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       Soul's Journey, p.18

           Joanne Johnson
like I’ve been on a teeter tauter, and just when I start to get the hang of things, he jumps off and I am left to free fall to the ground.”

  "I’ll leave you to your thoughts." He got up and walked away to leave me to digest this new information.

  This was sad and frustrating at the same time. I mourned the fact that I would never know Derrick sexually. I decided that I owed him an apology for last night. Things would have been a lot different if he had just shared this information with me honestly, earlier. That afternoon Derrick joined us for dinner. He was very distant and withdrawn. The dark circles under his eyes spoke volumes about how much rest he had gotten lately. He spoke only when spoken to, and looked down at his plate during dinner. He seemed to push more food around on his plate than what I saw enter his mouth.

  I made the most of the conversation; I spoke to his parents about the food, the castle, and their children.

  Shirley explained, "Derrick is the oldest of five children. He has always carried more responsibility than the rest. Derrick is 33, James 31, Trevor 29, Lisa 27 and, last but not least, Edward 25. They all prefer to live in your time. None of them have significant others yet but I do hope to have grandchildren someday."

  "Did you always live in this time?" I asked.

  “We both actually grew up and got married in your time. We found it like living in an anthill. There is too much busyness and people chasing their tail. Society has lost it values for faith and hope. People now think that money and possessions are the most important.”

  "I assume you both have your own gifts," I stated.

  "We all have gifts that are the same and some that are quite different. We also have tattoos, but we were born with ours. We didn’t have to find our stones to activate them."

  Without thinking, I blurted out, “Have all your children taken a vow of celibacy?”

  Derrick's gaze lifted from his plate to glare at his parents. He was unsure who had disclosed his secret. Abruptly, he excused himself from the table and stormed off.

  Shirley watched as Derrick stormed away and said, “At first, they all opened up to the possibility of love and relationships, until they realized they couldn’t be completely honest about who they are. Finding someone who is spiritually activated is the only way to be completely open and happy. They know that any relationship that is worth keeping demands no less. Therefore, one by one, they have all taken the vow, and now focus on their spiritual gifts. I have always known that each of them would find true love, eventually, because I know that each one of us has our equal in every way out there. I will, sooner or later, have grandchildren to spoil."

  I excused myself after dinner and wandered to the garden to sit on the bench. I noticed Frank was to my left, glaring at me as he had at other times. I watched his energy fade away after a few minutes and then made a mental note about the increasing strength of his power. I was looking up at the moon, daydreaming, when I realized that I was not alone. I could feel his energy, and looking around, I saw Derrick trying to sneak away.

  “Derrick,” I said. “Please wait. I would like very much to explain myself. I had no idea that my thinking about you in that way would affect you. I have been so wound up sexually that I was really trying to relieve myself of my own tension... I’m sorry.” I could feel my cheeks redden, explaining that I was touching myself intimately while thinking about him. I was utterly embarrassed, but I was not going to let him suffer any longer.

  He looked me in the eye, and said, “This is the first time in my life I have ever regretted my decision. I’ve lived like a monk for years, and until now I could always focus my mind on something else."

  "I’m truly sorry! I’ll control myself and stop teasing you. I respect your vow so I’ll shut off that side while I’m in your presence."

  "I’ve finished what I needed to do here. I think we should head back to our time tomorrow," he explained.

  "What are you going to do about Frank and his goons?"

  “I’ve thought about it for days now, and I know that I have to get my hands on the amulet and destroy it.”

  "Do you have any idea about how to go about it?” I asked.

  "Not yet, but I am hoping that it comes to me," he said. “I will be given the answers in time, I just need patience.”

  I walked over to him and held out my hand. It took him a minute, but he finally reached out, and grabbed it.

  I squeezed it and said, “Friends, okay.”

  He didn’t look me in the eye, but I heard him say, “Okay.”

  “I have to go and do some brainstorming, tonight so I’ll see you in the morning.” Then he left me standing there.

  Later in my room when the effort and exhaustion from the previous days had finally taken their toll, my dream began. It was very vivid. I was walking through what looked like an underground tunnel system. It was very dark and had the smell of dry dirt and roots. There was no light except from my Turad, but its light was not comforting me. I had a sense of being trapped and scared. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang and nearly jumped out of my skin. I had no idea where I was, or what was going on.

  Dirt particles were falling from above giving me the feeling of being buried alive. I dropped my Turad as more dirt continued to fall. I was stretched out on my belly and almost fully covered with dirt; my mouth was even full of dirt. I reached around trying to find my Turad in the pitch black. I could hear something flying above my head. My first thought was bats, and it made my skin crawl. I was frightened and alone.

  My hands searched frantically through the dirt for my Turad. The blackness was overwhelming my senses, and panic was setting in. Moving my hand in a widening search pattern, I was able to feel something warm and round in my palm. It made me feel more comforted. I managed to spit out the dirt and take a big breath as I continued the search for my Turad. As I moved my hand around in the dirt that had piled itself on top of me, I felt something vibrate and grabbed it. I pulled it from the dirt and the light emanated in the darkness. Just as I brought my other hand to the surface, I awoke in a full sweat. My heart pounded out of my chest, as I became aware of my surroundings.

  I felt claustrophobic and found it difficult to calm my heartbeat. I thought about the dream and vowed to go out of my way to avoid that excitement. I could hear the birds chirping and a new day was well on its way. I must have drifted off again because there was a knock at my door. I lifted my head to see Shirley standing inside the door.

  “Jordan, breakfast is ready, do you want to come down and eat before Derrick wants to leave?”

  “Thank you, Shirley; I’ll be down right away.”

  That was my worst sleep yet. If I don’t get some sleep soon I don’t think I will ever catch up. The darkness under my eyes will be hard to hide with no makeup handy.

  I thought to myself, on the way to breakfast, that there is no way I will enter a dark cave for any reason at all. I was setting a boundary, and that was final. I made a decision that when we got back to our time, I would be going to my parents to continue my vacation relaxing, instead of facing fears. All this excitement was getting to me. As I entered the breakfast room, everyone was waiting for me. I gave them a brilliant Jordan smile and wished them all a good morning.

  My eyes connected with Derrick’s immediately. I could feel the instant sexual energy, so I quickly looked away as I said “good morning”. This confirmed my decision. The sooner I was out of his space the better. I was looking forward to being back home in my normal life.

  The Fairy Rings

  After breakfast, I went back to my room to gather what few belongings I had, and collect my stones from under my pillow. With the stones safely placed in my pocket, I could not help but feel disappointed that I would never find the last one.

  As I sat on the bed, I thought about my adventure. It was amazing how my life had become a roller coaster of excitement. My mind drifted back to all those hot, stormy, sexual kisses, and my body seemed to heat up on demand and begin to tingle. I was entirely aroused almost i
nstantly. I wasn’t sure how long I had been day dreaming before I heard someone clear his voice.

  Startled, I looked over at the door, to see Derrick, looking angry with me again. I flushed and looked down, hoping that he was not able to sense where my mind was. I really felt like a child with my hand caught in the cookie jar. Maybe he didn’t know where my mind was, I hoped to myself, but it was becoming quite apparent that my thoughts weren’t my own. He spoke and his voice was unstable.

  “Are you ready? We are leaving in fifteen minutes. I see that you seem to suffer from a one-track mind.”

  I blushed and said, “I don’t know what you are referring too. I’m quite ready to go.” I straightened my posture, put my head up, and marched out the door. At the bottom of the stairs, I met Shirley and Thomas.

  Shirley hugged me. “It was wonderful meeting you Jordan. I know that we will see you again very soon. It’s important to know that you can trust him. He’ll be there for you no matter what.” I watched her put her hands up to her neck and take off a necklace. I didn’t have a chance to see what it looked like, before she grasped my wrist and placed it in the palm of my left hand.

  “What’s this for?” I asked meeting her sparkling blue eyes.

  “You’ll have a use for this later,” she replied smiling. “I’m overjoyed at doing my part to help you move forward with your journey.”

  “I’m not sure I understand.”

  “You’ll know all you need to know soon enough. Now, let me help you put it on,” she explained. “The pendant is made of turquoise crystal. You can give it back to me when we next meet, but for now, it’s yours.”

  She helped me put the long silver chain around my neck. The pendant sat between my breasts. It was a teal green, tear dropped shaped flat pendant. It was beautiful, but this piece of jewelry was larger than my normal choice. I felt guilty for taking her necklace, since I was sure I would not be seeing her again.

  She leaned in to give me another hug me and whispered in my ear, “See you later.”

  I knew that when we got back to our time Derrick and I would part ways. It was about time; I was behaving like a seventeen-year-old sex-starved boy who couldn’t control his desires. I could not even relieve myself sexually in his vicinity for fear he would feel the vibe and know what I was doing. My sexual tension kept building and building each bloody day. It was like an itch I could not scratch. I slowly walked with Shirley and Thomas to the yard.

  “Good luck,” Thomas said as he gave me a huge hug. “Remember bears only attack when they feel threatened.” I looked dumbfounded as my eyes followed Thomas. He turned to look directly at Derrick then smiled at me knowingly. I felt a small blush appear, catching on to what he was referring.

  His dad stood back from me as Derrick came closer. I watched as he hugged both his mom and dad and lovingly kissed his mom on the cheek. Just then, I remembered what it felt like to be kissed by those lips. The memory tingled my skin, and I felt a heat from somewhere below my waist. As I pulled myself out of the memory, I glanced at Derrick who was now scowling at me. There was that look again, the one that he had given me the other night before he stormed off.

  I waved goodbye to his parents. “You’d better go catch your bear,” Thomas said as I watched him smile.

  “I will, and thank you both for everything."

  Towards the edge of the yard, Derrick slowed down, and started looking at patches of grass that were a different color than the rest.

  “Have you never seen a Fairy Ring before?” I asked surprised by his actions.

  “Fairy Rings are gateways, or portals to different times. This one will take us back to our time,” he said. “I’ll program it so that when we return it will only be
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