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         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Page 38

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  Oh, good Lord, STOP!

  ‘Be quick. ’ He slaps my bum lightly and stalks out, leaving me a wobbly mess and holding onto my cream dress for support. I shake myself back to life, shiver on a little gasp and finish getting myself ready.

  Pulling out every handbag I own, I proceed to search for my pills, but they’re nowhere to be found. I find Kate in the kitchen making tea, still in just a t-shirt.

  ‘Have you seen my pills?’ I rummage through the junk drawer in the kitchen, housing everything from batteries and phone chargers to lipsticks and nail polish.

  ‘Aren’t they in your bag?’

  ‘No,’ I slam the drawer on a frown.

  ‘Have you checked all your bags?’ Kate asks, walking out of the kitchen with two mugs of tea.

  ‘Yes,’ I proceed to delve through every other drawer in the kitchen, even though I know they can’t possibly be in among the cutlery or utensils.


  I look up, finding Jesse filling the doorway. ‘I can’t find my pills. ’ I try, in complete vain, searching through my bag again, but they’re definitely not there.

  ‘Find them later, come on. ’ He puts his hand out. ‘I like your dress. ’ he says softly, running his gaze up and down me as I walk towards him. Of course he does; he picked it.

  He reaches under the hem to run his forefinger up the inside of my thigh, watching me as my lips clamp together and my hands fly up to his chest. He smirks dirtily and sweeps his finger under my knickers seam, brushing my sex softly. I sigh.

  ‘Wet. ’ he whispers, circling me slowly. I could weep with pleasure. ‘Later. ’ He withdraws his finger and licks it clean.

  I scowl at him. ‘You have to stop doing that. ’

  ‘Never,’ He grins, yanking me out of the kitchen. ‘Say goodbye to your friend. ’

  ‘Bye!’ I shout. ‘She’s your friend too, isn’t she?’ I haven’t hit him with the little exchange he and Kate had in the bar last night. He looks at me, his frown line skipping across his forehead. ‘At the bar, whispering in her ear. ’ I add casually.

  He opens the front door, ushering me out. ‘She gave me a dig for fucking off, and I apologised. I don’t offer apologies very often, so don’t push it. ’

  I laugh. I don’t expect he does. But he did – for me. He still hasn’t explained where he disappeared to, though.

  Chapter 21

  We drive out of the city, towards the Surrey Hills. I catch a glimpse of him, every now and then, watching me instead of the road. Each time, he smiles and squeezes my knee, which has had his palm spread on it for most of the journey. I start thinking about how little I know about him. He’s intense, quite volatile, incredibly self-assured and extremely rich. Oh, and he’s wild in the sex department. But that’s all I know. I don’t even know how old he is.

  ‘How long have you owned The Manor?’ I ask.

  He throws me a curious, arched eyebrow and turns down the music via the controls on his steering wheel. ‘Since I was twenty one,’

  ‘That young?’ I blurt, my tone clearly displaying my shock at his answer.

  He smiles brightly at me. ‘I inherited The Manor from my Uncle Carmichael. ’

  ‘He died?’

  His smile disappears. ‘Yes. ’

  Okay, now I really want to know more. ‘How old are you, Jesse?’

  ‘Twenty seven. ’ he says, completely impassive.

  I sigh. ‘Why won’t you tell me how old you are?’

  He looks over at me, grinning. ‘Because, you might think I’m too old for you and run a mile. ’

  I eye him suspiciously across the car. He can’t be that old. I want to scream at him that I won’t be running anywhere. ‘Okay, how many times have I got to ask you before we get to your real age?’ I’ve tried this before and got nowhere.

  He grins. ‘A few,’

  ‘I’m twenty six. ’ I try for a bit of give and take as I watch him closely.

  He glances at me. ‘I know. ’


  ‘Your licence,’

  ‘You went through my bag as well as my phone?’ I cry incredulously, but he just shrugs. I shake my head in dismay. It’s an unwritten rule. This man really doesn’t have any manners. ‘Do you think you’re too old for me?’ Given what he has done to me, I’m guessing the answer is no, but as it seems like such an issue, it’s worth an ask.

  ‘No, I don’t. ’ He keeps his eyes on the road. ‘My issue is your issue. ’

  I frown. ‘I don’t have an issue. ’

  He turns his handsome face towards me, all smoky eyed and glorious. ‘Then stop asking me. ’

  I rest my head back against the seat on a huff, watching the countryside pass us by. His age doesn’t bother me in the slightest – not now, anyway. I don’t think there’s anything that could change my mind on this.

  I turn towards him. ‘What about your parents?’

  The straight line his lips form has me immediately regretting the question. ‘I don’t see them. ’ His tone is dismissive.

  I sit back and say no more. His contemptuous approach makes me all the more curious, but it also makes me shut my trap.

  We pull up at The Manor and Jesse flips a switch on the dash, opening the gates. As we approach the courtyard, I see Big John getting out of his Range Rover, in his usual black suit and wraparound sunglasses. He nods in greeting as I get out of the car and walk around to Jesse’s side.

  ‘What’s happening, John?’ Jesse asks, taking my hand and leading me up the steps to The Manor’s entrance. I shiver, thinking about the last time I was here. I did a runner, and I never thought I would be back. But here I am. I look up at Jesse as he claps hands with Big John. He’s turned all business like.

  ‘S’all good,’ John rumbles, allowing Jesse and me to pass before following us through to the restaurant. I’m surprised how quiet it is for ten o’clock on a Sunday morning in a hotel. Isn’t it breakfast time?

  Jesse stops, turning to face me. ‘What would you like to eat?’ He’s even talking to me all business like.

  ‘I’m not fussed. ’ I shrug. I’m feeling uncomfortable and beginning to wish I stayed on the sofa with a huge mug of coffee and a duvet. What am I going to do while he works, anyway?

  His expression softens. ‘What do you really fancy?’

  Oh, well, that’s really easy. ‘Smoked salmon,’

  ‘Bagel?’ he asks, and I nod. ‘Coffee?’


  ‘How do you take your coffee?’

  ‘Cappuccino, extra shot. No chocolate or sugar. ’

  ‘You’ll eat in my office,’

  I shrug. ‘I’m easy. ’ As soon as the words fall from my mouth, I snap my eyes up, discovering twinkling, green pools of delight and a very dirty smirk. ‘Not a word. ’ I warn.

  ‘It wasn’t a question, Ava. John, give me twenty. Pete, did you get that?’

  ‘I certainly did, Sir. ’

  ‘Good. Bring Ava’s breakfast to my office. ’ He gives his orders out while staring at me with blazing green eyes.

  My hand is grabbed, and I’m hauled through The Manor to his office. I jog to keep up with him, and no sooner has the door to his office shut, my bag is tossed to the floor and I’m thrust up against the back of it, my dress around my waist.

  Fucking hell! Isn’t he here to work? He buries his face straight in my neck, my arms flying up to grip his t-shirt. I knew what was coming. When he focused those blazing eyes on me, I knew what he was thinking. But I’m still caught off guard by his ferociousness. Slow, prepared build up, or hard, fast pounce – the affect is still the same. I’m sucking in short, sharp breaths and ready to beg.

  ‘I knew it was a bad idea bringing you here. I’m going to get nothing done. ’ His husky voice drums against my throat as he sucks greedily, his palms stroking up either side of my body, resting on my
breasts and kneading through the material of my dress.

  ‘I’ll go then. ’ I breathe. ‘Shit!’ The sharp thrust of his hips tells me that was the wrong thing to say.

  The pressure of his body pushing me up against the door increases and his mouth crashes to mine. ‘Watch your fucking mouth. ’ he grates between strong, swift strokes of his tongue. ‘You’re going nowhere, lady,’ He bites my lip. ‘Ever. Are you wet?’

  ‘Yes,’ I pant, grappling at his t-shirt. I only have to look at him and I’m turned on.

  His hands leave my breasts, disappearing south, and I hear the sound of his fly zipper being undone, his no obstruction comment now perfectly clear. My knickers are yanked to the side.

  I have no time to brace myself for the hard and fast that’s coming. He tugs one of my legs up to his waist, positions himself and slams into me, thrusting me up the door on a loud shout. I scream.

  ‘Quiet. ’ he barks.

  He gives me no time to adjust. He pounds into me repeatedly, punishingly, over and over, sending me skyward in pleasure. I press my lips together to refrain from shouting out, dropping my head onto his shoulder in delirious despair.

  ‘Do you feel me, Ava?’ he grinds through gritted teeth.

  Lord give me strength, I think I’m going to pass out. He’s working into me like a mad man, urgently thrusting and gasping.

  ‘Answer the question!’ he’s shouts. How come he can shout?

  ‘Yes! I feel you. ’

  He hammers on, pushing me further and further into a mind spinning despair. I’m a second from bursting, the one leg I was stood on now off the floor from being pushed up the door.

  ‘Does it feel good?’

  ‘Oh God, yes!’ I scream as all breath leaves my lungs and I’m assaulted by his greedy mouth.

  ‘I said, quiet. ’ He bites at my lip, the pressure bordering on painful.

  The blazing fire attacking my core cracks, fizzles and ruptures, pushing me into a fevered bliss as I climax on a loud cry, his mouth capturing my screams as my mind goes blank.

  I shake uncontrollably against him, but he drives on, shouting on his own explosion, his erection pulsing and jerking as he spills himself deep inside me.

  Oh, good Lord, that was way hard and way fast. My head is spinning wildly. I’m in complete awe of what this man does to me. He’s a bloody genius. And in his office?

  ‘I might bring you to work every day. ’ he breathes against my neck as he slowly pulls out of me, letting me slide down the door. ‘Are you okay?’

  ‘Don’t let go of me. ’ I mumble into his shoulder. I can’t find my balance.

  He laughs lightly, wrapping his arm around my waist to steady me. I blow my hair out of my face and find his stunning eyes in my field of vision.

  I smile. ‘Hi. ’

  ‘She’s back. ’ He presses his lips to mine and picks me up, carrying me to the sofa and placing me down before he sets about tucking himself in and refastening his flies.

  While he collects my bag from the floor, I rearrange my dress and flop back on the sofa, a smile tickling the corners of my lips. The contrast of his persona, from wild and demanding to tender and attentive, is a real brain burner. But I love both sides. He’s just way too good.

  He comes and sits next to me, pulling me in under his arm. ‘I thought you could go up to the extension and start drafting some ideas. ’

  ‘You still want me to design?’ I sound confused. That’s okay, because I am. I thought it was all a ploy to get me into bed.

  ‘Of course I do. ’

  ‘I thought you just wanted me for my body. ’ I tease, earning myself a flicked nipple.

  ‘I want you for a lot more than your body, lady. ’

  He does? Like what? ‘It’s Sunday,’ I pull away from his embrace. ‘I don’t work on Sundays. Anyway, I don’t have any of my kit with me. ’

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