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       Soul's Journey, p.35

           Joanne Johnson
delight, comes with its own genie, so he carries out my wishes until I’m able to.” He pulled a gun out of his leather jacket.

  “Who is this standing behind you, Jordan?”

  “She’s an employee Frank, leave her alone.”

  My sister had the insight to keep her mouth closed, and for that, I was grateful.

  “She’s not part of this, so leave her out!” I reaffirmed forcefully.

  “You think for one minute that I’ll leave a witness for the police,” he grinned. “She either comes with us, or I finish the job here.”

  His eyes widened with surprise as he took a good look at her before he spoke again.

  “I know exactly where she works and it’s not here, unless of course she’s slumming? I have seen her before. He turned to Megan and said, “We met in an elevator a few weeks ago, back at your law office.” I could hear Megan gasp and as I turned to observe her, she looked like she had seen a ghost.

  “Bruce is that you?” she asked. “How did you know where I was? Are you following me?”

  “How do you know her?” he asked me.

  “She’s my sister,” I replied. “Leave her alone.”

  “I was following you, Jordan, but I see I get a free gift with purchase in this case,” he smiled.

  “That’ll explain some of the attraction I have for you,” he said looking at Megan. “You probably carry some impressive gifts as well. From the moment I saw you, I knew we were meant to be together,” he said as he shook my sister’s hand affectionately.

  I could hear my sister hold her breath for a few seconds, and then let out a huge sigh. I knew she was worried. I looked around the room for an escape, but I could see no way out of this. I tried to think of a way to use some of my new tools to get both my sister and myself out of this mess, but nothing came to mind. I caught a glimpse of Gerry spying around the coffee counter then disappear into the back. I knew he would stay hidden.

  “Okay, Frank, you win. Let me lock up so we can go,” I replied.

  “We’re taking your sister,” he said. “If she knows what’s good for her she’ll follow instructions or both of you will end up no longer breathing, and I’ll have her powers as well.”

  My sister leaned into me, “He’s more than capable of such violence,” she said in a whisper.

  Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

  After gathering my things, we headed to the door. He stood outside holding his gun at my sister’s back, knowing that I wouldn’t try anything funny. He really did have me over a barrel. I now had to think about my sister’s safety, so it really felt like my hands were tied.

  He directed us to a limo waiting outside, when my sister leaned in to me to whisper, “Jordan, his intentions towards you are very dark. If I were you, I would try to escape. He is very sinister,” she replied.

  “Surprised,” I asked. “How do you know?”

  “This is why I am so good at my job. I can just read people well,” she said enlightening me.

  “That explains a lot,” I said. “What exactly are you reading?”

  “Sometimes I can see an energy field around the body that tells me what they are feeling. Certain colors, tell me when someone is being truthful, or not, I have learned this through trial and error.”

  “When did this start,” I asked surprised.

  “I noticed it about six months ago, but was unable to figure out what it was. I took a few trips to our sister, Isabelle, thinking that as a doctor she would know what was happening, but learned nothing, until mom explained that I might be seeing the aura-- it does run in the family she explained to me.”

  “I think our mom knows a lot more than she has shared,” I replied.

  “Enough talking you two!” Frank demanded.

  “You… sit over here!” He said pointing to my sister, and patting the seat beside him. She held my hand and said softly.

  “If you can get away, do so. I will survive his plans for me, but you may not be so lucky.” She slowly moved to the other side of the limo, sitting tight against Frank. She looked at me one more time and winked before capturing his attention.

  I needed to remember how to send one of those telepathic messages. I focused my thoughts, but nothing came to me. I relaxed my mind and then thought of Ryan and Derrick, hoping that one of them would hear my plea.

  “Frank kidnapped me. Please Help.” I repeated the message more than a few times to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

  “Why aren’t we using a fairy ring, Frank?” I asked.

  “There are no fairy rings in town, we’ll be using the one just outside of town,” he explained. My sister glanced at me with surprise; she must have wondered what a fairy ring was. She only glanced my way a few seconds before moving her attention back to Frank. Thank God, he wasn’t able to read my mind anymore. Now I was free to figure a way out of this. I watched my sister play up to him. I hoped that she understood the consequences of her actions.

  He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes. It was a little bothersome… even in the midst of my pole dance he did not have such a reaction to me. I heard a loud smack, as I watched Frank spank my sister playfully on the behind. I couldn’t help but look shocked at this behavior. He placed his hand a second time on her backside and spanked her harder this time. She smiled sweetly and leaned her butt against the seat. I am sure she was trying to deter a third one.

  “So your name is Frank?” she said smiling seductively. “I heard through my office that your name was Bruce.”

  “Bruce is the name I use while running my business; my real name is Frank, after my father.”

  “Just out of curiosity why are you doing the dirty work yourself. Most mob bosses have someone else do their dirty work,” she said, as if prying for information.

  “I need the power to travel back in time. Three years ago, the FBI killed my father in a drug bust. He gave me instructions to bring him back to life and I have to carry out his wishes myself. This power in the wrong hands could eliminate my whole family. My family has been the head of the Mob in Chicago for decades. It’s taken me a long time to get the information I needed to find the path back to the past.”

  “Tell me more Frank, I want to know all about you,” Megan snuggled in, luring the information from him. It reminded me of a cat toying with a mouse. Megan had a weird ability to get people to trust her.

  “I could never measure up while he was alive so if I succeed at bringing him back, which is an accomplishment in itself, he will have to appreciate this achievement. The power my family has carried is now in danger; an underdog has taken over, and is trying to force us out. Without my father and his connections, this underdog will undoubtedly accomplish his task.” That explained a lot I thought. This is why he had kidnapped Derrick at the beginning.

  The ride was getting bumpy; we must have been on the outskirts of town now. I could hear the gravel hit the under carriage of the car. I watched my sister pull more information from him and I could see why she was so good at her job. If I didn’t know her better, I would have thought that she actually cared about him. She was motivated, and obviously, nothing was going to stand in her way. I was grateful, that she was on my side right now. She had spent less than thirty minutes with him and already knew more about him than I had found out with eight hours of effort.

  Her body and personality portrayed warmth and caring, but her eyes were cold and angry. She could be a great actress if she wanted. I think that she might have missed her actual calling.

  “Why is my sister involved?” she asked Frank.

  “I met your sister, thinking that she could be used as leverage, but then she displayed some uncanny gifts that surprised me. Now I know I will have all her gifts as well.” He abruptly turned my sister to the side, and pulled up the back of her black dress coat and silk shirt, exposing her lower back. I could see the relief on his face immediately. “No tattoo,” he smiled. “I was just checking to see if you were playing with me,” he said to her.

; “Why would I have a tattoo?” Megan asked.

  Frank looked at me, “She doesn’t know who, or what she is yet does she?”

  “No, I didn’t know either until I ran into you and Derrick at the rest stop that first day; since then my eyes have been forced opened.”

  I could see that my sister was reading the situation as he was talking. I knew she would be trying to figure out what was really going on.

  “Megan,” I said, “I’ll explain this all to you later. Just know that mom and dad have kept a huge secret about our family history.”

  “I know you’ve found all four of your stones,” Frank replied. “Show me your back, Jordan.” I was wishing I had taken due care to activate them when I had the chance. I leaned to the side and slowly pulled up the back of my shirt. I could hear him laughing.

  “I have heard from the book, that if your powers haven’t been activated then it is easier to take them after I drink the blood from your heart. Derrick is a little more difficult. He has to give his powers freely before I drink the blood from his heart, but I’ll use you as leverage, so in the end he will.”

  I noticed he was grinning as if he had the tiger by the tail. I held my breath… I was scared. He had managed somehow to become even darker than he had seemed before. I pulled the back of my shirt down and slumped back into the limo seat. I was now going to kick my own internal ass.

  My thoughts drifted towards Derrick and I wondered if he would be able to save me from my newest predicament. “Jordan, I’m coming.” The voice was so quiet it could have been a thought. I heard it only once. I wondered if he was becoming tired of rescuing me. I was kind of getting tired of needing to be rescued. A little peace and quiet would go a long way at this time in my life.

  “When are we going to be there?” I asked.

  “We’ll be at our destination shortly. My family owns an old chalet in the mountains of Washington. We had it renovated to hold those individuals who don’t always see things our way. In the end, they usually come around, or no longer breathe. I need to keep you isolated for two days until the planets are in alignment, only then I can follow through with the sacrifice ritual.”

  “Why are you telling me this,” I asked. “Aren’t you worried I will get away?”

  “No, I have the book. Nothing can defeat it. You are all at the mercy of my newest power,” he explained laughing sadistically.

  The limo stopped and we stepped out. He held my sister tightly against his body as we headed for the fairy ring. I could see her motioning her head for the trees as she looked at me. I knew she wanted me to escape, but I wouldn’t leave her with this lunatic. When we entered the fairy ring, Frank grabbed my arm as he created the symbols in mid air. A flash of light prevailed and we simply appeared on the grass in front of a huge house.

  I looked at Megan for a minute and then looked away. I could see the disappointment on her face. She truly believed I should have tried to escape, but I would rather die than abandon her.

  “Why didn’t you use the opportunity to escape,” she said under her breath, then added, “You’ve a lot of explaining to do later about what just happened.”

  “I know, trust me this is a good story.”

  “The Black Book helped me lose Derrick in the tunnel system in Ireland,” Frank declared. “I was able to drop a stone wall on top of him, so he could not interfere with my plans. It would have killed any normal man, but I expect he managed to extricate himself, he always does.”

  “He won’t come for me you know,” I said trying to sound convincing.

  “Yes he will, and when he does I will have him along with his power. He will join you in your fate, and then I will absorb his gifts as well,” Frank affirmed.

  I looked at my surroundings as we headed to the house, all I could see was miles and miles of forest and mountains. We were
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