Souls journey, p.29
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       Soul's Journey, p.29

           Joanne Johnson
missing too. I started feeling around in my pockets for my rock. I was considering the possibility of there being a hole when my hand touched a small bulge in the area where the stone should have been. I quickly moved my hand down to determine what it might be.

  “What the heck was that?” I thought as I wrapped my fingers around the object. To my surprise, there in my hand lay the yellow stone. I rolled it around the palm of my hand, unable to figure out how it had suddenly reappeared. As I rolled it around in my hand, I felt noticeably calmer.

  I was jarred back to the present by a sudden movement outside the door. With a loud knock, the lock clicked its release, and the door was shoved open. Frank stood glaring at me with anger in his eyes. I felt the panic surge and a sick feeling took over in the pit of my stomach. Frank would see my rock and take it for his own.

  “Don’t even try to escape,” he sneered at me with hostility still in his eyes. “The punishment I described before still stands if you try to escape, Jordan.” I felt my head nodding, again but this time my mouth was wide open in shock.

  “Why are you holding your hand that way?” he yelled.

  Startled I looked at my open hand. A huge sense relief filled my body. My rock was gone to the naked eye, but I could still feel the weight of it in my hand. I opened and closed my fingers around it. It was amazing, I could not see it, but I knew it was there.

  “Answer me,” he said. “You’ll answer me now,” he said in a strange voice. I think he was trying to use off-cast to make me comply. I answered not because I had to, but because I wanted to stand up for myself and deter his focus.

  “I have a small cramp in my hand,” I said. “I’m trying to stretch the muscles to relieve it.” He stared at me like a stark raving mad man and continued yelling hostilely.

  “How the hell did you figure it out so quickly? I have been able to use people’s thoughts against them for almost a month. I have talked with you for less than one hour. In that time, you’ve been able to block me from reading your mind. It took me longer to learn how to read minds than it took you to block me from reading yours.”

  “You’ll jump up and down,” he said in the strange voice again.

  I stood there watching him, not jumping and promptly sat down on the bed.

  “I could always use off–cast to get what I wanted; what the fuck have you done?” he screamed.

  My mind was as blank as I knew my face must have looked. I was blocking his ability to read my mind. I don’t know how or when, but I was able to do it. I felt a great satisfaction that I had not felt in a while. This was a real accomplishment. If I were a peacock, I would spread out my tail feathers and dance around the room. This was no small sense of achievement for me. Somehow, I had turned the table and was now tormenting my captor. I could not help but let the enjoyment show on my face, but as I rejoiced, I noticed the expression he now displayed.

  If he could blow fire out his nose, I think that I would be engulfed in flames. Frank slammed the door and all the inside walls shook from the force. I glanced down at my hand to see my rock had reappeared fully. I placed the rock back into the pocket, safe from all prying eyes. I lay down on the bed hoping to catch some more shuteye before the next part of my journey began.

  The Plan

  I tried to quiet my mind. I thought about Derrick. Where was he? I had a vision inside my head of him crawling through a dark, tight hole underground. He had on one of those flashlights that you wear around your head. Where is he going? I thought to myself, when a picture appeared in my head of a log house on a hill. Could the log house be the house I was in, or was he going somewhere else. Why was he underground? I could see where he was heading. It looked like he was under the house, and headed up into the floor of a fireplace.

  I tried to remember if there was a fireplace in the great room. I needed to know, so I got out of bed and walked quietly over to the door, opened it slightly and peeked out. Sure enough, there was a fireplace made of river rock, and a large, dark, marble mantel. The fireplace was in exactly the same place as it was in the daydream. He was on his way. Startled by a noise beside the door I guessed that Frank must have been sitting outside it, waiting for his frustration to cool down.

  “Where do you think you’re going?” He demanded.

  “Nowhere, I was looking for you.”

  “Why are you looking for me?” he asked. The anger in his eyes was still there, so I had to find a way to diffuse it. I had to think of something fast. I thought if I could occupy his time, Derrick might have a better opportunity to come in, and rescue me without being discovered.

  “Frank, I was thinking about the offer you made earlier this evening. I have decided it is in my best interest to join you. I would like to make a partnership with you, because I have realized that it’s easier to join you than to fight you.” He smiled.

  “You do understand what that means?” I could see the emotion on his face changed completely.

  I swallowed hard then nodded my head yes, as I looked to the floor. I was hoping that Derrick would get here before I would have to go through with my offer. I would have to look at it as playing a part. I am sure actors were not always happy with their roles. I would be playing a part, and it had to look believable.

  “This is great,” he replied smiling. “I have a fun way to kill time.” He disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with a leather outfit, and stiletto heels. The leather outfit looked very similar to an outfit that a dominatrix might wear. The only difference was the color. The color of this outfit was bright red instead of the black color, which might be more typical.

  He handed it to me grinning from ear to ear, and then pointed to the bathroom. I sighed, and rubbed my eyes in disbelief as I thought about putting on this outfit. Just what had I been thinking, and how had I gotten myself into this mess?

  I grabbed the hoochie outfit, and walked slowly to the bathroom, hoping I would find a way out of this situation. I seriously needed to think things through next time before opening my big mouth. I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

  Oh my God, what have I done, I thought. I had a nose for trouble lately, and it was quite annoying, and rather tiresome. At least I would be able to delay, and hopefully stop Frank from catching Derrick, or so I convinced myself. I took a deep breath and removed my clothes. I stepped into the leather outfit, which had a bustier that made my breasts look like they would fall out at any moment. I slowly did up the zipper under my arm; it was a very snug fit.

  The bottom was just barely covering my nether regions. I noticed a leather thong hanging on the top of the hanger; if I choose not to wear it, I would sit on bare muff. I didn’t want to think who had worn this outfit last. Then I notice the tag, “Thank God.” It was still brand new. I did however have a hard time believing he paid $1850.00 for this tiny bit of leather.

  I grabbed the thong and put it on. I walked over to the heels and placed them on my feet. They were a little too big; however, they would do. I stared hard at myself in the mirror. I needed to change my hair; if I had to play a part, I had to look and feel it. I backcombed my roots to give my hair a fuller look. I looked through the cabinet in the bathroom and found samples of lipstick. I picked out the reddest one and placed it on my moistened lips. Perfect, the ensemble was complete.

  Trying to heave my breasts a little higher in my outfit, I was ready for playing the part of seductress. How far would I really have to go? I thought back to some of the less than pleasurable sexual experiences I had with my last boyfriend. How many times did I give in when my head screamed no? I was too embarrassed to count. I would find a way out of this without compromising myself this time, or at least telling myself that made me feel somewhat relieved.

  I took one last glance at my image and realized that I had changed my look incredibly. I no longer looked like the good girl from the farm. Instead, I appeared to be someone who would use and abuse a pole for her daily bread. I almost didn’t recognize the hot tamale in the mirror. Taking a dee
p breath, I stepped out the door with my clothes; I brought them with me in case I would need to run later.

  If I have learned anything about men, it is that when you can occupy their brain with sex, they forget almost everything else. This man seemed to be no different. I looked over at the fireplace. The stone floor was still intact. I had to get him out of this room so that Derrick could sneak his way in. The aroused look on Frank’s face said it all. I looked hot and his face reflected that back to me. I swallowed hard, reminding myself that I was playing a part, and could definitely pull it off.

  I looked up forcing a seductive smile and said, “You mentioned you had a pole in your bedroom, maybe I should take a look at it.”

  The laughing started; “I wish I knew what you are thinking. But you can play your games until I learn your real motives,” he replied.

  “I have no motives, but I did have the most erotic dream about you, and I plan to play out my part. I believe that you could do things to me that I have only fantasized about.” I could feel myself swallowing the lie. It was difficult, and I hoped he would not read the truth on my face.

  “You’re right on that part my dear. I am very good at satisfying my partners in all ways. You will never feel shortchanged, and I will ruin the ride for any other man. You will only ever think of me. People who ride the Frank express never get off with anyone else,” he crowed loudly.

  “We will see,” I said under my breath.

  He grabbed me by the hand and led me to the loft at the top of the cabin. The room was open to the great room, so I would be able to see all that was going on below. Of course, there was a pole at the end of the bed. From the backside of the pole, I would be able to see the fireplace below.

  He walked over to the bed and lay down. He was resting himself on the pillows with his arms behind his head. I could not believe the arrogance of the man. I took a quick glance around the room. It was furnished with a log bed and matching dresser, as well as a comfortable looking chair. I walked over to the stereo in the corner, searching for the right music, to have playing, to set the mood.

  He had quite a collection, but I put in the Pussycat Dolls. I thought I would be able to use a few songs to help get my brain in the role, and to follow through with the next act. I looked again at the pole and wondered how I was going to pull this off. I had never seen pole dancers before. Most of the time, I walked as though I had two left feet. I remember my parents calling me ‘clumsy Jo’ as a pet name when I was a child.

  When the music started, I walked over to the lights giving my hips the extra sway, as they would need to be more seductive. I turned the light on low, but was still able to see well enough to walk. The music started, and I swayed over to the pole.

  I closed my eyes and tried to forget that I was here in front of a complete stranger. I slowly spun myself around the pole doing a complete circle. I then followed it with a sexy squat to the floor and threw my pubic bone against the pole on my way back up. Each movement up, I swayed my hips side to side. I was holding on to the pole with one hand and was rubbing the other up my body starting at the bottom and moving up to my overly exposed breasts.

  I jumped up and wrapped my legs around the pole, only to realize immediately that my skin stuck to it. I tried to pull my legs down, but it pulled the skin with it, making a painful sound. Mental note to self, I needed lubrication to do that again. When my feet were safely on the floor, I spun myself around the pole again. Frank seemed unaware of my noisy discomfort and seemed to be enjoying the show.

  I turned my back to him at this point to try to see if Derrick
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