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       This Man, p.23

         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Page 23

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  I’m only just cognitive, still recovering from my orgasm, but I heard that loud and clear, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. I think we’ve both said too much already. My own little declaration has made me a bit uncomfortable. That’s what happens when you get caught up in the moment. Lust, want and passion take over, and before you know it, ridiculous words are flying out of your mouth.

  After a few minutes silence, I’m beyond uncomfortable, so I shuffle a bit under him. ‘Can I use the bathroom now?’ I ask.

  He sighs, long and deliberately, so wanting me to be aware of his frustration. I’ve no idea what he’s frustrated about, though. He’s had me plenty.

  He slides out and heaves himself off of me, making a huge, exaggerated effort of flopping back on the bed. I peel myself from the covers, without a word, and pad across the white carpet into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I know he watched my every step. I could feel his eyes hammering into my naked back. The inevitable awkwardness has been delayed, but it’s here now. And it’s here with a vengeance.

  I use the loo, wash my hands and take a few moments to psych myself up before I open the door. He’s still sprawled on his back, unapologetically naked, staring straight at me. I don’t know what to do.

  Eventually, I turn back into the bathroom, grab a soft, white bath sheet from the tall towel rail and wrap myself in it, tucking the end in under my arm. I exit the bathroom, head straight to the bedroom door and out into the large living area. I spot the shattered glass all over the kitchen floor, and it promptly reminds me of last night when he unexpectedly pounced on me. It was always going to happen, whether he jumped me or not, but the easiness of our joined bodies has completely diminished, leaving space for only one thing…awkwardness

  I find my bags by the front door and rummage through to get my phone.

  Holy shit! It’s seven thirty. Kate’s leaving in half hour – or supposed to be. I sent her a text to tell her that I was on my way home and I haven’t turned up. She hasn’t bloody called to find out where I am, though. Charming!

  ‘Fucking hell!’ I curse under my breath, spinning round and finding Jesse – still naked, looking really rather angry. What the hell has he got to be angry about? It riles me instantly.

  ‘Mouth!’ he growls at me on a scowl.

  He’s really mad. Well, so am I. With myself! I scoop my bag up and head for his bathroom, collecting my discarded clothes on my way. ‘Can I use your shower?’

  ‘No!’ he snaps.

  I laugh. ‘Don’t be a child, Jesse. ’ My tone is condescending, and I give him an extra wide berth, passing him swiftly on my way back to the bedroom. I need not to be touching him.

  I go to shut the door, but he slams his shoulder into it, all but barging in behind me. I make a point of glaring at him before I move away to turn the shower on. Is he mad about my crazy pillow talk? I can’t blame him. I’m pretty mad with myself. He’s absolutely right; I should keep quiet during sex. Come to think of it, so should he. He said some pretty crazy shit too.

  I dig through my bag to get yesterday’s t-shirt, drop my flip flops to the tiled floor, throw my make-up bag by the sink and brush my teeth, and the whole time, Jesse stands there festering.

  When the room is full of steam, I drop the towel, totally brazen – I’m pissed, I couldn’t give a flying fuck – open the shower door and get in to wash off four rounds of Jesse Ward. If I wasn’t so sticky, with sweat and cum all over me, I wouldn’t bother. I would be gone already.

  The water is divine and relaxing, despite my scowling spectator, as I wash my hair, letting the water fall over me for the briefest of moments. But I’ve not got time to take full advantage of the soothing water. I open my eyes and the shower door is flung open, the cool air attacking my wet, naked body. Jesse is snarling at me.

  ‘You’re not going anywhere!’ he barks.

  I look at him, completely exasperated, my jaw hitting the shower tray. He’s made the most of me while I’ve been here. Is he still not happy? ‘Yes, I bloody am!’

  ‘No, you’re not!’

  ‘Jesse, what’s your problem?’ I’m stood in the shower, hot water pounding me, cold air blasting me, and facing a brooding hunk of a male.

  ‘YOU!’ he yells.


  Oh, the man has a nerve. I turn the water off and push my way past his big body, ignoring the sparks that fly off of me from the contact. Does he think I’m an object he can fuck at will and order about? I wrap a towel around me, flinging one on my head, roughing it all over to expel the water. I’ve not got time to dry it, and I doubt Mr Unreasonable here has a hairdryer.

  I feel his hand wrap around the top of my arm. I brusquely yank it out of his grasp, carrying on with getting my underwear, jeans and top on.

  ‘I don’t want you to leave. ’ His voice has softened.

  ‘Don’t be stupid, Jesse. You can’t keep me here as a sex slave. You’ve got many willing women falling at your feet, go and busy yourself with one of them. ’ I can’t believe how harsh I sound. The thought of him with another woman makes me want to attack.

  I catch his eyes in the mirror. They are narrowed right on me, burning my skin. ‘I don’t want other women. I want you. ’

  I pause, mid cream application. ‘Haven’t you had me enough?’ I ask, a massive part of me wanting him to say no, but knowing it’s only going to end badly if he does.

  He reaches up, brushing his knuckles down my cheek. I unconsciously nuzzle into it, closing my eyes.

  ‘I’m sorry,’ he says softly. He wraps his spare arm around my waist, pulling me to his chest, resting his lips against my ear. ‘Forgive me. ’

  Oh God, what am I doing? This man is a magnet. He sucks all rationality right out of me. I turn my face to his, letting him take my mouth gently and hesitantly, his hand moving from my cheek to the back of my head, his fingers threading through my wet hair. He strokes my tongue and skims my lips worshipfully. I’m lost in him again - completely lost.

  He releases my mouth. ‘That’s better. ’ He plants a chaste kiss on my nose. ‘Do you still want a ride?’

  I raise my eyebrows on a grin. ‘To my car?’

  He presses his lips to mine and hums. ‘Cheeky. Give me ten minutes. ’ He turns the shower back on and grabs a fresh towel from the warmer.

  ‘Can I get some water?’ I ask.

  ‘Knock yourself out, baby. ’ He slaps my bum and jumps in the shower.

  Chapter 13

  I’m on my knees, gingerly plucking up pieces of glass from the kitchen floor, when Jesse strolls in from the bedroom. I glance up. Oh, that gait of his. He rocks up to me wearing heavy, beige board shorts, a white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt – collar turned up – and blue converse. The blonde hairs on his muscled legs are bleached, highlighted by his slight tan. He’s not shaved, but his blonde stubble doesn’t conceal his handsome features. I’m on my knees, lips parted, looking deprived. He stops in front of me, looking down with a grin on his face. He looks younger.

  ‘I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage. ’ I tease.

  His eyes sparkle with delight as he squats in front of me. ‘It would seem your disadvantage would be my complete advantage. ’ he winks.

  I want to jump him, but with a hand full of glass shards, us both fully dressed and late, I shall resist.

  ‘Here,’ He holds both his hands out in front of him for me to transfer the glass. ‘You should have left it, you could have cut yourself. ’ he moans at me. I tip the glass into his palms and heave myself up from the floor, while he empties his hands, tipping the glass into the sink. ‘I’ll sort it later. ’ He slips his Wayfarer’s on, collects his keys and my bags, before grabbing my hand to lead me to the door.

  ‘Are you working today?’ I ask.

  ‘No, not much goes on at The Manor during the day. ’ He winks at me. I melt. He’s all rogui
sh, and I love it.

  He opens the door and we’re immediately met by a couple of scruffy looking men with clipboards, wearing blue overalls. The embroidered print on their uniforms reads, “B&C Removals”.

  ‘Mr Ward?’ The one that looks like a trucker asks, his yellow teeth indicating at least fifty cigarettes and twenty cups of coffee a day.

  ‘The boxes in the spare room go first. My housekeeper will be here shortly to assist with the rest. ’ He pulls me through the corridor, leaving the trucker type and his lanky apprentice to get on with things. ‘Be careful with the ski and bike equipment. ’ he yells behind him.

  ‘You have a housekeeper?’ I ask, completely stunned. I don’t know why. The man’s brought the penthouse at Lusso for a cool ten million. Why is this only just sinking in? He’s really rich.

  ‘She’s the only woman I couldn’t live without,’ he replies flippantly. ‘She’s off to Ireland next week to visit her family. It’ll all fall apart then. ’

  I make it to my car in record time, after Jesse dipped and weaved through the early morning traffic. Fellow drivers seem to be more accommodating to an Aston Martin and a few hand gestures. He loads my bags into the back of my car, while I check my phone. Ten past eight. Okay, I’m late. I fire a quick text to Kate to tell her I’m on my way and look up, finding him staring at me. Even through his Wayfarer’s – which he looks tremendous in – I can feel that potent, green gaze blazing my skin.

  I open the driver’s door of my Mini, jump in and start the engine. Jesse is crouched down by my side before I can close the door.

  ‘I’ll take you for lunch. ’ he informs me.

  ‘I told you, I’ve got stacks to get done. ’ I’m not being sidetracked by roguish Jesse, although he is very distracting.

  ‘Dinner then,’

  ‘I’ll ring you later. ’ I’ve spent the whole night with him, he’s fucked me into oblivion, and I need some recovery time.

  His shoulders sag and he scowls heavily. ‘Are you refusing me?’

  ‘No, I’ll call you later. ’ I say on a frown.

  ‘Fine,’ he snaps. ‘Make sure you do. ’ He leans in, resting his palm on my jean clad thigh, and plants a deliberately scorching hot kiss on my lips. He knows what he’s doing. He pulls back, leaving me slightly breathless. ‘I’ll wait for your call. ’ he says, strolling away, enhancing that bloody gait. That was a look-what-your-missing kiss. It worked.

  ‘How old are you, Jesse?’ I shout after him.

  He turns, walking backwards with a fraction of a grin tickling his lips. ‘Twenty four,’

  I drop my shoulders, exhaling a long, exhausted breath. ‘How many times have I got to ask you before we get to your real age?’

  ‘Quite a few, lady. ’ He lifts his glasses up a touch and winks before turning away and resuming sexy stride. Everything this man does is effortless and sexy as hell, the way he carries himself, all confident and virile. It’s no wonder women fall at his feet. He’s sex personified. And I can more than vouch for that.

  The engine rumbles to life and he roars off like a teenage rally driver. Maybe he is twenty four. He certainly acts it sometimes.

  I fly through the front door and up the stairs, finding Kate drying her hair on the landing. She looks flustered, which means she’s running late. When she spots me, she turns the dryer off and grins from ear to ear. I know I’m blushing from head to toe. It’s not going to help me if I choose to go on the defensive.

  ‘Good night?’ she asks on an arched brow. She doesn’t seem in much of a rush now. Her eyes are dancing in delight, and I can’t help the smile breaking out across my own face.

  ‘It was okay. ’ I shrug, reflexively grabbing a tendril of hair. What an understatement. Try mind-blowing, drop dead worthy.
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