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       Soul's Journey, p.17

           Joanne Johnson
able to shut it off. I was receiving mixed signals from him and was unsure what any of it meant. I replayed situations between us to see if I might have misunderstood their meaning. No, I was sure he was into me, but I did not understand why he felt the need to do things with me in his head and not physically. When morning finally came, I was more than a little irritable. Okay, I’ll admit it. I was extremely grumpy. When I looked around, I could see Derrick was awake and already eating when I finally sat up.

  “Make yourself some breakfast and then we’ll head out.” He spoke to me in a cold and controlled manner.

  “I’m not hungry,” I said. “Let’s just go.”

  “I don’t want to hear you complaining about how hungry you are in an hour,” he replied. “So make yourself some food.”

  “I’ll be fine,” I said, “so don’t tell me what to do.”

  “Ok, suit yourself, let’s go,” he said.

  I gathered up my things and we left our campsite. Both he and I were careful, for the next few hours that we didn’t stand in each other’s personal space. I wanted no reminder of the pleasure he had given me last night. I avoided all eye contact in order to keep the fire between us at bay. What that man did to my body while I was sleeping, was the most wonderful and erotic thing that had ever happened to me. I was annoyed because I still did not know for sure if he was messing with my head, or if he was into me. How dare he mess with my head?

  After an hour, Derrick spoke over his shoulder, “Are you still stewing? Do you need anything yet? You’re extremely quiet today, which is quite unusual for you,” he teased.

  “It’s amazing to me how quickly you’ve made yourself tiresome, Derrick. You are very confusing, and annoying at the same time.”

  “I see you’re still a little temperamental about last night. I’m sorry if I upset you.” I said nothing as my mind raced back to the information that I had learned recently. I was trying to avoid thinking about the incident to which he was referring.

  Frank suddenly appeared and I was able see his apparition for about two minutes. This was the longest appearance yet, so I knew his power was getting stronger. We were walking up the last hill before the castle, when I spoke to Derrick.

  “I saw Frank again. He’s able to hold his energy longer than before.”

  “I’ll have to get things done so that we can get back to our time and put an end to this,” Derrick replied.

  Of course, I took what he was saying to mean he was eager to have me out of his way. We finally reached the castle where his Mom was waiting at the door, with a huge inviting smile.

  “I was starting to get a little worried about you two,” she said.

  “We ran into some locals,” I informed her. “They weren’t too friendly.”

  “Dinner will be ready shortly, so why don’t you go up and wash. I’ll come and get you when it is ready,” she said. She looked at me strangely before saying. “Please tell me that Derrick was a gentleman on your journey?”

  I forced a smile and said, “Perfectly” then muttered under my breath…“unfortunately.”

  She smiled, “Give it time; you’ll see the dam break soon enough,” she said smiling as she walked away.

  “Does she always talk in riddle form, Derrick?” I asked.

  “Most of the time it’s worse,” he replied. “She is able to see far more than she says. We always find its better not to ask. Why don’t you go freshen up, I’ll see you later." He walked away and left me standing there.

  After having a much-needed, hot, bubble bath, and again washing my bra and panties, I headed back to my room with a towel wrapped around me. I entered my room to see a new change of clothes on the bed along with a lacy white nighty and housecoat. I looked at the nighty and thought that the idea of going to bed was preferable to having to sit across the table from Derrick tonight. I put on the nighty and lay in bed, allowing my body to relax. There was a knock on the door, but no one entered. I jumped out of bed to answer it.

  Shirley was standing there, and asked, “Aren’t you coming for dinner tonight?”

  “No thanks, I have a headache, and I would like to go to bed. I didn’t sleep well last night.”

  I was trying to conceal the real reason for my no show at dinner. I did not want her to know that it was Derrick I was avoiding.

  “Ok, I’ll bring you up a tray,” she said.

  “That would be nice, thank you,” I said grasping her hand.

  A short time later, she knocked at my door again, and brought in a tray filled with roast beef, potatoes, and gravy. She placed it on the nightstand, walked over to me and gave me a big hug.

  “Jordan, don’t worry, things will work out better than you can imagine.” She kissed my forehead and walked out the door winking at me as she went. “Have a good night, see you in the morning.”

  “You too, Shirley, and thank you again.”

  I tried not to put much thought into what she had said. I was snuggled in my bed for the night after eating most of my dinner. I was full, warm, and comfortable. I was ready for a good night’s sleep. I lay there trying to quiet my mind, but my thoughts went to the dream I had the night before, the hot erotic one. It was a shame, my first orgasm ever…and it was because of a dream. Even though it was only in my head, it was the most real experience I had ever encountered.

  The Mind Connection

  Just the thought of the dream made me wet and aroused. I tried to calm my mind, but before I knew it, my mind was replaying parts of the dream in my head. I decided I could play it out differently if I wanted. I found a comfortable spot in my bed and my thoughts immediately went to Derrick’s room. I was hoping that I would be able to visualize away some of my sexual frustration.

  I could see myself entering his room and watch him sleep peacefully in his bed. I was dressed in my white night gown as I moved closer to the bed. I slowly pulled his covers off and saw that he wore black boxers. I sat on his stomach and started to kiss his lips. I slid my tongue into his mouth and rubbed his shorts with my hand; I was so aroused. The more I visualized it, the easier it was to touch myself. Touching and kissing him slowly, I worked my way down his torso and to his boxers. I slowly moved his boxers down, and grabbed the end of his shaft; it was already standing at attention. I was hot, swollen, and wet.

  Nevertheless, I continued to try to relieve the pressure I had aroused within myself. I sat beside his body, kissing and licking the end of his shaft. I watched closely to make sure that when I went slower, we shared an intense connection with our eyes. The aroused look in his eyes gave me great satisfaction. I decided to put his entire shaft in my mouth and slowly stroked it up and down. I could hear him moaning with pleasure.

  There was a loud bang on my door, which brought me out of my daydream. I jumped out of bed to answer it, wondering who would be knocking at this time of night. I opened it to see Derrick standing there in his black boxers, glaring at me angrily. He stormed into my room slamming my door shut.

  “What the hell were you doing?” he roared. The look he gave me reflected his anger.

  “I was sleeping like most normal people at this time of night,” I yelled. He moved aggressively towards me. My legs hit the back of the bed and I no longer could back up.

  He was staring at me angrily as I looked him in the eyes and said, “What’s your problem? Why are you in my room half naked, in the middle of the night glaring and yelling at me?”

  He swallowed hard before speaking. “What the hell were you doing?”

  “I was trying to go to sleep,” I said. “What do you think I was doing?” trying to evade the question.

  “I want to know what you were thinking about when I started banging on the door,” he replied. I could feel the heat creep up my neck; I was glad that it was dark so that he could not see the extent of my whole body flush of embarrassment. I could not look him in the eyes as I tried to answer him, but what could I say.

  “You’re playing with fire, Miss Howard. I’ll be the one that gets burned if t
his continues. From now on, keep your mind and thoughts to yourself or you’ll be the one that gets a bigger commitment than you bargained for.”

  I looked up at him, slowly realizing that I had entered his dream world just as he had entered mine. I didn’t expect this surprise. I wanted to ask what he meant by that comment, but I was concerned about pulling this tiger’s tail anymore than I already had. He walked to the door, glared at me, and then left, slamming the door behind him. I lay back on the bed, surprised at how easily some of my gifts were becoming available for use. I also realized that I needed to be more careful because he was obviously very upset. My abilities were changing within me quicker than I believed possible. I knew he would not use his Druid mind trick on me again without the repercussions coming back to him.

  This interesting, new tool would come in handy in the future. As I lay on my bed, I knew I had reached an interesting understanding of my new friend. I made my way down for breakfast in the morning and could smell the coffee before I entered the room. I sat at my spot at the table, poured myself a large cup of coffee, and added the cream.

  “This’ll hit the spot,” I said as I looked up and noticed that Derrick’s seat was empty. I wished Thomas and Shirley a good morning and made conversation. I thought about Derrick, and wondered if he managed to get more sleep than I did.

  Shirley must have noticed my expression and relayed the following.

  “He couldn’t sleep, so at some point during the night, he got up to try and make the Druid potion, using the plant he brought back with you yesterday.”

  I smiled, knowing the real reason that he was not able to sleep.

  The Vow

  After breakfast, I headed to the garden to get some fresh air. I was enjoying the solitude when Thomas came out, to where I was sitting, and asked if I wanted a glass of iced tea.

  “Yes that would be great, thanks,” I said. He pulled out two plastic cups, and his Turad. In no time, I was enjoying a nice, cold glass of iced tea.

  “I need to talk to you about Derrick. I believe there are things about him that you should be aware. I’m assuming from his mood lately, he hasn’t told you,” he began to explain.

  I was surprised and asked, “What exactly are you talking about"?

  “When Derrick was eighteen, he dated, but found it difficult to find a girl who would understand who and what he was. When he turned twenty-five, he made a vow to his higher power. Instead of finding a relationship to fit into his life, he chose not to have a relationship at all. When a Druid makes this choice, his power then strengthens and he is given more responsibility and stronger gifts. But it is written that he will not be able to have a casual, sexual relationship with anyone without there being consequences to his actions.”

  "What consequences would make him act this way?" I asked.

  "The most important one is that he has to marry the girl he has sex with by the next full moon of their act, or lose half his Druid gifts. In other words, he has taken a vow of celibacy. I believe that he thought he would never find a girl who would fit into his life, so he never felt it would be a problem. He has spent years as a loner, avoiding all female contact, so he didn’t feel he was missing anything. Think of it this way; it’s as if he swore off chocolate and you are a wonderful smelling chocolate bar under his nose, and he is being constantly reminded of what he gave up.”

  "Shirley and I have found him to be the burliest bear lately, the only thing that we could think about is that maybe it’s you. If he hasn’t shared his secret with you yet, then we thought you should know. His crankiness has been the worst I’ve ever seen."

  "Thanks for the information; you’re right he hadn’t shared it with me. This does explain a lot in the mood swing department. I feel
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