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         Part #1 of This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Page 20

  Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

  Lowering his mouth to my neck, he brushes his lips over my skin before kissing me gently. ‘Your skin is addictive. ’

  ‘Hmmm. ’ I purr. That’s not talking.

  He laughs softly. ‘This good?’ he asks, trailing feather soft kisses up and down my jaw. I turn my face in towards him, meeting him square in the eye. I nod again.

  He soaks up my gaze for a few seconds, his expression contented, before planting a soft kiss on my lips and letting his hands work their way down to my hips. I clench my eyes shut, trying my hardest not to jolt forward.

  ‘Keep your hands where they are. ’ he orders firmly, releasing his hold of me.

  I hear the sounds of his trousers being removed before his hands are back on my hips. He’s steps back from me, slowly taking my hips with him. My pulse accelerates and I shift my grip on the worktop to support myself in my braced position. I flinch when his hand cups the base of my neck, feeling his erection nudging at my opening. In an attempt to stabilise my breathing, I draw a long breath, trying to relax as I linger on the brink of penetration. This is the worst kind of torture.

  He leans forward, his warm, wet tongue connecting with my back, licking a straight line up the centre of my spine, finishing with a soft kiss on the base of my neck.

  ‘Are you ready for me, Ava?’ he asks against my skin, the vibration of his lips sending tremors of pleasure straight to my core. ‘You can answer. ’

  Despite my breathing exercises, I’m still short of breath. ‘Yes. ’ I’m virtually panting.

  The rush of air that escapes his mouth is thorough appreciation. I feel his hand brush against my bum as he positions himself, then, very slowly, he breaches my pulsing void, plunging in smoothly and controlled. His breathing is laboured, and I want to scream in pleasure, but I’m not sure that it’s allowed.

  Oh, this is good. What will he do if I disobey him, anyway? My loss will be his loss too. He repositions his hand back on my hip and stills. My grip tightens on the counter until my knuckles are bloodless, and I find myself pushing back against him, taking him to the hilt.

  ‘Fuck, Ava, you turn me inside out. ’ he groans, his hand tightening around my neck, holding me in place, his other leaving my hip and reaching around to cup my breast. ‘I can’t do this slow. ’ he pants as he moulds me. He withdraws slowly and advances, hard and fast, in one swift lash, jolting me forward.

  ‘Jesse!’ I cry. There is not a chance in Hell I’m going to be quiet if he continues with that. My God, this man is powerful.

  He withdraws slowly. ‘Quiet, Ava. ’ he grates and strikes again, knocking my breath right out of my lungs.

  I adjust my grip, but it’s hard when my hands are sweaty, causing them to slide on the granite. I rid myself of the flex in my arms to prevent him shoving me forward again, just about managing to stabilise myself in time for his assault. He hammers back into me tirelessly, leaving no recovering space between hard, relentless pounds. He’s unforgiving.

  Shifting his hands from my neck and breast, he takes a firm hold of my hips and pulls me back to meet his every hard thrust, slamming into me to the absolute maximum. I’ve lost all sense of realism. Nothing else exists, except for Jesse, his brutal drive and my body’s craving for it. This is mind bending stuff.

  My stomach coils as I feel my impending orgasm battle its way forward, assisted rapidly by Jesse’s ruthless momentum.

  ‘Not yet, Ava. ’ he warns.

  How does he know? I can’t sustain this for much longer. I’m going to explode at any moment. I can hear our sweaty bodies colliding on loud blows, along with Jesse’s throaty grunts rolling over me. I concentrate on quenching the raw need to let it go, the pleasure verging to the point of pain. But with my thoughts in a million places, except my brain, I’m a slave to my body’s need.

  And then he pulls out, and I’m left hanging. What’s he doing? I whimper as my impending release retreats. I’m about to yell at him, but then I feel his finger slide down the centre of my backside. I tense from top to bottom.

  Oh no!

  ‘You can do this, Ava. ’ He slides his fingers down between my thighs and into me, collecting the wetness and slowly dragging it back up to my bum. ‘Relax, we’ll take it slow. ’

  Relax? I can’t relax! He circles my opening slowly, every muscle in my backside clenching, automatically rejecting the invasion.

  ‘Ava, relax. ’ He stresses the words.

  ‘I’m fucking trying. ’ I grate. ‘Give me time, damn it!’ He can fuck right off if he thinks I’m keeping quiet now! I hear him laugh softly as he takes his fingers back down to my clit, rolling them around, causing spikes of pleasure to bolt through me.

  ‘Watch your mouth. ’ he warns.

  I focus of taking deep, controlled breaths. ‘Don’t you need some lubricant or something?’ I pant.

  ‘You’re soaking, Ava. That’s enough. You’re not very good under instruction, are you?’ He penetrates my opening with his thumb, and I sink my teeth into my lip. ‘Relax, woman’

  ‘Oh God, this is going to hurt, isn’t it?’

  ‘Yes, at first. You have to relax. Once I’m in, you’ll love it, trust me. ’

  Oh, bloody hell!

  He continues the massaging of my opening as I drop my head, panting and sweating with nerves. I feel his hand wrap around the nape of my neck and gently massage at my tense muscles. As I give myself a mental pep talk, his hand leaves my neck and lands my backside. He gently eases me open until I feel the moist head of his erection nudging at my opening.

  Oh, fuck!

  ‘Easy, lady. Let it happen. ’ he murmurs, slowly rolling his wetness around my entrance.

  Breathe, breathe, breathe.

  Then he advances, the immense pressure on my opening causing me to impulsively jolt forward. His hand comes up to rest over my shoulder, holding me in place, his other continuing to guide himself into me. I’m physically shaking as the pressure builds and builds.

  ‘That’s it, Ava. We’re nearly there. ’ His voice is jagged and strained, his palm wet on my shoulder as his fingers flex. And then he surges forward on a strangled growl, breaching my muscles and sliding deep into my forbidden place.

  ‘Shit!’ I cry. That fucking hurts!

  ‘Oh God, you’re so tight!’ he chokes. ‘Stop fighting, Ava. Relax!’

  I pant as I’m thrown into a place between pleasure and agony. The fullness I feel is indescribable, the pain great, but the pleasure…Oh God, the pleasure is beyond description and completely unanticipated. The tightness of my muscles around him has me feeling every pulsing vein and rolling ripple of his erection. My body releases a little of the tension that it’s built up, and in its place…pure pleasure attacks me.

  ‘Jesus, that feels good. I’m going to move now, okay?’

  I nod, inhale a deep breath and firm up my grip of the worktop. His hand leaves my shoulder and trails down my back to join his other on my hips, but I don’t jerk or jolt when he grips me. I’m too busy preparing myself for what’s to come.

  ‘Real slow, Ava. ’ he moans, slowly pulling out of me.

  ‘Jesus, Jesse!’ If he tells me to shut up, I’ll get real angry.

  ‘I know. ’ He starts working himself in and out in slow, measured strokes.

  I’m falling apart under him. I never imagined this. I never thought this would feel anything but smutty and wrong. But it doesn’t. He’s making love to me, and it feels so good. I’m stunned. The power of him claiming me has the ache in my stomach in knots. One touch of my core will have me on the ceiling.

  ‘You feel amazing, Ava. ’ he rumbles deep in his throat as he drives forward again. ‘I could stay here all fucking night, but I’m losing it. ’

  I find myself pushing back on to his level strokes, inviting him to increase his pace. The unexpected pleasure is unreal, and I’m fast on my way to a furious climax. I’m stagg
ered that I’m even doing this. I need more.

  ‘Keep going. ’ I utter the words I never thought I would.

  ‘Yes, baby. Are you close?’

  ‘Yes!’ I cry, ramming back onto him. I hear his gasps as he moves one hand to my shoulder and the other to stroke my inside thigh. ‘Harder!’ I scream. I need this.

  ‘Oh fuck, Ava!’ he yells, pounding forward, clamping onto my shoulder and cupping my mound, his finger rolling over my pulsating clitoris.

  I throw my head back. ‘I’m there!’ I cry.

  ‘Wait!’ he shouts. I turn lightheaded, feeling his cock swell and jerk as he powers on. I’m delirious on pleasure, and just when I think I might collapse, he bellows, ‘Now!’ And I let go.

  The room starts spinning and I’m lost. I collapse forward onto the bar, my arms spread above my head, taking Jesse with me. He’s a weight, but I’m numb from pleasure. All I’m aware of is his hard, wet chest pressing me into the granite, his hot heavy breaths in my hair and his pulsating cock still buried deep inside me as he spasms above me. My muscles contract on every beat I feel from him, draining every last drop of his seed, as he lazily thrusts the last pieces of my orgasm out of me.

  I’m floating away.

  Chapter 11

  ‘Are you okay?’ he whispers in my ear.

  ‘Am I allowed to speak?’

  He pushes forward and squeezes my hip bone, sending me on a little jolt across the worktop. ‘Don’t be smart. ’

  ‘I’m well and truly fucked. ’ I sigh.

  ‘Ava, please watch your mouth. ’ he cautions. He lifts his arms and lays them over mine, softly stroking up and down.

  ‘I am, though. ’ I’ve never been so misused, but it was incredible.

  ‘I know, but you don’t have to swear. I hate you swearing. ’

  I frown to myself. ‘I have to endure your blue language. ’

  ‘My language is only blue, lady, when you make me see red. ’

  I sigh. ‘Okay. ’

  We lay replete for an age, regaining our breath. I’m pinned under his heavy body, splattered on the granite work surface. The coolness under my cheek is a welcome sensation as I watch my hot breath skim the shiny granite, causing it to fog. I’m adrift from reality and drowning in a rush of sentiment. I’m depleted, physically and emotionally, and I’m in even more trouble now.



  ‘How old are you?’

  He squeezes my arms. ‘Twenty two,’

  I roll my eyes to myself. If he’s twenty two, then I’m Mother Teresa reincarnated. I smile to myself. After what I have just partaken in, it’s not bloody likely. I feel him pull away from me a fraction, a hollow, empty feeling attacking me when he slips out. He leans down, kisses my back and slowly separates us, his skin peeling away from mine gradually. I’m cold.

  ‘Come here. ’ he whispers, grasping my waist. I notice that it’s not my hips.

  I brace my flat palm on the granite and lift myself with his slow persuasion. Christ, it’s like taking a plaster off. When I’ve finally separated my body from the breakfast bar, I turn and face him. My eyes widen when I see he’s hard again. Already? I’m knackered!

  He lifts me onto the counter and muscles between my thighs, picking my arms up and draping them over his shoulders before resting his hands on my waist.

  He searches my eyes. ‘Are you okay?’

  I smile at his handsome face. Isn’t it a bit late to be asking that? ‘Yes. ’

  ‘Good. ’ He leans in and wraps his arms around me tightly, inhaling in my neck. ‘I’m not finished with you yet. ’

  I curl my legs around his tight waist, squeezing with my thighs. ‘I noticed. ’ He’s unendurable. It’s a good job this is casual sex because I couldn’t deal with this on a full time basis. I’d be walking dead – if walking at all.

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