my eyes, absorbing his attentive mouth. I really don’t mind letting him take control. In fact, I love it.

  His tongue starts a lazy trail up the centre of my body, finishing with a soft kiss on my chin. ‘Lift. ’ he commands, grasping my knickers. I brace myself up on the worktop, letting him pull them down my legs. ‘I’ll be back. I’m a bit peckish. ’

  I reluctantly release his hair and he wanders, boldly and with poise, over to the fridge-freezer, completely butt naked. I sit rapt by the tremendous view of his impossibly taut arse, long, lean legs and powerful, smooth back. His gait is all the better when he’s naked.

  ‘Enjoying the scenery?’

  Looking up, I see him stood watching me. I don’t know how long I was daydreaming. I could watch him forever. He holds up a can of squirty cream, grinning, before taking the lid off, giving it a little shake and squirting some in his mouth. I watch him carefully. He looks very pleased with himself.

  ‘And that’s a staple food in your world?’ I ask.

  He saunters back towards me, shaking the can. ‘Absolutely,’ he says seriously, replacing himself between my legs, nudging my chin upwards with the tip of his finger. ‘Open. ’

  I open my mouth, and he rests the funnel on my tongue, watching me as he presses the notch, releasing a blob of cream into my mouth. I lick my lips, the cream disintegrating in my mouth instantly.

  I place my hands behind me and lean back as he runs his eyes down my front. ‘Do your worst, Mr Ward. ’ I tease.

  His eyes sparkle and he grins that roguish grin. ‘This might be a little cold. ’ he warns, as he squirts a long trail straight down my middle. I inhale quickly at the initial shock of the freezing cold cream, running from the hollow of my throat, all the way down to the juncture of my thighs. He smirks, squirting a little extra where it counts. I look down at the long path of white puffs, feeling my nipples pucker tighter at the chilliness close by. He stands back, his eyes dancing with delight.

  ‘It’s a bit if a cliché, isn’t it?’ I look at his satisfied face.

  He squirts some in his own mouth. ‘The old ones are the best. ’ He starts walking away again. Where’s he going? I sit on the breakfast bar coated in cream, watching as he rifles through cupboards. ‘Here it is. ’ he declares.

  Here’s what? He opens a drawer, pulls out a spatula and walks back over, tapping a jar of chocolate spread mischievously. As he arrives back between my legs, he unscrews the lid and tosses it on the marble counter.

  I arch a brow at him, questioningly, even though I know damn well what his intent is. He twirls the spatula in the jar, scoops out a big dollop and abruptly slaps it onto my breast.

  ‘Ouch!’ My boob stings from the smack.

  He smirks as he starts circling the chocolate around my nipple, the sting mixed with the rhythmic swirls having me purring deep in my throat. His frown line makes its appearance as he begins to chew his lip, working the chocolate spread all the way up my body on both sides of the cream, swirling and smearing as he goes.

  When the jar is completely empty and he’s satisfied he covered every part or my torso, he puts his instruments down and stands back to admire his handiwork. The smile that spans his handsome face makes me want to dive on him and tackle him to the floor. He looks thoroughly thrilled with himself.

  ‘My very own Ava éclair. ’ he declares, licking his lips.

  I look down at my coated body and back up to his dancing eyes. ‘I guess, now you’ve had your fun, I should go take a shower. ’ I make to move and he’s on me in a flash, grasping me in his arms as I knew he would be. I’m locked to his chest, sliding all over the place. I give a little shimmy on a laugh, just to rub it in. And not in a smug way.

  ‘Sneak. ’ he mutters, pulling away, the chocolate and cream stringing between our bodies. He takes my hands, gently pushing me back until I’m flat on my back and looking up at him. ‘I’ve not even started with the fun part, lady. ’

  I grin. ‘I’m filthy. ’

  ‘Oh, I love that grin. You won’t be filthy for long. ’ He leans over me, rubbing his erection against my core, scooping a trail of chocolate from my nipple with his index finger and keeping his eyes firmly on mine as he slides it between his lips and licks it off in the most spectacular fashion. ‘Hmmm, chocolate, cream and sweat. ’ he says hoarsely.

  I shudder under his piercing eyes, the light throb of my sex kicking in to high gear, as I writhe on the bar under his intoxicating stare. I reach up to pull him down onto me. I need contact. He lets me take him, dropping his lips to mine and resting his chest on me so we slip and slide all over again. The warmness of his body all over mine catapults me straight to Central Jesse Cloud Nine.

  I gently coax his tongue from his mouth with small butterfly flicks, smiling against his lips as he moans deep in his throat. His arm snakes under my lower back and tugs me up from the counter, supporting me as he suspends me and claims my mouth. My arms remain around his neck, working my fingers through his hair as he continues to ravish me, and I continue to writhe.

  Straying away from my lips, he begins kissing his way up my cheek to my ear, making a point of grinding his ever loving hips against me, instigating the familiar heaviness to weigh down in my groin. I moan, long and low, as my fingers curl tightly in his hair and he bites my lobe, slowly dragging it through his teeth. Oh hell, I’m soaring on pleasure here.

  ‘Jesse. ’ I pant, arching myself into him.

  ‘I know. ’ he hums against my ear. ‘You want me to take care of it?’

  ‘Yes!’ I cry.

  He drops a tender kiss on the hollow of
my ear, easing me down onto my back.

  With his upper body braced on one arm at the side of me, he gently brushes the hair from my face. I watch as he studies me thoughtfully, his green pools swimming, the cogs of his mind turning.

  ‘Everything is so much more bearable with you around, Ava. ’ he says softly, his eyes searching mine.

  I absorb his words, completely stunned by his confession. What’s more bearable? I can’t cope with the vagueness of this statement, especially not now. There is more than meets the eye with this man – not just confident and wealthy, possessive and gentle, controlling and dominate. I could go on forever. But there’s more.

  I gaze up at him. I want to ask questions, but as I draw breath to speak, he drops his head to my breast, flicking his tongue over my already taut nipple, circling it and licking the chocolate away. I buck when his teeth clamp over my tight bud, the sharp stab arching my back and pushing my breast up further, forcing him to pull away slightly to accommodate me.

  ‘Feel good?’ he asks.


  ‘You want more of my mouth?’

  ‘Jesus, Jesse!’

  He hums in satisfaction, spreading his attention between my breasts, lapping, nipping and sucking the chocolate, gradually and meticulously away.

  I moan. I’m a sweating mess. My fingers are clawed in his hair as I squirm under his expert tongue. One touch of my core and I’ll be propelled into a despairing stupor.

  ‘All clean. ’ he drawls as he lifts his body, his eyes locking with mine. ‘But she wants more of my mouth. ’ He licks his lips and backs away from me, my stomach performing a full three sixty spin.

  Oh, Christ. I won’t last a second.

  He looms over me, looking straight down to the apex of my thighs. He eases his palms onto my thighs and slowly pulls them further apart. ‘Fuck, Ava. You’re weeping. ’ He breathes in deep, and I see the rise and fall of his chest speed up. He flicks one last gaze up at me before his head drifts down, slowly and provocatively. I clamp my eyes shut, tensing my whole body, as I wait for that first dash of contact.

  And there it is. One long sweep of his tongue, straight up the centre of my core, with a little dance on my clit to finish off.

  ‘Oh…God!’ I groan, and I’m rewarded with two fingers thrust straight in to maximum capacity. I buck and writher involuntarily as Jesse lays an arm across my stomach to hold me down.

  ‘You want me to stop?’ he asks. His voice is gravel, my reaction violent. He swiftly returns to my sex, plunging his fingers in deep while lightly stroking my clitoris with his tongue.

  In seconds, I feel the peak of an explosion on the horizon, and with one last casual sweep up the very centre of my most sensitive place, I burst apart under him. I’m lost. I thrash my head from side to side, a rush of breath escaping my burning lungs on a long peaceful sigh, as my thumping heart works its way back down to a steady, safe rate.

  He laps gently, helping me ride out the pulses of my orgasm, letting me drift delicately down as I moan in pure satisfaction. He has the most incredible mouth.

  In my subliminal state, I feel him shift from between my legs, reaching up to slip his fingers into my mouth so I can lap up the moisture of my release.

  ‘See how good you taste, Ava?’ he hums, swirling his finger around my mouth, then sliding them into his own, ensuring every last piece of me is savoured by his tongue. His head drops and he hovers over my face, looking into my eyes before resting his lips gently on mine, brushing from side to side. ‘You’re amazing. I need to be inside you. ’

  He shifts quickly, and in one measured movement, he yanks me forward and impales me on his waiting arousal. I cry out at the shock invasion, my abating climax resurrected.


  ‘My turn,’ he gasps, pulling out and firing forward again. I cry out, throwing my arms over my head as he clamps onto my thighs tightly, pulling me back and forth on the marble to match his momentum. I peel my eyes open and find him sweating, his jaw clenched.
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