Souls journey, p.31
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       Soul's Journey, p.31

           Joanne Johnson
vision you were underground in a tunnel, headed for the fireplace. We had been sitting in that room in front of the fireplace, and I thought it would be a good distraction so that you would be able to sneak in without notice. Frank had made suggestions about what he was looking for from me, so I took advantage of the situation to distract him at the right moment. Frank told me he has an attachment to my back, so he can find me at his leisure.”

  Don’t you see it?” I asked.

  “I’ve tried hard to avoid stepping into your energy as it makes me feel far more than I want to,” he replied. “So no, I was unable to see it until you mentioned it a moment ago.” He glanced at me knowingly.

  “I was a little surprised to see all the effort you put into your dance. I thought for a moment; you might have been leading me on instead of him. You played the part of seductress well. You had me totally convinced you were into it emotionally. It took me a few minutes to realize that what I saw was not real. I am sorry for how I was with you in the bathroom.”

  "Yuck," I said. “I can see why you reacted that way, but you should know me by now.”

  “I’ve thought of nothing but you naked, and in my arms since the adventure we had by the waterfall,” Derrick replied. “It is important that you know what I truly think, because I haven’t planned my way out of this yet. When you get the opportunity to escape, run down the road about 400 yards. Ryan will be there to take you back to safety.”

  “How is Ryan?” I asked.

  “He is fine, except for a large bump on his head,” he replied. “He wanted you to know that he found your Turad at the base of the pyramid. Ryan has been instructed to look after you, no matter what.”

  “What, you don’t think I’d try to seduce him?” I asked smiling.

  “Ryan knows that I have made a verbal claim on you. He knows that you are off-limits to him. Besides, he’s my brother, His birth name is James, but we call him Ryan now.”

  “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I asked.

  “I wasn’t sure you could block your mind from anyone reading the potentially dangerous information and accidentally put him at risk.”

  “Why were you so upset when I would flirt with him, you knew he would never betray you!”

  “It pissed me off that he got enjoyment out of allowing you to torment me,” he smiled.

  “It took me a little bit to figure out how to block others from reading my thoughts, but after some emotional stress, I figured it out. I’m sorry. I can’t leave you,” I said calmly.

  “You’ll do what I’ve asked, Jordan.”

  “How do you expect me to leave you?” He walked over and gently lifted my face, and looked me in the eye.

  “I need to know if you are listening. It is important that you get to safety. This is not the time for your stubborn, pigheaded, and strong-willed personality to surface. I have seen enough of it on this journey. The most difficult decision I have ever made was to leave you in the pyramid. I knew you would be fine, my angels affirmed it, but I would have rather cut off my own arm than to leave you unprotected. I don’t know your future here, so you need to get away. Promise me, Jordan.”

  He kissed me softly on my lips, and rubbed his hands on my arms. I draped my arms around his neck and my body molded into his. I felt desperate to have him. What if this was the last chance that I might have to feel him inside me. My breathing was increasing, and I could hear myself moan loudly. I pulled away so I could look him in the eye. His were eyes glazed over with passion.

  “We need to stop,” I said. “You’ll lose some of your powers, remember.”

  “I am reminded often,” he said. “This isn’t where I had imagined our first time together, anyway.”

  “What about losing all your powers?” I asked.

  “I’d give up more than you’re aware, Jordan, for a moment to be with you. You’ve been a breath of fresh air in my life.”

  “Why,” I asked. “I thought I was a major hindrance.”

  “If you haven’t figured it out yet. Everything about you excites me.”

  I heard a voice in my head say, “He’s looking for the Black Book.” Then the vision appeared clearly. I could see Frank traveling through underground tunnels, looking for the symbols to lead him to a book.

  My face tightened and felt strained as I asked, “What’s the Black book?”

  Startled he asked, "What? Why?"

  “I just heard a voice say that he’s looking for the Black Book. I watched him traveling through underground tunnels, looking at all the symbols. Where are the tunnels?” I asked.

  “My parents said there were underground caverns and tunnels throughout Ireland. He must have gone there using the Fairy Rings. His face went pale, and then he said, “There was a rumor going around that there was a Black Book that could be used for great evil. My ancestors figured the book has surfaced and disappeared a few times throughout history. Supposedly, some of the most evil warlocks who ever lived created it over time. The book is reputed to create plagues and natural disasters if opened incorrectly. Anyone who opens it will die without using the proper method. If he is looking for the Black Book, then we’re really in trouble. I have to get you to safety.”


  “The Black Book was said to help one person steal another’s energy and powers. Therefore, if he thinks that you have his powers, he will have you open the book; read a few words, stab you through the heart, and promptly drink your blood. It’s said that if he drinks the blood from your heart then all your powers will be transferred to him upon your death.”

  “You’re kidding aren’t you?” I asked.


  “That’s it, I’ve had it!” I said starting to cry. “I’ve endured enough!”

  I threw myself into his arms and started kissing his face. He wrapped his arms around my neck and we sprawled out on the floor. The kissing quickly turned into raw need. As I was reaching for his top and pulling it over his head, he began unzipping my hoodie and stripping my tank top from my body. My hands had a mind of their own as I moved them over his body.

  I couldn’t stop the surge of passion that was flowing between us. I reached for his belt and undid his buckle. Suddenly the room took on a steamy haze that actually added to the erotic energy that surrounded us.

  “What’s that?” I asked.

  “I’ve put up a protective cloud around us. If anyone should enter, they will see us sitting in the corner, instead of two people in the throes of passion. This is what is around my parent’s house as well as my own house to conceal where I live. I am sorry how I treated you before in the bathroom. I am not OK with another man enjoying the pleasures of my woman.”

  “I’m not your woman, Derrick.”

  “That is something that we will soon rectify.”

  He grabbed my head and kissed me with the passion of a man who had gone without for far too long. I kissed him back, and felt his mouth move down my neck to my breasts. He skillfully unclasped and removed my bra allowing it to slip off, while paying loving attention to each nipple. He caressed and sucked each with such vigor I could feel my nether lips swell and moisten.

  Before I knew it, my pants were off, and I was lying on the cold floor in nothing but my panties. I grabbed for his pants and undid the button. Moving my hands down his thighs, I pushed his pants lower. The impatiently awaiting erection that greeted me was the biggest I had ever encountered. I grabbed the end of his shaft only to hear him moan with building excitement. It was hot and sooo engorged. My body was ready for the pleasure ride. I moaned as he kissed my breasts and moved down to my stomach. I could feel the excitement electrify every nerve ending throughout my body. I ran my fingers through his thick hair; the scent of him sent my body into frenzy of excitement.

  His fingers were making their own way up my outer thigh and finding the elastic of my panties. With one fluid motion, he had me lying on the cold floor naked, hot, and ready. I placed my hands behind my head, then brought up my toes to hook into th
e waist of his shorts and removed them from his body completely. His soldier was boldly standing at attention and I was wet, ready for pleasure. I sat up slightly and gave him a nudge, gently guiding him to lie back on the floor. I moved in like a cat stalking its prey, I kissed his chest and made my way down his muscled body.

  I was going to make sure he received the pleasure he so deserved. I placed a small kiss on the end of his shaft. I watched it dance with joy; I placed my entire mouth around it, and allowed my saliva to lubricate the area. I licked and sucked as if he was the best-flavored Popsicle I had ever enjoyed. The noises he was making brought a smile to my face.

  “It’s been too long for me to play this game. Jordan if you do not stop, I will be done before we start.”

  As he spoke, he turned me over on my back and slowly made his way to the small, exposed, bare skin between my thighs. He sensually kissed my body all the way to his intended destination. I felt his tongue stroke the little bud of tenderness that hid within my womanly parts and my body jumped with added excitement. The feeling was something I had never felt before. It became an overwhelming, mind-blowing, hormone-raging release. All my muscles continued to tighten up before going into a state of fireworks. He was feasting on the sensitive parts of my body as I felt wave after wave of release.

  I panted, “I need you, now.”

  “Are you sure?” he asked looking me in the eye. “We cannot take back what we are about to do.”

  “I am so sure; I think I will die, if you say no.”

  He was above me, kissing my lips and face as he was maneuvering his body over the pleasure zone. I felt his hand between my legs positioning his strength into my wet, supple softness. I felt his hardness pass the point of entry and he gave a full thrust as I felt him almost hit what felt like bottom. Surprised I gasped. I felt my body tighten around his shaft and squeeze hard.

  “I am sorry have I hurt you?” he asked.

  “No, I am just surprised at the length of you,” I said.

  “Woman, you excite me.”

  I watched his eyes roll back into his head as he thrust a few more times inside me. He moved his thumb to my swollen oversensitive bud, and I could feel him making large fast circles. I felt all the muscles in my body tighten up before the thrill of the oncoming release hit me hard, along with his constant stroking and circling melding all into one, I experienced one intense orgasm after another. Just when I thought the pleasure wave was over, another would replace it. I opened my eyes to see the lust-filled look on Derrick’s face as I felt his body tighten, shake, and vibrate to his own much-needed release.

  He collapsed on top of me to catch his breath, and said, under his breath, “Now you’re part of me.”

  “What?” I asked. “You were whispering so quietly I could not hear what you said.”

  “We will talk about it later,” he replied. “I am sorry I lost control so quickly, it’s been a long time. He moved off me to rub his back.

  “Is it your tattoo again?” I asked. “It seems to be causing you more pain lately.”

  “Don’t worry. This will be the last time,” he said.

  “Why does it burn like that?” I asked.

  “Ask me after we get out of this,” he said.

  “Why wait to ask you later?” I asked.

  “I’m not yet sure how I will get us out of this mess yet, so some things are better left unsaid until later.”

  “Are you not worried that you have lost all your powers,” I asked.

  “No”, he took a few minutes before answering. “I have one week until the next full moon before anything will change. Let’s get dressed and figure out how we can get out of here,” he continued.

  After we were dressed, the haze disappeared from the room. He sat holding me close, and kissed the top of my head gently.

  I looked up at his flushed face and whispered, “I’m sorry;
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