Souls journey, p.16
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       Soul's Journey, p.16

           Joanne Johnson
dismay, he only moved slightly. Pushing him was like pushing a brick wall. I stormed away from him, frustrated and angry. He ran after me and grabbed my wrist to turn me around; the asshole still had a grin on his face. I raised my other hand to plant a good slap on his face, however, he was quicker than he looked and he managed to get a hold of my other wrist.

  "How dare you laugh at my expense?"

  "If you hadn’t jumped you wouldn’t have found the stone," he said.

  I became distracted remembering the stone I had retrieved and reached inside my bra to pull it out. The stone was pink and shiny. I rolled it around in the palm of my hands for us to look at.

  "You’ll have to find one more stone before all the stones can integrate into your body." He lifted up the back of his shirt and said, "The stones will create a design that looks like this Celtic symbol on your lower back."

  I looked at his tattoo and asked, "Will my design look like that one?"

  "No. Your tattoo will resonate with your own unique gifts. It will probably look more feminine than mine."

  "What is your symbol?"

  "It is a druid master symbol. I have had it since I was born. All my family has had their symbols since birth. They’re all very different."

  "My parents have symbols on their backs, but they told us that they were a reminder from their Woodstock days. That would explain why every time we bring it up they look at each other strangely."

  "Where are your other stones?" he asked.

  "I have left them under my pillow at your parent’s house."

  "You need to make sure that they do not fall into the wrong hands, before they have a chance to integrate into your body. Your stones can be used against you. If someone has your stones in their hands and they know how to use them, they will be able to remotely view all your thoughts and feelings at any given moment."

  "What are the stones used for?"

  “The stones are actually crystals. Each one carries a magical property that can help the user move forward into their spiritual potential. When you are born, your angels keep your stones protected until the time is right for you to find them. The stones allow the user to move into their druid powers slowly, so that their abilities will not be integrated too quickly, and become overwhelming. Each tattoo is very different according to the owner’s energy. Once you have your tattoo you will never be what you would call ‘normal’ again."

  I watched him walk over and pull a large, purple, flowering plant out of the ground. He looked at the plant for a moment before wrapping it in a burlap sack and placing it in his pack.

  "What’s the plant for?” I asked.

  "I’ll need it to make a potion that will send the amulet that Frank has to a dimension where it carries no power. This plant is called Fairy Wood. When mixed with other plants, it has the ability to negate the power of an object and send it to another dimension. No matter what power Frank has, I knew from the vision you had at the cabin that he needed to be dealt with in this way. It is really our only option, not knowing which amulet he has obtained."

  He looked at me for a long moment then asked, "Do you want to make camp, or would you rather continue on foot for about three hours and sleep at my parents?"

  I looked at him for a second, and then said, "I’d rather rest and get an early start tomorrow." I’d been able to let go of the waterfall incident and was fully hoping that we would have a continuation of the passion we had shared earlier this afternoon.

  He started a fire with his Turad.

  “That explains why you sent me for wood before,” I said laughing. "You didn’t want me to see how you’d done it. I can see how it would lead to too many questions. It also explains your choice in food that day."

  "I picked a food that night that I thought you would find believable. There were many cans in the cupboard that I could have opened, but I’m sure if I had actually used any of them, you would have ended up with food poisoning."

  "You should sit by the fire, and practice using your Turad. Tonight’s dinner is on you," he said.

  I smiled and thought, ‘that sounds fun.’

  I watched him leave the campsite and I sat at the fire and thought about what I was craving. Then I smiled; I would love a stuffed potato with sour cream, Caesar salad, and a nice juicy steak. I thought about what I wanted with all the trimmings and then hit my Turad on my hand.

  I received exactly what I thought of and then realized that I needed to be more prepared and have a plate handy, because the food shows up exactly as I vision it, except no plate. The food was piled on top of itself on my outstretched hand, so I had portions of my salad falling on the ground.

  Derrick came back to the fire and laughed."I think I’ll make my own meal," he said as I started to eat portions of my meal. I had to eat it with my fingers, because I didn’t have any utensils. I watched Derrick create a double cheeseburger, and he devoured it hungrily.

  He took out the metal cup he had given me earlier, touched it with his Turad and passed it over to me. I could see the steam coming from the top of the cup. I grabbed it and wondered what he had made for me this time. I took a big sip. It was thick and delicious. He had made me a wonderful cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. It tasted amazing. After dinner, we sat next to the fire and enjoyed the quiet.

  In time, we were settling in for the night. My mind had been very busy most of the evening and I had been able to keep my attraction to this man at a slow burn. That was, until he sat down beside me, then I could feel the slow burn turn into a raging fire. I could not help but notice that he had kept a comfortable distance between us and he had made certain not to look me in the eye. He was trying hard to keep it casual.

  “Aren’t you tired of being the perfect gentleman, Derrick? Do you always have to be in total control?” I asked.

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I watched him smile as his eyes danced with amusement.

  "I know I’m not the only one who feels this sexual energy between us. Every time I look into your eyes, I feel the energy. When you stand behind me, I know it instantly, before I’ve seen you. I feel our chemistry, and I don’t think it is only one-sided after this afternoon’s passion."

  He looked away and said, “This is a potential distraction that I don’t need at this time. I have a lot on my plate, and some things are higher on the ladder than our sexual energy. You’re right, my body does scream for you, but my mind needs to keep things in perspective, right now.”

  As he spoke, he picked up his things and moved across the fire. He sat down staring at me, and then bunched his coat up into a ball and lay down facing away from me.

  "Ok, Derrick, and thank you for being honest. I was starting to think that I wasn’t attractive enough for you." I returned, feeling a little embarrassed by my impatience.

  “That, sweetheart, is the last thing that you should think,” he replied. “I have expectations and obligations to others that come before my own personal satisfaction. I am sorry you are disappointed.”

  I caught the sexual gaze he directed my way over his shoulder. Within a second, he had glanced away knowing he had rekindled an erotic heat wave down below. I didn’t remember ever being so sexually aroused. I lay down on the ground and tried to relax, but I knew it would be quite a while before my body cooled off enough so that I could go to sleep.

  The Connection

  As I relaxed, I unexpectedly felt him kissing me. The kisses were hot and erotic reaching every part of exposed skin. They seemed to start at my stomach, and move their way up my body. Where his lips touched, there was a small fire burning. I felt as if I were being engulfed in flames. My fingers were entangled in his soft, dark hair. I reached for his shirt to pull it off as I had before. His hands were instantly on mine and he slowly moved my hands above my head, where he kept them pinned in place. I was not sure where my shirt and bra had gone, but I was naked above the waist.

  His free hand moved to caress my firmly engorged, perky breasts. His tongue and mou
th followed swiftly behind. My skin ached with need everywhere he touched me. My mind was racing. I needed more and I started to moan loudly.

  “I want more, please. Hurry,” I moaned.

  “Your breasts are beautiful, Jordan,” he whispered in my ear.

  I felt his free hand slip into the waistband of my pants and move downward. His mouth was back on my lips and I felt him slip his tongue between my lips. I was so aroused I thought I would explode from the heat of his passion. His hand had made its way inside my underwear. I moved my legs apart to allow easier access to the place that needed more attention at this point. I felt swollen, hot, and wet as his hand found the heated core of my body. I could hear myself moan again as he found the little bud of pleasure and encircled it with his fingers. His lips moved down to cover, tease, and suck my sensitive, engorged breasts. I felt my body writhing beneath him. The intensity was so amazing that I wanted more… I needed more.

  I could hear myself begging, “More please.”

  I was feeling so hot and aroused I could hardly stand it as I arched my back up. I struggled to break my hands free to start his torture, but he firmly placed more of his weight on my wrists so I could not free them.

  I heard him whisper, “It can’t be. Enjoy and release.”

  I could feel his fingers circle faster, with more pressure on the swollen nub between my mounds and the pleasure intensified. The excitement was building and building while his mouth created new heat on my breasts and nipples. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more aroused and turned on, my body experienced its first huge, earth-shattering climax. I felt wave after wave roll through me. The noise I was making must have been loud for I awoke myself from my sleep.

  I sat up and was swollen, satisfied, and alone. Never in my life had I experienced an orgasm for real, let alone in a dream, but I was sure that was what I had just experienced. This was the most intense sex dream I had ever had. My pants, shirt, and coat were still in place as I slowly felt my way through my clothes. My clothes were as they should have been; nothing was missing or removed from its place.

  I glanced across the fire to see Derrick smiling over at me. I could see clearly from his jeans that he was aroused and he had the look of a cat stalking his prey. I cleared my throat and blushed. When the heat from my face disappeared, I was able to speak.

  “I’m sorry if I woke you. I was having a bad dream.” I said as I looked down to the ground, trying to hide my lie. I was hoping that he did not know what I was really dreaming about. I was trying to convince myself that what he was experiencing was morning wood in his pants, and it had nothing to do with me.

  “No,” he spoke. “You didn’t wake me. I woke you with my dream. I just wanted you to know that you are playing with fire. The energy between us is very intense. If I can do that to your mind, imagine what I can do to your body.”

  “There’s no way that was your dream,” I laughed aloud. I was trying to disguise my uneasiness.

  “Don’t you think it’s strange that you weren’t allowed to touch me, considering it was your dream?” he smiled. “And, I also know you weren’t completely naked in the dream.” Shocked, I could feel my face heat up until the blush took over my whole body. He was right; how would he know any of the intimate details unless he had been part of the dream?

  “It’s a Druid mind trick, but it felt real didn’t it,” he replied smiling.

  I said, “No.” Then rolled over away from him to allow my body and mind time to cool down. “I don't know what you are talking about,” I muttered over my shoulder.

  I was annoyed that he would just screw with my mind, denying any physical connection. What kind of game was he playing with me anyway?

  My brain was running a marathon, and I was not
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