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       Soul's Journey, p.41

           Joanne Johnson
for a second before kissing it. A smooth round object was placed on my engagement finger. It was a ring. The ring looked like pewter and had Celtic symbols on it. Once it was in place, he gazed at me for a few minutes.

  “Jordan, I love you. Will you bind your soul to mine?” I looked at him shocked. It wasn’t quite what I expected him to say, but thought I would answer anyway.

  “I will. I love you too.” No sooner were the words out of my mouth; the ring started to glow and heat up. Then in front of my eyes, it disappeared, leaving a tattoo of the ring instead.

  “What happened to my ring?” I asked.

  “This is the Atlantean joining soul connection ring. We are now joined at a soul level. If there was any doubt about our joining, or our connection, the ring would not disappear. From the moment, my tattoo started burning; I knew you were my soul’s perfect match. The ring symbolizes soul commitment. According to the Atlanteans we’re now married. We can get married in a church for religious purposes if you wish. You can cover it with a diamond, if you like.”

  “Did you really lose your Druid power?” I asked.

  “Yes, but once the ring disappears it’s then restored to me. You will notice a faint glowing from my tattoo for a few seconds. Yours might burn a tiny bit too.”

  I could clearly see his tattoo glowing, and mine felt hot; I rubbed it once, and the heat was gone. It had all worked out after all. I looked at the ring on my hand and smiled. My life felt perfect, this ring was perfect, and I snuggled into him and kissed him softly. My body, mind and soul had now found its way back together. I felt complete. Everything in my life now made sense, and all the riddles had finally been deciphered.

  “It is perfect,” I said. I took a big breath and then went to sleep with his arms tightly wrapped around me.

  The beautiful church wedding took place two weeks later. It was like a dream come true. I was blessed with an amazing new life and I was grateful for all that had happened. Thank God, I decided to take a personal vacation.

  Three weeks later, I closed my eyes for a few minutes, when an angel appeared.

  “Hello Jordan,” said Kathryn. “I am here to help you step into your gifts on the next leg of your journey.”

  “Max said I would be left alone for a few months,” I replied with annoyance in my voice.

  I watched her smile, “He’ll be absent from all of your visions for at least two months.” He tricked me, I thought.

  “No, he just agreed he would stay out of your life for a few months. He is still going to help you but you will have no visual of him.” Kathryn replied.

  The vision was vivid. I could see Derrick coming through what I assumed to be a portal. I could see that before it closed Frank was able to dive through behind him and disappear into some trees on this side. I could now hear his thoughts clearly, “I’ll find Megan, and then go after the Black Book.” I woke with a start, screaming in my sleep.

  “Oh God,” I screamed.

  “What is wrong?” Derrick asked while trying to comfort me.

  “Frank followed you through the portal. He’s after Megan and plans to go after the Black Book.” I could see in my dream that Frank had my sister by the arm and was hauling her towards a fairy ring. He had a fight on his hands for she was not going easily. She was using all means necessary to get away but his big burly size kept her from escaping.

  “We have to find her,” I cried.

  Checklist: Jordan’s Directions for Spiritual Growth

  Use the ball of energy in your stomach to protect your energy from another’s negative energy, sadness, or anger.

  Call your Angels in when you feel unsafe, to help with protection.

  You have free will. If you don’t ask, you will not get the help.

  Use your fingers (Tub scene) to remove another’s energy after it is attached to your aura. It helps remove the negative thoughts and feelings absorbed from others as well.

  You can use astral travel to connect with other people or places.

  When using your intuition, follow steps in the stone path scene. Your first answer is always intuition, your second is thought.

  Not everything seen with your eyes is correct. See the other person’s perspective (stuck in the box looking back at her life) People are rude, or accusing, when they need to get rid of stress.

  Ask to raise your vibration so that you can attract things that are more positive into your life. (Like attracts like) (Positive attracts positive) (Negative attracts negative)

  When two peoples’ energy vibrates at the same level, it is easier to pick up on each other’s thoughts or emotions.

  If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot truly attract love from others.

  We teach others how to treat us. If people treat you poorly, look at how you treat yourself.

  If you are ready to move forward, I have set an intention that those who read this journal will be assisted by their angels to release emotional baggage on a vibrational level. I ask they bless you with Peace, Love, Passion, and Faith in your life.

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