Souls journey, p.30
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       Soul's Journey, p.30

           Joanne Johnson
had made his way into the house. However, I saw nothing. Where was he, and what was taking him so long? I reached down to the floor at this point to show him my rear. I was thankful for the Brazilian waxing I had endured before my trip, at the time it was painful, now I appreciated it. I bent my legs, and softly touched the inside of my ankles and worked my way back up to my inner thighs.

  I was now standing again; I closed my eyes tight, because every time I looked at Frank, his watching me resulted in a stumble. I had hit my head the first time on the floor, but tried to make it look like I meant to do it. I thought it had looked smooth, and the look on his face didn’t let on he knew otherwise.

  I walked over to the bed and slowly undid his belt. As I pulled it out of its loops, I took the belt with me back to the pole. Using the belt, I swung it around the pole to support my weight and spun myself in another complete circle. I then slapped the belt on the floor, which made a loud whipping sound. I did it too close to my legs and the end of the belt hit my ankles. I jumped and tried to rub it in a sexy way. Fuck that hurt, I thought. The first song was almost over, when he motioned me to come closer. I could feel my stomach tighten, the anxiety becoming overwhelming. What the hell was I to do now?

  I sauntered over to the bed and slowly moved into a position that straddled Frank’s feet. I moved up his legs to his shirt. I grabbed the two sides of his shirt and ripped it off. Buttons flew everywhere. One button accidently hit me on my eyelid; I tried to brush it off. I still had the belt in my hand and I wrapped it around one of his wrists. I slowly moved to his button and zipper and undid them slowly. I grabbed the waistband of his pants and brought them slowly to his knees revealing his designer boxers made of silk.

  I could see from the strained expression on his face; he thought I was moving too slowly for his liking. He was extremely excited for his tent pole could barely be contained in the waist of his shorts. I grabbed his tie and wrapped it around his eyes as I placed my breasts in his face. To my surprise, he allowed it. I grabbed his other hand and placed it in the belt around the corner of the bed. He was stuck, temporarily, or so it seemed.

  I moved my hips up and down as I rode his silk shorts. I was grinding him to keep his mind on the show instead of what I was really doing. I began to turn around to straddle him the other direction so that I could see if Derrick had made it in yet. Before I turned I glanced at the door.

  To my surprise, Derrick was standing in the doorway. The look on his face was of total surprise. I guess I could have seen what was coming if I had thought about how he would react to this situation.

  I screamed, "Oh God." He had startled me.

  "What is it?” Frank asked.

  He was trying to remove his blindfold. I grabbed his hands and then turned my body weight so I could stop him from removing the blindfold. It would be terrible if he knew Derrick was here.

  "Oh, baby you are so honking big, the size, and length of you has startled me," I replied hoping he would not discover the lie. The whole time I spoke my head was nodding to Derrick to help me out.

  “The blindfold was part of my dream, Frank, so please don’t ruin it for me,” I explained. “You make me so hot, just lay back and enjoy.”

  I moved my hands up to Frank’s neck and tried to get my hands on the amulet. I ran my fingers down the cord, trying to keep my hands free of the metal, so it would not invoke a vision.

  I pulled on the cord as I ground my hips into Frank’s large extended wood. I looked at Derrick as if to ask what I should do. I was not surprised to see that he was looking at me strangely, but I had trouble reading the expression on his face.

  I leaned forward to place my tongue in Frank’s ear, and started to suck on the lobe itself. He was moaning with pleasure and thrusting his hips toward mine.

  His hands were moving in the belt attached to the corner. It was no time before his one hand was free moving straight towards my breasts. He grabbed the left one and started to pull me down towards his body. He started kissing my cleavage and then his other hand was free. I grabbed the amulet from around his neck and threw it at the dumbfounded Derrick, who by some unknown means caught it. He pulled the box out of its encasing and placed the amulet inside while watching the foreplay go on between Frank and I.

  I wished he had done more than just stare. I needed to find a way out of this situation before I had to pay the piper. I saw a spark of light as Derrick pulled the amulet out of the box and then just continued to stare at me in surprise. Then without notice, he tossed the amulet at me, which I was able to catch with my free a hand, and lay on the bed beside Frank.

  Derrick mouthed the words “bathroom” to me and disappeared.

  After a little more grinding and riding of the silk shorts I whispered “Excuse me for a minute, I need to use the little girl’s room.”

  He removed the blindfold to say, “Can’t you wait?”

  I shook my head “No.”

  “Well could you hurry up?” he implored. I got up off the bed and swayed my way to the door, turning to look at him with sexy cat eyes before rounding the corner. I figured the more relaxed I was the more time it would buy me.

  When I knew I was out of sight, I took off my heels so that I could run without being heard. When I made it to the bathroom, the door was open and I raced inside hoping to find my escape. Derrick was standing behind the door as I closed it. The look on his face was unreadable. I ran over to wrap my arms around him, but he stopped me before I could accomplish the task. He held me at arm’s length, and then looked at me sternly.

  “I’ll escape out the window, but you’ll have to stay here so that they won’t be aware what we have done to the amulet. I know I will be walking into a trap. It is part of the plan with the escape.”

  “This is all I get?” I asked. “You have no idea what I have been through lately.”

  “You seemed to be doing well on your own,” he said. His face looked angry, and hurt.

  “I knew you were coming, so I thought that it might be a great way to distract him. You can’t possibly believe what you saw was real,” I explained.

  “Just how far would you have gone Jordan?” he asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

  “I can’t believe that you’d think that way after all we have been through,” I said annoyingly.

  “Do you just turn on the charm for all the guys?” he asked.

  “How dare you! You are such an arrogant ass,” I replied. I moved my hand to slap him across the face. I had never been so insulted. He caught my wrist in mid air, and then moved his body away from me.

  “We don’t have time for this now,” he said.

  “How do I get myself out of this mess if you’re leaving,” I asked annoyed.

  “I’ll be caught in about ten minutes, so occupy your time slowly, or maybe you would prefer to hurry up to finish the job.”

  “You’re impossible,” I replied. “Don’t do me any favors, jerk. Do you have any idea what I’ve been through so far?”

  He headed to the window, and then opened it, and bailed out. I watched him run into the trees and out of sight. I sat on the lid of the toilet wondering how I could stop this train quickly. I was once again forced to be the hero of my own story. I was learning a great deal about myself on this journey.

  I thought back to some of my last relationships when I wanted to bail in a similar situation. I was sure that the headache excuse wouldn’t work this time; I had to pull out the big guns. I would tell him I started my cycle. That should help stop all transactions from continuing. I collected myself and made my way to the door. I took a deep breath and headed back to the bedroom. I entered the room not wearing my high heels; Frank had a pleased look on his face.

  “Hurry up,” he said. “Let’s get back to where we left off.” I stuttered a moment.

  “I…I can’t,” I replied. “Mother Nature has called early this month.”

  “No,” he said, “it can’t be.”

  “I’m sorry, but do you have any feminine
products.” The look on his face actually made me feel bad that I disappointed him…for a second. However, it passed just as quickly. I think it is the people pleaser in me that kicks into overdrive when I disappoint anyone. I would eventually learn to let other’s disappointment be their own.

  He stormed off the bed like a grizzly bear, and started to dress himself.

  “The housekeeper keeps some in the downstairs bathroom.” I watched as he covered his raging boner with the pants that I had removed earlier. He would have to find a new shirt as the one he had on before had no buttons. I thanked him with a nod, grabbed my clothes, and headed to the bathroom downstairs. Frank did not want to understand, and was wallowing in his frustration. Safely locked in the bathroom, fully dressed in my own clothes, I sat down to wait, and listen for a commotion.

  About ten minutes had passed when I heard what I was waiting for - lots of shouting and yelling. I walked out of the bathroom, with my hair back in the ponytail that it had been in originally. I walked into the great room, and noticed that Frank and Derrick were both avoiding all eye contact with me.

  There was Derrick, held captive by two men I hadn’t met. These men must have been Tim and Ted, they didn’t look like I had expected. One man was short and chubby the other was tall and skinny. Finally, Frank looked at me smugly, and called me over to stand by him. He seemed to be relaying to Derrick, without words, that I had chosen a different side.

  Frank walked over to Derrick and touched his forehead, I got the feeling he was trying to read his mind, but was having trouble. The strain on Frank’s face told me of his frustrations. I glanced at the necklace he wore around his neck again, and thought he must not have realized that the amulet’s power was gone.

  The strained look on Frank’s face continued. He could not seem to figure out what had happened. He stood back for a moment, pointed his hand toward Derrick, and then he waited. Nothing was happening. He couldn’t access his power.

  He looked at me and yelled, “What the hell did you do?”

  “What!” I said. “Why would you think that it was me?”

  “You blocked me from reading your mind, and using off-cast on you, but before that, all of my powers still worked. Are you some sort of witch that steals power from others?”

  “You’re mistaken; I have no ability like that,” I tried to explain.

  “Your little seduction scene was a ruse to keep me occupied so that I wouldn’t notice my power was gone,” he yelled angrily.

  “I had nothing to do with you losing your power Frank.”

  “We’ll see about that,” he said.

  He grabbed me by the arm, and led me to a small barred room. He threw me inside, and then pushed Derrick into the room too, and slammed the door behind us. I could hear the lock bolted from the outside. This room was different from the original room I had been in. There were no windows or furniture. I walked over to the corner and sat down.

  The Black Book

  Derrick looked at me and said, “As long as he thinks you’ve taken his power he won’t hurt you. He wants it back, so you’re safe until he finds a way to get it back.”

  “How did you get into the underground tunnel anyway?” I asked surprised at his civility now.

  “This house was built on an old smuggler’s cabin site. Smugglers always have an emergency escape available, if surrounded by police. So it was just a matter of time until I found it,” he replied.

  “How did you know where I was,” I asked.

  “I found you using the stones you left under the pillow in your room. If I hold them, I am able to see where you are. Ryan has them, so he can follow your energy, and protect you after I free you.” I looked at Derrick, and said.

  “I don’t know what you thought about my little act, but it wasn’t real. I had a

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