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       Soul's Journey, p.7

           Joanne Johnson
hand just slightly.

  The moment his skin touched mine I knew it was a mistake. My breasts started to tingle and get perky. These areas of my body had been lying dormant for years, and I was not about to let them become active now. I let his hand go as if it had burned me, and turned away to walk back to the fire. I stood there holding my hands up to the fire.

  “I got a chill standing so close to the door,” I said over my shoulder, hoping he was unable to read my body language. “Why were they holding you captive?” I asked trying to change the subject.

  “I have information that they need to obtain, so they were hoping to force me into giving it to them. Unfortunately, they’ve seen us together, so now you’re also in danger,” he replied.

  “What? That makes no sense.”

  “They think you’re with me, so that makes you a great bargaining tool for them. If they catch you, they will use you as leverage to get to me. They won’t believe that this has been a chance meeting,” he continued.

  “What was it you were throwing at them in the parking lot? Both you and your adversary were knocked down, but both of you managed to get back up.”

  He turned and said, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but I must leave for a moment to check something outside.” I watched as all expression left his face and he made his way to the door. He wore an unreadable mask that made me feel very uncomfortable.

  “Run away and keep your secrets,” I said. “I’ll find them out soon enough.”

  The Guardian Angel

  When he returned sometime later he said, “I’ll show you tomorrow. You’ll understand everything about today better after I explain.”

  “Okay, but why not tell me right now?”

  I watched him busy himself with the fire as if he had not heard me. I decided to let it go for the moment because I realized from his body language, and our recent exchanges, that I would get nowhere fast by pushing the issue. I was not in the mood for an argument anyway, I was tired of all the friction between us.

  I glanced over at the rickety looking bed, realizing it was only twin size. The idea of sleeping on that disgusting dust pile was very little improvement to the dirty floor. The thunder was crashing outside making me aware that outside was not an ideal place to sleep either. I looked at him, yawned, and said, “I’m taking the bed, where will you be sleeping?”

  “In that bed, with or without you,” he grinned smugly.

  “I can’t sleep with you,” I said frustrated. “I don’t sleep with people I have just met!”

  “Then by all means please feel free to enjoy the floor,” he said with an antagonistic tone in his voice.

  “You, sir, are not a gentleman,” I replied in annoyance.

  “We’re both adults and as I see it, the only reason that you would be uncomfortable about sleeping in the same bed with me is because you find me somewhat desirable,” he said smiling coyly.

  “Oh please, that’s the farthest thing from my mind. You remind me of a boil, very painful and irritating. I won’t miss you when you disappear,” I returned with a smirk on my face.

  “Good, then you should have no issues,” he said. “Are you sleeping against the wall or am I?”

  He seemed to brush my insult off too easily. “I’ll take the wall,” I said, silently wishing I could elicit more of a reaction.

  The look of that man in the firelight made my stomach do flip-flops. I do not remember ever being this turned on sexually. I found the sensation disturbing; normally I was able to shut off my desire on demand.

  “Would you like to use my coat as a pillow?” he asked.

  I wanted to say no, stuff it, but instead I replied, “Yes please,” when I glanced at the dirty mattress I would otherwise have to lay my head on. He handed me his coat with a huge smile on his face. I could tell he was enjoying my discomfort.

  Frustrated, I crawled onto the bed against the wall, and hoped sleep would come before he joined me. However, I wasn’t successful in that either. I turned my back to him and I felt the bed move beneath me. He lay down on his back behind me. There was only quiet between us, and I thought back to the long, exhausting day. It looked like it was another sleepless night in my world. The coat had a pleasing male smell that kept me thinking about this man beside me. It felt like hours before sleep finally came. At this point, I was never sure if it was a vision or a dream.

  The native man I had met earlier in the day was in my dream to introduce himself. “Hello Jordan, my name is Max. I am one of your four guardian angels. You will only meet two of us at this point in your journey, until your body vibrates at a higher spiritual level. We are here to inform you of your special purpose in this life and we are going to help you live up to your potential.”

  He held out the first stone he had given me at the gas station. “This stone helps you see psychic visions, so I am able to communicate with you. I have chosen to speak to you in your sleep because I need a receptive audience with you. Your mindless chatter while you are awake is full of judgments and self-criticisms, which interferes with your clarity. When you’re not at peace with yourself, you make it harder for us to reach you on an intuitive level.”

  “You will have the odd vision during the day, but expect most of your visions to come at night until you are comfortable with the process. Do not fight the visions because you will create an intense headache from trying to stop the flow of information. This is your new destiny and you have little or no say in the overall plan, because on an unconscious level you have asked for it. Your parents and grandparents have gone through the same process of activating their DNA in order to find inner peace. This leads to the ability to help others move forward on their own spiritual growth journey.”

  “Now that you have begun the process, it is important to stay focused. You need to remember that you can only move forward from here. You have gifts just like everyone else, but because of your lineage, dating back to the druids, you will also have capabilities that are rare, as they are a culmination of your birthright. This is your new destiny so embrace it. From this experience, you will learn more of who you are and why you are here. We all have this kind of great potential, but through the business of everyday life, and the acquisition of the almighty dollar, we get lost, never realizing our life purpose.”

  He held out the blue green rock again, “This rock is a Larimar used for visions and connecting with your angels. Once you find the first stone, wheels are set in motion; events will lead you along like a domino effect, teaching you about your gifts. Opportunities will come up for you to own and to know who you are, on every level: body, mind, and soul.” He then held out the black egg-shaped rock, and continued with his instruction. “This rock is obsidian, it is used with magic and for the manipulation of energy. You will have the ability to move things with your mind. As you fine-tune your energy, you will be able to raise your vibration and have your body disappear to the naked eye. All this may feel like it is a little overwhelming right now, but with time you will learn to enjoy the perks that your family’s ancestors have passed on to you.”

  “These gifts take time to master, which is why we have sent you on this journey. The more you use your gifts, the easier it will be to find the last two stones. Be careful not to lose the stones before their energy embeds into your soul. Once you have found all four stones, the energy will integrate into your body, and become part of who you are. If they fall into the wrong hands before they are activated, their power could be used against you.”

  I woke out of a dead sleep and started to feel around in my pockets for the stones. I was hoping that I hadn’t lost them already. When I wiggled my hand around in my pocket, my fingers felt the cool, smoothness of the stones in the very bottom. I became uncomfortably aware of an object poking me on my outer thigh with each slight movement. Was that a stick? Obviously, I have been single too long, as I had forgotten about men and their ability to exercise their manhood at night without conscious effort. I laughed at my own gullibility at the
thought of it being a stick.

  Derrick although still peacefully sleeping, had his manhood fully realized and bursting its denim confines, and “oh bursting” was somewhat of an understatement, he was massive. He must have been having a great dream. I secretly hoped that he was suffering sexually as much as I was, because he had become such a thorn in my side lately. My mind flashed for a second to what his jeans were actually hiding. I felt the blush of heat to my face so I redirected the focus of my thoughts again to my pocket.

  I pulled out the contents of my pockets. With a sigh of relief, I confirmed that I still had both stones. I decided to place them in the opposite pocket so I would not disturb my sleeping neighbor further.

  Accepting the situation was as it should be for the moment; I lay back down and tried to return to sleep. Rolling onto my side, my body finally started to relax, until a muscular arm came around my body and rested beneath my breast. I waited a few moments to see if his breathing changed. When it didn’t, I was actually grateful for his body warmth, but the hardness pressing against my backside was difficult to ignore.

  I closed my eyes and tried to focus my mind elsewhere. Within a few minutes, Max was back in my mind, pointing to a door. The door was made of old wood, and splinters stuck out from the flat surfaces at the edges. The door had many large, ancient markings on its surface. I had seen similar symbols in Mexico, at some of the Mayan temples, on my last family vacation. After opening the creaky door, he grabbed my hand and led me through. As I looked around at my surroundings, it was as if I had taken a step into the past. I was standing in a crowd of women, all of them dressed in long skirts and bonnets in ugly brown and green colors. The colors seemed very dull and the material simple. The men were in trousers and cotton shirts made from the same dull and simple material. When I glanced ahead, I was able to see a wooden platform overlooking the people. As I looked down at myself, I saw that I too was dressed in a ground length, brown skirt and top, all made of a natural feeling material. I could feel the bonnet on my head.

  “You have to see your past so you can understand your future,” Max said. “I have taken you to this time, to help you become aware of how your abilities came to be. In the beginning, you could use your gifts easily, but in this time being different made you a target. This situation shows you how we came about letting you choose the path for yourself.”

  I found myself standing alone, without Max, in a crowd of people who were looking up at a wooden platform. A huge archway was centered over the platform, with five ropes tied in nooses, each spaced a few feet from the next. It seemed like I had arrived just in time to see a public hanging.

  I could feel my stomach turn, so I looked for the nearest exit. Unfortunately, my feet seemed to be rooted in the ground. There were hundreds of people around me, but no one even seemed to notice I was there. Not one person made eye contact with me or even looked my way as I cleared my throat loudly.

  I heard loud cheering as five people entered the right hand side of the platform. They were tied together with some sort of rope shackles on their hands and feet. I could instantly feel their despair. I have always been able to feel other people’s emotions by looking into their eyes. I tried very hard to block the emotions of the prisoners, knowing what was about to happen.

  When I looked around at the crowd watching, I could feel the anger and frustration directed toward the people on the platform. They actually thought their lives would be easier with these people exterminated. The people on the platform who were about to be hung, emanated extreme fear and frustration, for they

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