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       Soul's Journey, p.37

           Joanne Johnson
hidden in sacred tombs around the world.”

  “Will you have a body when you get out of the book?” I asked.

  “I don’t know; I’ve never been released,” he explained.

  “Will the book carry any power when you leave?”

  “No, the power is contained within me. Therefore, the book will exist with the code of the Atlanteans; you cannot hurt, or manipulate others with your power, or you will lose it. It has always been a safety mechanism that was created to keep people in their integrity.”

  “Why do you have to obey when Frank asks you to do something?”

  “It is like the book uses off-cast to force me against my will,” he replied.

  “You could always leave out little bits of information. When I was asked out on a date while working at the coffee shop, I would politely refuse by saying it was against company policy, even though I wasn’t remotely interested in him.”

  “I think I understand what you’re saying,” he replied, but the spell is more complicated than that. I am bound to reveal all that is asked to the book owner. Frank came to the top of the stairs. I could hear his boots stomping on the floor. He stomped down stairs and looked directly at me.

  “What are you talking about?” he said.

  I smiled, “I’m lonely down here and he just listens. He is the ideal companion to tell all my troubles to. He is better, than a shrink is; he does not have time limits. I am sure he knows my life story by now.”

  “What were you two talking about?” he asked while looking at Morton.

  “She was explaining to me how to politely turn down a date with someone that she worked with at the coffee shop by saying that it was against company policy,” Morton replied.

  I smiled. Well done, Morton, I thought.

  He smiled at Frank and asked, “Would you like to know the rest?”

  “No… I just do not want to hear you guys chatting anymore. I will be relaxing with my special company, so I do not want interruptions. Is that clear, Jordan? Keep it down!”

  “Crystal clear,” I replied.

  “No talking down here.” He glared at me and promptly shut off the light. I watched him storm back up the stairs. It was dark in the room except for the light-purple glow of Morton and the book.

  “Good job, Morton,” I whispered smiling. “Will my sister be harmed either emotionally or physically?”

  “No, he will treat her like a treasure, until he is more comfortable with her. He is trying to win her over emotionally. He believes their destiny is to be together,” Morton whispered.

  “Can you talk or do you have to listen to his command?”

  “Theoretically, he was only looking at you, not me. Therefore I would assume he wasn’t exactly speaking to me,” Morton smiled.

  “Smart man,” I laughed.

  “Can I ask you a few more questions?” I watched him nod his head yes and then continued with my questions.

  “Why does Derrick’s tattoo glow when I’m around?”

  “It means that you have a soul bond. In your time it’s called soul mate connection,” he replied.

  “That is crazy, we just have great chemistry,” I said.

  “Don’t ask if you don’t want to know,” he replied.

  “Will his tattoo burn forever?”

  “It will stop now that the relationship has been consummated,” he replied.

  I could feel the blush cover my entire body. This was a little bit embarrassing. I needed a distraction, so I walked over to the bed and sat down. I guess I could use some sleep before coming up with a plan of escape.

  “If I actually find freedom, will Frank still have an energy attachment to my back so he can find me?”

  “No, once your energy has been consummated with another all attachments are removed.”

  “Thank you,” I blushed again.

  The Clarity

  I closed my eyes and slept. The sleep was great until the vision started; Max was talking to me again. “Jordan, I need you to listen. You need to escape without your sister. She will be fine. He won’t hurt her even though he threatens too. He’s in love with Megan, and thinks she is the one for him.”

  “I can’t leave her. She’d never forgive me,” I replied.

  “She already told you to go, but you chose not to listen,” he said. “She knows that you are in more danger than she is! She will use whatever she can to get the advantage over him. You, on the other hand, are at his mercy because you fear for her. He wants your power and will kill you to get it.”

  “It would be helpful if I knew how to get out of here,” I said.

  “Do you have your last stone?” he asked.

  “Yes,” I replied “Why?”

  “We need to break the flow of energy to release the force field,” Max replied.

  “I know that, but I need some direction in order to do it.”

  “If you have your stone, take it out of your pocket. I need you to place the stone right next to the bars.” I woke with a start, and then looked around the room to see that there was a window letting in the morning light. How long had I slept? It felt like only a few minutes.

  “You’ve slept six hours,” Morton said.

  This mind reading ability was quite annoying. It always caught me off guard. I reached inside my pocket and found the stone I had seen in my dream.

  “Now, place the stone close to the bars,” he said.

  I looked around the room for a second, and listened for any noise from the levels above. All was quiet. I wondered what Frank was doing.

  “Frank is sitting in a chair by his bed, sleeping. Your sister is tied to the bed rails so that she doesn’t escape. She isn’t sleeping.”

  Satisfied that she was safe for now, I placed the stone next to the bar in front of my cell. There was an explosion of light, but no sound. I had to shut my eyes the light was so bright.

  The front part of the cell had disappeared; I was free. I listened again for any noise indicating that someone was coming downstairs. I heard nothing, so I decided to continue with my escape. I walked effortlessly out of the cell, and bent to retrieve my stone. Something in the back of my mind stopped me from actually touching it, so I used a broom, that I found in the corner, to move my stone away from the cell. When the stone was moved away from the bars, the cell bars came back instantly along with the hum of electrical current. I was glad that I had been smart enough not to grab it with my hands. I looked at Morton.

  “Can I take you with me?” I asked.

  “Do you have a key?”

  “No,” I said.

  “Then it’s best for you to leave me behind.”

  “Will I actually be able to escape?” I asked.

  “Yes, but just barely.”

  “Ok, then I had better go.” I ran to the basement window and opened it. I turned to look at Morton; “Will I see you again someday?”

  “We’ll meet again a few more times in the future,” he replied.

  I heard footsteps upstairs, so I took it as a sign to make haste.

  When I was out the window, I raised my vibration so that I could not be seen. I had only gone a few hundred yards when I came to a stone circle. I stopped, wondering what it was for, forgetting that I was now visible again because I had lost focus. The stones were huge; they had been placed like the numbers on a clock, except there were thirteen. I noticed that there was a flat rock in the middle, large enough so that people could be tied down with the chains that were in each of the corners of the rock. I walked over and touched the rock, instantly seeing the last sacrifice carried out on this spot. In complete horror, I pulled my hand away. The idea was frightening. I wondered if this was where Frank had planned to take my life. I bolted out of the circle of rocks and headed into the trees.

  I needed to get as far away from here as possible. I was running, glancing back at the rock circle to make sure no one was following when I heard a loud growl. I stopped in my tracks, and stared in complete surprise at the sight right in front of
me. It was a huge grizzly bear, with cubs. She was pawing the ground when she saw me, and she stood up on her hind legs. She was huge, towering at least eight feet tall. I had just left the frying pan to run head long into the fire.

  I immediately raised my vibration to disappear, but she was still coming. She could obviously smell me. I activated my energy in my stomach to protect me, but I still didn’t feel safe enough. The red-haired woman appeared in a vision. “This is where you learn to use off-cast,” she said. Close your eyes and focus on the bear’s brain and say the words out loud.”

  “What words do I say?” The bear was at a full run, covering the distance between us at an alarming rate. I closed my eyes, focused, and yelled repeatedly, “You will back away” The bear stopped in its tracks. Shocked, I stared at the bear standing there, seeming confused.

  I closed my eyes again and said, “There’s no threat to your cubs here. Go on with your day.” I watched the bear turn around, collect her two cubs, and wander off in the other direction. The bear was obviously able to feel what I was trying to express. I had to sit on the grass. My body felt weak. It seemed that I was running into one overwhelming adventure after another.

  I must have gone into a trance for a few minutes because I didn’t notice the voices speaking to me until their bodies were in my face. I raised my head to see the concerned eyes of Derrick and Ryan. They were looking at me strangely, as they helped me stand up. The questioning then began. “Are you okay?” Derrick asked.

  I jumped into his arms and kissed his face. “I’m great, now. Where have you been?” I heard him moan painfully.

  “It’s taken me a little more time than normal, as my ribs are badly injured. I am not able to move around as freely as I was before. I did not have the time to allow the healing to be completed.”

  “What do you mean?” I asked.

  “I can’t do the healing spell until my body has ample time to sleep. When the spell was done in the past I would sleep for three to four days as my energy is directed to the healing,” he replied.

  “How did you find me?” I asked.

  “I told you before; I can smell you for miles. Ryan has your stones, which brought us to this area. All I had to do was follow your scent after that.”

  I leaned over to sniff my pits. I knew I needed a shower however, I did not think that I was that bad.

  Ryan laughed, "You don’t smell bad. He just knows your scent. That is one of Derrick’s gifts, enhanced sense of smell.”

  “Let’s get you out of here,” Derrick said.

  Ryan spoke with a funny look on his face, "I can’t go yet? It feels like I am missing something.”

  I smiled, “We need to save my sister from Frank,” I replied. “I guess you’ll get your introduction sooner than you think.”

  All of a sudden, I heard my sister screaming. It was a high pitched, frightened scream. Without hesitation, I started to run, allowing the adrenaline to kick in, leaving the guys in the dust. I could see from the vision in my head that Frank and Megan were at the stone circle.

  The Choice

  As I approached the outskirts of the circle of stones, the screaming intensified. I peered around the boulder to see Frank holding my sister hostage, with a knife to her throat. By this time, Derrick and Ryan had finally caught up and they were looking in the direction I was looking. The whole story was playing out in front of us. I leaned my back against the boulder when I heard Frank’s voice.

  “It’s about time you showed up, Jordan. Now come into the circle so we can talk about your sister’s questionable future, or do you wish for me to sacrifice her?”

  “No,” I shouted. “What do you want from me?”

  “You know that I need your heart and blood to access your power. Give yourself over now, or I’ll slit her throat.” He was holding a huge hunting knife to Megan’s neck.

  Ted and Tim walked into the clearing holding the book. They set it down, already opened, beside Frank. Morton appeared standing between the flat rock and Frank. I went back to hiding behind
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