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       Soul's Journey, p.33

           Joanne Johnson

  “Jordan, I need to teach you to listen to your own intuition about people.”

  “What?” I said. “I already learned the intuition part in the cave.”

  “I need you to know that you can sense others feelings, and know what is going on with them very easily. If you could give me a moment without interruption—I’ll explain.”

  “I need you to think about someone in your life.”

  “Who,” I asked?

  “Anyone, just think about the person or their name and I’ll continue.”

  I thought about a person that I worked with named Jeff. I wasn’t sure why I picked him, as I didn’t know him well at all.

  “I need you to focus on how you feel when you think about him,” Max suggested. I closed my eyes, and the instant I thought about Jeff, my body filled with intense sadness. My shoulders and neck felt heavy and weighted down. I opened my eyes feeling the tears well up inside.

  “What’s wrong with me?” I asked. “Why am I having such a reaction when I think of him?”

  “You’re able to pick up on emotions he’s experiencing; that’s why you’re sad and teary.”

  “What do you mean his emotions?”

  “I’ll show you a picture of what is happening to him and you’ll understand completely.”

  I saw a dark church, with bright colorful windows. As I looked around the room, I could clearly sense the sadness. People who were sitting in the church pews were all dressed in black. I glanced towards the front of the church to see Jeff sitting with a group in the front row. There was a large coffin, in the front of the church, with lots of flower arrangements around it. It was a funeral, but that did not explain the emotion I was feeling.

  Max then brought me out of my thoughts. “Jordan what you felt when you thought of him was the sadness that he is experiencing over his father’s death. His dad had a heart attack three days ago, and what you are feeling when you think of him now, is how he is feeling, which is sad and mourning. The tension you have in your neck and shoulders is how he is physically feeling now that he has to support his mother, being that he is the oldest boy in the family.”

  “The weight of the world fits,” I replied surprised.

  I watched him smile, “That is exactly how he feels.”

  My vision ended abruptly by the sound of splashing water. I opened my eyes to see that I had forgotten to shut the water and the jets off. There was a waterfall spilling over the edge of the tub and bubbles had covered the entire floor of the bathroom. I stood up and screamed as I shut off the water while I reached for the jet button. I looked around realizing I was no longer standing in the bathroom alone. My scream had brought Ryan running in his towel. I stood there apologizing profusely about the mess. The entire floor was a complete mess.

  “Is that the new look for the season?” he asked grinning.

  "What?" He pointed down, and I remembered that I had not yet reached for a towel.

  “Oh God,” I gasped, realizing my predicament. I looked down and felt relief; I still had bubbles heavily covering all my private spots.

  “Saved by the soap,” I smiled.

  I tried to make sense of what had just happened. I could clearly feel the sadness within my body weighing me down emotionally and physically. I smiled sheepishly,

  “I was having a vision and lost track of where I was for a few minutes.”

  He laughed looking relieved, "When I heard you scream, of course, I assumed the worst."

  “I will get you some towels for the water,” he said looking at the water and bubbles on the floor. I watched as he walked out the door. I felt embarrassed by the disarray I had created. He was only gone for a few moments when I heard him come back. I was in deep thought about Jeff. I felt sorry for him and wished I could do something to help him through his time of need. Ryan walked in and placed the towels on the end of the bathtub.

  “Sorry for intruding on your thoughts again, but the purpose for the vision about Jeff was to show you how easily you can pick up on other’s emotions. It was not for you to make it your responsibility to make them feel better. I need you to follow my lead.”

  I looked at him and saw he had pants on. He was well muscled, and had a great body. I don’t remember seeing any Chippendale dancers that looked this sexy and athletically built.

  “Thank you,” he said. “Now pay attention.” I blushed realizing where my thoughts had gone.

  “Step one,” he said.

  “Take your middle finger and thumb and create a circle with both fingers on each hand. Then take a deep breath and blow out as hard as you can, letting your fingers go at the end of your breath. This exercise will clear your aura of other people’s thoughts and feelings instantly.” I followed through with his direction making a small breath sound with my mouth.

  “Jordan, that sound says to me that you want to hold onto this emotional baggage. You need to feel the breath from the deepest part of your diaphragm, and then let your fingers go.” I tried again, blowing as if I were extinguishing many candles.

  I felt my body energy lighten.

  “Wow, it really worked,” I shrieked happily. I couldn’t believe it actually worked. My body and emotional burdens felt lighter and free.

  “Good,” he said, “now I need to leave, your well-placed bubbles are becoming see-through in spots.”

  “What?” I asked. He pointed to my bubble bikini and I quickly covered myself with my hands.

  Caught up with the release exercise, I had forgotten I was naked. I was suddenly all too aware of what was underneath the bubbles now, for most of them had disappeared.

  I watched him leave the room. I stepped out of the bathtub barely catching myself from falling on the slippery floor. What a mess… how did this happen? I grabbed my housecoat and some towels so that I could start cleaning up the water. It took me about half an hour to make it presentable again. When I was done, I jumped into the stand-up shower in the corner of the room to wash off the remaining bubble essence that remained on my skin.

  Emotional Burdens

  When I finished, I threw the housecoat back on and walked into the bedroom. My mind was racing, absorbing what I had just learned about myself. That would explain why I got so easily involved with my friends’ personal lives. I would think about their predicaments and feel their sadness. In no time, I felt it within my own body, and proceeded to assume it was mine, instead of releasing it.

  I thought I would practice a little to see if I could do it on my own. I closed my eyes and quieted my mind. The first person who popped into my head was Derrick. When I thought of him, a heavy sensation filled my chest. It felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was struggling for air when a vision started that accompanied the feeling. I could see that a stone wall had come down on top of Derrick’s chest. He was trapped.

  I sat up and bolted out the door, I had to tell Ryan about what I had seen. I ran through my bedroom door and started yelling at the top of my lungs.

  “Ryan, come quick. Derrick needs your help.” He met me at the door of his room.

  “What’s going on?”

  “Derrick needs your help… I had another vision. He is trapped under a stone wall in an underground tunnel system.”

  “Just give me a minute,” he said impatiently. I watched him close his eyes, and then jerk his head back like the old native man earlier. I watched the expression on his face and knew that what I had told him was indeed, correct.

  “I have to go Jordan; I’ll have to call my brothers to help.”

  “Do you want me to get the phone,” I asked.

  “No, we do things telepathically in this family.”

  He closed his eyes and I watched him for at least two minutes, communicating with his brothers. He opened his eyes, ran back into his room and came out with a hoodie. He stopped long enough to put his shoes on, and unlock the security system. He stopped just before leaving the house.

  “Please stay as long as you want. I would prefer you stayed until I get
back, but I understand if you cannot. I’ll see you either way, when I know what’s going on.”

  “Be safe,” I said. He came over and gave me a huge bear hug.

  “Don’t worry, it will be okay. Derrick has been stuck in worse situations. He will be just fine once we get there and remove the load from his chest. Your car, with all your clothes, is in my shop. The code to the shop is the same as the code to the house.” I walked to the door as I saw him race to the fairy ring and place the symbols in the air. The flash of light soon followed and he was gone.

  With my housecoat on, I walked over to the shop, punched in the code and then heard a loud beep. I turned the doorknob, to find that it was indeed unlocked. There in the shadows of the shop, was my car. It felt like I hadn’t seen my car in a month. The emotions that I had been feeling were now on the surface again. My nerves were raw and I was exhausted. I opened the door to sit in the driver’s seat. I looked for my personal stuff and I found my blackberry where I had left it. I picked it up to see who had phoned. As I browsed through the calls, I realized I had only been gone from home a week. WHAT A WEEK IT HAD BEEN!

  Megan had left me a message. “Jordan, I’m sorry if I came across callous and cold during brunch. You are a great sister and I could learn a few things from you. Please call me back.” I would have to check the sky for a blue moon when I went outside. Did I lose touch with reality? She was never apologetic. After scrolling through the other calls, the theme was the same…everyone needed something.

  The last call was my boss, asking me if I was around to come into work. Jeff had to take some personal time. I went to my phone’s GPS to see where I was currently located. I was only about an hour from my home. I was still thinking about the phone call from my boss. Should I call him to see if he still needed me? It would drive me crazy sitting around waiting for news from Ryan. After running it through a few loops of thought, I decided to call him and see if he wanted me to go in. It would kill some time, and it would help occupy the worry. I could come back in a few days. I walked to my trunk, and opened it, searching through my duffle bag to find some fresh clothes.

  When I found everything I needed, I headed back to the house. On the way back, I could hear the answering machine as I walked through the front door.

  “Jordan it’s Ryan. Derrick is fine, just a bit sore. We’re headed back, but we need to stop at our parents’ house first; they have a potion which will help him recover quicker. Please make yourself at home. We’ll be back as soon as possible.” So now, I was free to make plans on where to go from here. I phoned my boss.

  “Hello Ross, this is Jordan. I just picked up your message. I was wondering if you still needed more help in the café.”

  “Jordan, thank God,” Ross said sounding relieved. “I am so short staffed, how soon can you be here?”

  “I’m about an hour out of town, but I could be there by about three this afternoon.”

  “Thank you so much.”

  “Did you try calling Arlene to come to work?” I asked.

  “She quit the day after you left, with no notice,” he replied annoyed. That didn’t surprise me. The woman was unreliable. She hardly did a speck of work when she was there anyway. I think she flapped her gums more about everyone, and everything else. It was the only thing I saw her do with great gumption.

  When I finished, I said, “See you in a bit ... bye.” I raced up to my room, and put my clothes on. I was thankful I had the foresight to pack more shoes. I ran to the kitchen; I needed to leave Ryan a note.

  When I found the paper and pen, I wrote:

  Dear Ryan,

  I got a call from work and decided to go in since Derrick is okay. I see no point in hanging around. I will come around in a few days.



  The letter was short and sweet, but it was to the point.

  I grabbed my last stone and
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