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       This Man, p.43

         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Page 43

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  His strokes ease up, and I release his lip from my clenched teeth. I think I can taste blood, but my eyes won’t open to confirm it. It would serve him right.

  ‘Remember yet?’ he whispers softly against my lips. I sigh, pulling my heavy eyes open to meet his green gaze. I don’t answer him; he knows the answer to that question. But as always, I never forgot. He doesn’t demand an answer. He just leans down, dropping a gentle kiss on my mouth, my tongue sweeping across his bottom lip, licking away the small drop of blood that I’ve drawn.

  ‘I’ve made you bleed. ’

  ‘Savage. ’ he breathes, pulling his fingers slowly out of me and sliding them into my mouth. He watches me closely as I run my tongue over them, a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth. He’s got want he wants again – me, surrendering to him.

  I’m lifted onto the worktop. ‘Why do you keep running away from me?’ His eyes search mine as he rests his hands on either side of my thighs, bending his body, leaning in.

  I drop my head. I can’t look at him. What can I tell him? That I’ve fallen in love with him? Perhaps I should – he might freak out and leave me alone. I shrug instead.

  He places his index finger under my chin and tips my head back up so I’m forced to confront his achingly handsome face.

  He raises his eyebrows at me expectantly. ‘Talk to me, baby. ’

  ‘I don’t know. ’

  He rolls his eyes and slaps my hand away from the piece of hair I’m coiling around my finger. ‘You’re a shit liar, Ava. ’

  ‘I know. ’ I huff. I’ve got to sort that bad habit out quickly.

  ‘Tell me, now. ’ he demands softly.

  I sigh. ‘You’re distracting me. I don’t want to get hurt. ’ There, I’m not lying. That’s true. I just left out the minor, major detail of my feelings for him.

  I look at him as he chews his bottom lip, the cogs of his mind going into overdrive. He doesn’t know what to say to that. I’m so glad I didn’t hit him with the love bomb.

  ‘I see. ’ he says flatly. Is that it? I see? ‘I’m a distraction?’ he asks.

  ‘Yes. ’ I scowl. The worst kind!

  He pouts. ‘I like distracting you. ’

  ‘I like you distracting me too. ’ I mumble sulkily. I notice he ignores the hurt comment, homing straight in on the distraction tactics.

  ‘What am I distracting you from?’

  ‘Being sensible,’ I reply quietly. The intoxicating affect he has on my body is setting deeper into my mindset. He said he would make me need him, and he’s keeping true to his word.

  He smiles, completely satisfied, his eyes dark and promising again. ‘I’m going to distract you some more now. We need to make friends. ’ His low voice is sparking off my desire for him all over again as he grabs me under my bum and slides me off of the worktop to straddle his waist.

  ‘Didn’t we just make friends?’

  ‘Not properly. We need to make friends properly. It’s the sensible thing to do. We don’t run anymore, Ava. ’

  I smile and wrap my arms around his back as he walks us out of the kitchen, into my bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him. He places me on the end of the bed, pulling my vest up over my head, my bra-free breasts springing free. He smiles, looking down into my eyes and tossing my vest on the floor. He starts pulling at the waist band of my shorts, encouraging me to lift my bum so he can draw them down my legs, taking my knickers with them.

  ‘Stay there. ’ he orders, reaching up and pulling at his tie. Sparks of anticipation ricochet all around my body as I watch him slowly undress in front of me. His jacket follows his tie, then he slowly unbuttons his shirt.

  Hurry up! The flex of his ripped chest has me virtually dribbling as he stands before me, taking painfully long to undress. My eyes are automatically drawn to the sight of his scar. I’m desperate to know where it came from.

  ‘Look at me, Ava. ’

  My eyes fly straight to his, those sludgy pools of green watching me carefully as he removes his shoes, socks and trousers, before finally dragging his boxers down his legs. His erection springs free. It’s at eye level to me. If I reach forward and open my mouth, I’ll have the upper hand. That would make a nice change. I glance up at him, catching a wicked grin and blazing eyes.

  ‘I’m desperate to be inside you after looking for you for the last two days,’ he says darkly. ‘I’ll look forward to fucking your mouth later. You owe me. ’

  A powerful thud crashes into my core as he leans down and curls his arm around my waist before crawling up the bed above me and placing me down gently beneath him. My thighs are spread by his knee, and he cradles himself between them, resting his forearms on either side of my head as he looks down at me with soft eyes. I could weep.

  Any plans I had of walking away before it’s too late are totally obliterated. It’s already too late, and his determination to have me, as and when he pleases, is not doing me any favours.

  ‘You won’t run away from me again. ’ he says softly but firmly.

  I know I have to answer this. I shake my head and reach up to his shoulders.

  ‘You need to answer me, Ava. ’ he whispers. I feel the broad head of his erection pushing at my entrance, causing a ridiculous amount of heat to plague me.

  ‘I won’t. ’ I confirm.

  He nods, holding my gaze as he slowly draws back and drives forward, plunging deeply into me. I moan and adjust my grip on his shoulders, shifting under him. The fullness is incredible, and I’ve fast become use to him. He blows out a long controlled breath of air. The concentration frown flickering across his brow is shiny with sweat and heavy on his forehead.

  I resist the urge to contract around him – he needs a moment. His eyes close, his long lashes fanning, his head dropped to mine as he battles to compose his erratic breathing. I wait patiently for him to sort himself out, running my hands up and down his firm upper arms, more than happy to lay here looking at this beautiful, neurotic man so closely. He knows I need gentle Jesse right now.

  After a few moments, he gathers himself together and lifts his head back up to look at me. My heart constricts in my chest. I’m so in love with this man.

  ‘This is what happens when you deny me. Don’t do it again. ’ He lifts his upper body to brace his arms, then lazily drags back and gradually drives forward.

  I purr. Oh, good God. He repeats the delectable move, over and over, watching me the entire time.

  ‘You need to think about this, Ava. When you’re tempted to run again, think about how you feel right now. Think about me. ’

  ‘Yes. ’ I breathe, struggling to dampen down a fast buildup of pressure. I want to carry on like this forever. I want to feel like this forever. This is exactly why I’ve been avoiding him. I’m weak and feeble in my attempts to brush him off. Or is he just determined? Well, either way, I always end up at square one again…giving myself to this man.

  I rock my hips up to meet his every thrust, and he lowers his mouth to mine, taking my lips leisurely and lazily, matching his blazing hip rhythm with his tongue.

  I whimper, digging my nails into his arms. I’ve got to stop marking him and drawing blood. The poor man is mistreated almost every time. He drives slowly forward, circles deeply and withdraws lazily, time and time again. I can’t hold out for much longer. How does he do this to me?

  ‘Does that feel good?’ he whispers.

  ‘Too good,’ I gasp on a lazy grind.

  ‘It does. Are you there, lady?’ he asks against my lips.

  I nip his tongue. ‘I’m there. ’

  ‘I’ve got you, baby. Let it go. ’

  The racking shudder that courses through my body has me clenched around Jesse’s arousal, shaking wildly against him as I moan my release into his mouth. The last, deep thrust, followed by a jerk and hot sensation flooding me, signals Jesse’s release. He holds himself
deep and clenches his eyes shut, while paying loving attention to my mouth, moaning long and low. The pulsating of him is triggering my muscles to tense around him, all in time to his throbs. I’m draining him dry.

  ‘God, I’ve missed you. ’ he whispers, burying his face in the crook of my neck and nuzzling before rolling onto his back. He holds his arm up, and I move into his warm, firm chest, resting my cheek on his pec. I’m so screwed – totally fucking screwed.

  ‘I love sleepy sex with you. ’ I muse dreamily.

  ‘That wasn’t sleep sex, baby. ’ He brushes my hair from my face with his spare hand.

  It wasn’t? ‘What was is then?’

  He kisses my forehead gently. ‘That was catching up sex. ’

  Oh, a new one. ‘I like catching up sex then. ’

  ‘Don’t like it too much. It won’t happen very often. ’

  A stab of disappointment pierces me. ‘Why?’

  ‘Because, lady, you won’t be running away from me again, and I don’t plan on being away from you very often either. ’ He inhales in my hair. ‘If ever,’

  I smile to myself, throwing my leg over his thighs. He clasps my knee, rubbing circles over my skin with his thumb, while I trace my fingers across the surface of his scar. I’m compelled to know how he got it. He hasn’t mentioned it, except to warn me off asking, but it’s not like it can be overlooked. I need to know more about him.

  ‘How did this happen?’ I ask as I follow the line around to his side.

  He inhales tiredly. ‘How did what happen, Ava?’ His words leave no room for movement or interrogation on the matter. He doesn’t want to talk about it.

  ‘Nothing,’ I whisper softly, making a mental note not to ask again.

  ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’ he asks in a blatant change of subject tactic.

  ‘It’s Wednesday, I’m working. ’

  ‘Take the day off. ’

  ‘What, just like that?’

  I feel him shrug. ‘Yes, you owe me two days. ’

  He makes everything sound so straight forward. It’s okay for him, with his own business and no one to answer to. I, on the other hand, have clients, a boss and a pile of work to do.

  ‘I have too much to do. Besides, you abandoned me for four days. ’ I remind him. He still hasn’t explained himself. Will he now?

  ‘Come with me now then. ’ He squeezes me in a little bit more. I notice I get nothing of an explanation.


  ‘I’ve got to shoot over to The Manor, sort a few things out with John. You can have some dinner while you wait for me. ’

  Not a chance! I’m not going to The Manor, I’m not waiting for him in the restaurant while he sees to business and I’m not risking bumping into old pouty lips.

  ‘I think I’ll stay here, I don’t want to get in your way. ’ I say quietly, hoping he doesn’t push this. Another standoff with Sarah will not be a good way to end the day, the devious, interfering cow. What has Jesse’s personal life got to do with her?

  I’m rolled onto my back with my wrists pinned to the side of my head as Jesse looms over me. ‘You won’t ever be in my way. ’ He rests his lips between my breasts and trails kisses across to my nipple. ‘You’ll come. ’

  My nipple lengthens under his gentle, swirling tongue, my breathing fluttering. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow. ’ I force the words through pants.

  His teeth clamp lightly onto my nipple as he looks up at me, grinning. ‘Hmmm, sense fuck?’ he offers, through a mouth full of breast.

  Oh, no. I’ll take the fuck, but I’m still not going to The Manor. Although, if he starts fucking his so called sense into me, then I’m screwed in more than one way. He can make me say anything. Well, he can do that pretty much all of the time, but especially during a sense fuck.

  I hear the front door crash open and the laughter of Kate and Sam coming up the stairs. I look down at Jesse still clamped around my nipple, the frustration marring his face having me secretly pleased. While I’d take a sense fuck anytime, the sense he aims on fucking into me, on this particular occasion, makes no sense at all. Why would I want to set myself up for a verbal spar with Sarah?

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