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       Soul's Journey, p.26

           Joanne Johnson
friends to use you, so you can’t complain when they do, because they treated you the way you treat yourself inside.”

  “I never saw it that way before. It all makes sense,” I said.

  “The next picture is the coffee shop, where you continued to allow people to manipulate you by using emotions. If you set boundaries for yourself and others, these situations would never become an issue. The employee knew that she could back out on your deal, because she had done it repeatedly, and you still placed her needs first on every occasion. You have taught her well how not to respect you. In all your relationships, you give ninety percent, which only teaches a person to give you ten percent back. You continue to walk away feeling used and abused emotionally.”

  You have always enabled people to take you for granted; therefore, you need to realize why they continue to do so. Stand up, and speak your truth, you may lose people in your life, but only the ones that don’t know how to give at all. I call them the consistent users.”

  “I’ve seen this whole experience in a different light. I have allowed people to manipulate and use me. I never thought I had any say in the matter. However, I see that I created all of this and I am thankful that I can stop the process before it ever starts again. I don’t feel so powerless in regard to relationships anymore. That doesn’t explain how I get out of here, though.”

  "You need to touch the symbols with your hands," he said with a smile. “You’ll then be given information about how to get out of this small room.” He disappeared again.

  “At least you’re consistent about not giving me too much information to work with,” I said.

  I moved my hand back over the symbols, and noticed as I did my body felt lighter. It was as if I had dumped all the emotions attached to the negative events of my life. I was tired, but I felt free of all emotional burdens. I looked back now at all the disappointments I had in my life. I was able to see clearly, why they had happened, and what was really going on. It was very freeing to finally entertain a different perspective and let go of the emotional chaos that continuously helped me beat myself internally. My own ego and self-abuse was actually stopping all my own inner spiritual growth.

  I relaxed my hands by my sides and felt my energy change. A vision came to my mind’s eye. The redheaded woman, that helped me free myself from my ropes in the native village, came into view, and I watched her as she spoke to me.

  "Jordan, I’m Kathryn. I am here to aid you on your path to freedom from this enclosure. You have been led on this soul journey to give you the strength, insight, and faith to change. This part of your obstacle is about faith. You need to have faith in order to survive this test. In a few minutes, these walls will have sharp spikes attached to the inside. You are to use the tools that you were previously shown to survive. You will need to remember how to protect your energy. Your own faith can amplify your strength, and the length of time that it lasts.”

  “The steel spikes will penetrate into the box at random intervals. If you are in tune with your body you will feel them before you see them move. This is why we had to help you clear the emotional baggage. It dampens the ability to sense the flow of energy in the body.”

  “You’re going to learn to be one within your body, mind, and soul. Do you remember what Derrick showed you for the protection of your energy? You make that ball and expand it to fill the space around your body.” I remembered and nodded.

  “Good,” she continued, “you’ll have a few practice runs before it starts. Here are the rules. Keep your eyes closed, then activate your ball of energy, and see it expand about two feet beyond your body. The metal spikes will come from inside the wall and will not stop until you halt them. Using your energy and faith, you will be able to stop the spikes from injuring you. If you doubt yourself at all, the consequences will be quite dire.”

  “How can I see the spikes, if my eyes are closed?” I asked.

  “You will be able to feel the energy change as the spikes enter your auric field. Then, you will have to push out the ball of protection, so that they won’t harm you.”

  “If you open your eyes, your brain will immediately register fear, and the spikes will stab you. Show me that you can activate your protection ball.”

  I closed my eyes, and felt the ball of energy start from my stomach and expand to about 2-3 feet outside of my body. I opened my eyes for only a second and my protection field was lost.

  Kathryn smiled, “It’s very important that you don’t open your eyes; you don’t have the ability to stop your thought process yet. It will interrupt all forms of energy when you lose your focus. We are trying to get you to listen to your intuition.”

  Kathryn took herself from my inner vision, so that I could see her with my outer vision. I watched her point her finger at the wall in front of me, and then metal pointy spikes appeared. I reached out to touch them not quite believing that they were real. I used a little too much force, and pricked the end of my finger. I watched it bleed in disbelief. Then I placed the injured finger in my mouth to stop the bleeding.

  "I’m here to help you open your inner vision,” she said. “You should be able to see the area around you in your inner vision, when you learn to trust it. It will be like having a daydream, but you will not feel fear. In the meantime, I need you to close your eyes.”

  “For what?” I asked.

  “I need to see that you’ll have the tools to succeed in this exercise, so please follow my directions.” I closed my eyes feeling my stomach tighten. The anxiety that was building within was becoming almost intolerable. I tried to put my feelings to rest in order to get out of this situation alive.

  “Now create your protection ball around you,” Kathryn said.

  I activated the ball and followed through with expanding it. I instantly felt a tingling sensation to my left. I mistakenly opened my eyes to see what was going on and found that I had allowed the spikes to get closer than I would have liked. I had broken my concentration and they slightly poked my clothes.

  “You’re lucky we tried first, or you would be badly injured,” she said.

  “What was the tingling sensation I felt?”

  “The tingling sensation is what I was talking about when I said you would be able to feel the energy in your aura before you saw it move. Your body has the ability to use your aura’s energy to sense the energy of objects without touching, or seeing them. As your energy gets stronger, you will be able to open up your mind’s eye, and see what is really going on, like a daydream. If you are in doubt pay attention to your stomach, it will tighten up as if stressed when the spikes are in your energy.”

  “That’s cool,” I said.

  “Now… I must leave you to your task. Remember what I said about your eyes staying closed.” I looked down at my t-shirt and jeans with their newly acquired holes, and the small scrapes I had on my skin.

  “I’m well aware of what is needed from me,” I said.

  “You’re to activate the spikes with this, as she pointed to a small bump on the corner of the wall. Until you press it, you are trapped. If you need to take time and rest before you get started, please do so,” Kathryn explained. She then disappeared from my view.

  I sat down against the wall, trying to settle my growing fear. I just needed to take a moment and focus on the task. After a few minutes of meditation, I practiced my protection ball, and then moved my hand over to press the bump. My palm came about a few inches away, and I stopped. If you know something bad is going to happen, how could you continue to follow the path? It reminded me of jumping off that cliff, when I was unsure if there were rocks at the bottom. After taking a stroll through that memory, I realized that all my tests had been about faith.

  Taking a deep breath, I hit the button hard with the palm of my opened hand. Instantly my Turad light went off. I shook it a few times, and then placed it back in my bra. I tried to center myself, so that I would feel the spikes in my energy. I activated my energy ball, and then the vibration sensation became stronger as I e
xtended my energy to be about two feet from my body. I knew the spikes were active because I could feel the difference in my vibration.

  Then just as I felt the vibration, I could no longer feel it. It was gone. The spikes must come out on rotational intervals. I knew that as long as my energy was in protection mode the spikes would not be able to hurt me so, I kept it there in protection mode.

  Within a few minutes, the spikes were back in my energy. The tingling sensation started again. The sensation lasted longer this time, but then like the first, it was gone again. I could feel the box moving beneath my feet. It was like the feeling that you get in an elevator. It was a feeling of going upwards. The spikes then appeared again for a few moments, and like before, vanished. My stomach started to tighten as I felt the upward movement increase in speed. Concentration with this added movement became much more challenging. Knowing the result of losing it kept my focus the priority at all cost.

  The sensation was there again, and then all of a sudden I could see what was happening in my mind’s eye. The spikes were kept at bay by my protective energy. I could see where my energy ended, and the spikes began. I knew it was dark, but I could see it in my head as if there were a light on in the room. Suddenly the spikes vanished, and the moving sensation came to a halt. I heard a groaning noise for a second before it finally stopped.


  The hot, muggy air was the first sign that my surroundings had changed. I opened my eyes to see that the rock wall, that had surrounded me, was gone and I was standing on top of the pyramid in the moonlight. I drew in a breath of fresh air. The moon washed the land with its bright light, and I could see for miles into the forest. I wondered if the Mayans were aware that their sacrificial alter was actually an elevator to the caverns below, as the room, had disappeared completely.

  Relief washed over me instantly; I had found my way out and I was still in one piece. I had discovered strength, courage, intuition, and personal insight that I hadn’t possessed before. I looked down the hundreds of steps to the bottom below, and felt exhaustion kick in. I would have to find my way to the bottom before sun up, or be stuck here for another night.

  Ryan said he would wait for me in the darkness, and it was a bright half-moon, so I could easily see where I was walking. I could use my Turad, but I needed to have both hands free while I was going down the steep stairs. I started on my way, wondering if I had the strength to continue. I had to pay close attention because a few steps had been worn down to the point that I could have fallen to my death.

  When the last steps were approaching, my mind wandered back to the adventure I had just experienced. I couldn’t believe all the information I had learned about myself through all the challenges I endured in such a short period of time. I had gone through huge internal challenges that I had faced and moved through with amazing agility, which made me feel lighter and more capable.

  I could hear Max in my head. “The first thing you learned in the pyramid is that the more control you have the worse the experience can become. Find your freedom in letting go of control. The next point in the information you need to move forward in your life is in your past. Look at the trying times and see the enlightenment that is always at hand. Listen, and trust it. Not everything is how it seems to us at the time we experience it. See the different perspective, learn the lesson and be released from the emotional burden. You did well, now rest!”

  I could hear him talking to me, however I didn’t really care, my body was exhausted. I was aching in places I couldn’t remember having. I just wanted to lay down on one of
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