Souls journey, p.32
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       Soul's Journey, p.32

           Joanne Johnson
I hope you won’t regret your choice.”

  “I’m not worried about my choice,” he replied, “but you may regret yours.”

  “Why would I regret my decision?” I asked. “It was the most amazing sexual experience of my entire life. I finally know what I have been missing all these years. I am sorry you have to sacrifice part of your power, though.”

  “It’s more than worth it, I would do it again in a heartbeat,” he replied. “It is too bad we don’t have more time now.”

  He kissed me on the head again and followed it with a soft kiss on my receptive mouth. I had the look of a well-sated woman, and I knew it. He stood up and walked over to the door.

  “We have to find a way to get you out of here.”

  "What about you?" I asked.

  “If he knows where the book is, none of us are safe. I need to make sure that he never gets his hands on it. So I will have to stay around a little longer than I anticipated.”

  The Escape

  He tried the door to see if it would open, but of course, it was locked. He kept his hand on the knob and closed his eyes. I could see a light emanating from his hand around the door lock, it made a loud click. Derrick opened the door, and quietly shut it again.

  “We need to prepare ourselves for what is on the other side.”

  “How did you do that,” I asked.

  “Remember how I showed you how to move the pebble; this is the same concept applied in a slightly different way.”

  “Okay,” I said.

  “I need you to get to safety,” he replied. “We’re not sure what awaits us on the other side, so you need to promise me you’ll get to safety, when the opportunity presents itself.”

  “What are you expecting?”

  “With Frank, it could be anything, so head for the door at a run. You need to be safely away so I can concentrate fully on dealing with Frank and his men.”

  Derrick opened the door to Ted and Tim holding guns. Of course, their guns were pointed directly at us.

  “Where do you think that you’re going, and how did you unlock the door?” asked Tim.

  “I need to use the restroom,” I broke in.

  Derrick grabbed my hand and whispered, “Remember what we agreed you must do. When you get the chance--take it.” I looked away, and nodded my head, I was not sure if I could go through with leaving him in danger. I walked over to the bathroom door, and stepped inside. I started coughing right away.

  “I need some fresh air! There is a strong cleaner smell in here and I’m allergic." I continued coughing.

  “I smell nothing,” Tim said when he sniffed inside.

  He walked over to the small window and opened it anyway. I waited a couple of seconds before stopping the fake cough after he left me alone. I then created an invisible field around me, took a deep breath and dived out the window. Gunfire suddenly erupted behind me, but I wasn’t sure if I was the target. I stopped behind a large cedar tree to see if I was safe. I looked behind me, but saw nothing.

  The bottoms of my feet hurt from all the rocks and sticks. I looked up again to see Tim approaching, so I immediately raised my vibration so that he wouldn’t see me. I then looked toward the open window I had just exited only to see Derrick bolt out, raise his vibration and disappear. After a few minutes of intense apprehension, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I gasped in surprise to see Derrick standing behind me.

  “How could you see me?” I asked.

  “I know your smell,” he said. “I could track you down for miles.”

  “Are you part dog?” I asked.

  “It’s nothing like that,” he said. “It is one of the tools that I opened when I first started my journey.”

  “You’re kidding, right,” I asked. “A heightened sense of smell seems a bit strange even for you. I guess nothing should surprise me at this point though, considering the flood of knowledge and nonstop adventure I’ve experienced since I first met you.”

  “Does it look like I am kidding?”

  This man was full of mystery, just when I began to think I knew him, there was yet another part of him emerging. What was he getting me into?

  He said, “Disappear so we can go and find Ryan.” I looked at myself and realized that as soon as I had begun thinking, and not focusing my body became visible again. I raised my vibration again, recreating the disappearing act as Derrick grabbed my hand and ran for safety. We found Ryan invisible and to the right of us about half mile away from our position. Derrick must have been able to smell him too, as we found him with no effort. The man continually baffled me. What was I going to learn next?

  We all moved towards the fairy ring, when Derrick stopped and pointed to the far one of the three.

  “Ryan, I need you to take Jordan home. Use that fairy ring and take her to her apartment. They won’t find her there.”

  “I’m not leaving you,” I said.

  “I’m going after Frank,” he said. “I’ll be in this ring, as he pointed to the center one, which will take me to Ireland. I need to find the book and destroy it before Frank has a chance to get his hands on it.”

  “You’ll need us to help you,” I said.

  “I need you to be in a safe place,” he replied. “You have more importance than you are aware, Jordan.” Then he and Ryan seemed to be having one of their wordless conversations.

  I slapped him softly on the arm and said, “That is so rude.” The look on Ryan’s face was of shock, and then I really wondered what he was saying behind my back.

  “I don’t believe that you are ready for the information that I am relaying to him,” Derrick answered.

  “Why not, I think I’m ready.”

  “I was just letting him know if something should happen and I did not come back that you are to be looked after.”

  “Looked after - what does that mean?” I questioned.

  “We don’t really have time for this now,” he replied.

  He ran to the center fairy ring and instantly disappeared. Ryan looked at me reassuringly and motioned me to the farthest ring.

  “I’ll take you to my house, and you can take your time, relax, and head home when you’re ready--you need the rest.”

  “I can’t just go home. Are you going to tell me what he said,” I asked glaring at Ryan.

  “You know that I can’t betray his trust, even if I think he should have told you himself,” he replied. “Derrick has his reasons, even if they only make sense to him.”

  This did not make any sense after all we had been through together. How could he just send me home? I was angry… how could he just disregard everything?

  Ryan held my hand, and then activated the symbols. There was a bright flash of light and suddenly I found myself sprawled out on a freshly cut lawn, still inside the fairy ring. I gradually gathered my bearings and sat up to view my surroundings. The house was huge, exhibiting two levels, a three-car garage and shop off to one side. The house was a beige and gray color. There must have been about three acres of lawn surrounding it. I stepped out of the fairy rings and followed him to his front door.

  “Would you like to come in and rest, Jordan?”

  I was distraught, confused, and lost. What was I going to do now? I couldn’t go back to my normal life and expect it to be the same when I had changed so much. I tried to speak, but the tears took over. He leaned in to comfort me.

  “Jordan, it’ll be okay. Derrick is the most dependable man I have ever met. If he promised you anything, he’ll follow through with all his ability.”

  “Ryan,” I snorted as the tears flowed freely. I just could not seem to control them.

  “Why don’t you stay a few days, then we’ll wait for any news together.” I nodded, as we entered the doorway. His house was very spacious with an open design. He had it furnished with all the things that a man of good taste would enjoy.

  “I’ll take you to the guest room, Jordan.” He set the alarm by the door and showed the code to me. It was easy to remember, as it was my sister
s’ birthday.

  “There you go again,” he said. “Who is that?”

  “Who is what?”

  “That woman you were thinking about,” he replied.

  “That is my sister Megan. She is a lawyer and works in the same city that I do.”

  His smile was ear-to-ear and his eyes danced, as he spoke, “When you have time Jordan, I want to be introduced to her. I know that I am meant to meet her. I think we would have a lot in common.”

  “Consider it done Ryan, but be warned, she’s a bit of a tiger with men.”

  “Just remember Jordan, I have the advantage over most men and I can read her mind before she has the opportunity to attack me.” I laughed, it would be interesting to see these two meet. I think I would enjoy that very much.

  We were standing in the guest room when he said, “Don’t worry; I’ll be the first to know if something happens to him. We have a family telepathic connection, so I am informed immediately if anything happens. Our family can telepathically connect to each other at any time.

  I smiled, “That explains some of your mother’s strange comments.”

  “She knows a lot more than she says,” he replied, laughing. “She has very strong psychic gifts.”

  “Enjoy your room, you have a bathroom attached, and here is your Turad if you are hungry. I’ll be in the next room if you need anything, or just help yourself.” I grabbed my Turad from him, walked over to the bed, and placed it safely under my pillow. I turned to look at Ryan again, he had very kind looking eyes, and I found them very calming.

  It was weird that Ryan felt more like my brother; I had a strange sense of familiarity with him that I had never experienced before. I was very at ease in every part of our friendship. I looked up to see him smiling, and then asked him.


  “I agree with you about the nature of our relationship, and look forward to you being a sister-in-law.”

  “I don’t believe that will happen,” I said. “There was never any mention of the possibility of marriage.” I tried to stop the image of Derrick pleasuring me, while we were locked in that room, from entering my thoughts. Ryan had a strange look on his face, as if he knew something. I was afraid to ask, so I chose to let it go.

  “We’ll see,” he replied as he walked out the door and to the bedroom beside mine. He spoke over his shoulder “If you need anything in this house, please help yourself.”

  Emotional Attachments

  I walked over to the closet, found a large fluffy housecoat, and made my way to the bathroom for a much-needed bath. I entered the bathroom and started to strip off my clothes, I noticed that my pants were bulkier in the bottom pocket than I thought they should have been. I opened the buttons on my cargo pants, felt my way into the pocket, and pulled out the diamonds, or crystals that I had found from the cave. Thank God, I had completely forgotten about them, or Frank would have taken them. They were about the size of grapes. I counted about thirty.

  Assuming they were diamonds, this would certainly change my life. The adventure I had just been through had blessed me with a pleasant surprise. I placed the diamonds on a towel and took them back to my room. I put them in one of the many empty dresser drawers. I went back to my pants and retrieved my last stone from one of the other pockets. I watched it roll around in my hand, feeling somehow better as I moved closer to the bed and placed it under my pillow.

  I remembered Derrick telling me that Ryan had my other stones; it must have slipped his mind while he was here. Deep in thought, I walked back to the bathroom, and started the water in the huge Jacuzzi tub. I looked under the bathroom sink, and found a lavender body wash, which I used to make bubbles in the tub.

  When the tub was ready, I slowly placed my foot in the water. It felt heavenly, warm and inviting. I relaxed and allowed all the bubbles to cover my body. I turned on the jets and shut my eyes. The vision was instant; I could see Max standing in a dark cave. His body seemed to glow so that I could see
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