Souls journey, p.15
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       Soul's Journey, p.15

           Joanne Johnson

  I asked dumbfounded, “Why did you stop?”

  He stood up and turned away, “I don’t think I can stop myself if we get started.” He was walking away from me as if he could not get rid of me fast enough.

  “Maybe, I don’t want you to stop." I exclaimed in frustration and raced after him. “Derrick I have never felt this kind of intensity and fire with anyone else. I’d like to see it through.”

  I could see the sexual tension emanating through his body. I grabbed his arm and pulled him around to face me. The arousal in his eyes was convincing enough for me to push. I thought I felt his personal and emotional struggle, tormenting him internally. I will put this man out of his misery I thought as I reached my arms around his neck and planted the most sensual kiss on his soft lips. I was hoping for a replay of before. In an instant, the fire between us was burning out of control. His hands were on the back of my shirt pulling it up over my head. He broke off his kiss just long enough to take his fill of my breasts, which were spilling out of my new red bra.

  My hands were on his shirt and I ripped the first two buttons off before I finally figured out how to get them undone. My next goal was the belt. He grabbed my hands as I moved lower.

  “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; you need to slow down a bit. I’d hate to see you sprain something in your haste,” he said in a teasing tone.

  He had undone my bra and was paying careful attention to my breasts. I moaned aloud with great pleasure. His mouth was nibbling on one of my nipples; I could feel my body going into a sexual frenzy. I felt him pull my yoga pants down and off my feet, as he guided me onto the ground. The focal point of his kisses moved on to a new location, as he made his way back up my neck and collarbone. His mouth reclaimed mine in an eager, but gentle manner. He stopped for a second to gaze at my attire. I was glad I had the foresight to wear my matching red string bikini underwear. This was not a time for my granny panties. I knew I looked like a goddess; it seems funny that underwear can make you feel hot or not.

  I was so excited I could feel the passion rising. I reached again for his pants. I worked his belt loose, and unbuttoned his fly wondering who wore button fly anymore. I struggled to free the last two buttons in my haste to remove his clothes. I pulled the legs of his jeans off as well as his shoes. He was gorgeous!!! He had the longest most muscular legs I had ever seen.

  He was lying on his back, while I kissed the sensitive skin, traveling up his left leg. Legs like these need special care and attention, I thought. Every kiss that landed on his skin was creating a sizzling reaction. I watched his excitement build as I moved closer to my destination point. I could see how turned on he was, and it made me even more aroused. As I reached his underwear, I pulled them slowly down, and blessed his inner thighs with kisses. I looked up to see if he enjoyed the special attention, I was giving him. His eyes spoke volumes about how turned on he was; they almost did a dance of joy. It was at this moment, I noticed the tall man’s apparition hovering not too far from us.

  “Oh my God,” I screamed and sat up trying to cover myself with my hands. I could see him for longer this time so I knew it was not my imagination. He seemed to be grinning as if he was actually watching us move around our sexual bases.

  Derrick sat up with a shocked look and said, “What’s wrong?”

  “I think I just saw the man that has been chasing us, standing by that tree over there. He was just watching and grinning in a very creepy way,” I replied feeling a cold chill.

  "Have you seen him before today?” he asked.

  I said, “Yes, but I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me. This has been the longest I’ve seen him, before it was only like a flash, and then he was gone.”

  “He must have found the amulet,” he said obviously surprised. “That would have been what he used instead of a Turad. It all makes sense now.”

  "What amulet?" I asked.

  As much as I wanted to continue, I knew the passion had to wait. I stood up, grabbed my scattered clothes, and started to put them on.

  “Let’s hear it,” I said.

  “Thousands of years ago, magic was everywhere. People would use magic everyday as if it was no big deal. There were magical warriors that carried many gifts, and they used some of the same gifts that we use today. In that time people would use magic and never think about the consequences of their actions, or how they could hurt someone else by their actions. We called the society Atlantis; people eventually destroyed themselves and the island they lived on.”

  “It has been told, that if you choose to use magic for your own selfish needs, some of your gifts will be blocked. If someone were to make another person do something that was against that person’s will, it was considered invasive. When the prophecy intuitively started to circulate through the communities that Atlantis was going to have an earthquake, and then sink to the bottom of the ocean, the people who used their gifts for the greater good, managed to get off the island. The others never got the message and went down with it.”

  “Most of our ancient relics are from Atlantis. They all have some magical power, but the average person does not know how to use them. These relics have been hidden in secret places for thousands of years, or the Vatican has them hidden in its personal vault below the building. The amulet has the ability to give the wearer incredible power that can’t be blocked.”

  “Frank, the tall one, now has great power, but he doesn’t have the knowledge or attunement of the symbols necessary to access the fairy rings. This explains why he is in need of me. I still don’t understand why he would go back into the past unless he wanted to change it in some way. With the amulet, he has the ability to astral travel, which is why you see a ghost-like appearance of him. The longer you see him, the more power he has acquired.”

  “It explains a lot,” he continued. “I was unsure where Frank had received his gifts from, and was stumped at how he could use force with me and still keep them. Using the amulet, he doesn’t need to activate his gifts and can take what he wants without worrying about the consequences.”

  I felt like I had stepped into a movie, and was waiting for someone to yell “cut, or action.” It was funny how the reality I had known had changed in such a short time span.

  “We should get back to the waterfall, so you can follow your vision,” Derrick said.

  The Waterfall

  I picked up my Turad, and placed it inside the waistband of my pants. The fear of the jump hit me again. How was I to muster up the courage to jump to what might be my death? I wondered how deep the water was, and if there were rocks that I would hit on the bottom. The stress of the situation hit me again. I could feel the anxiety of it rising to the surface. I thought perhaps my brain was playing tricks on me, and it was not that high up. It would not hurt to take a second look. I walked over to the edge, and peered below.

  "I wish there was an easier way," I said hoping for a different answer.

  He smiled at me sympathetically, and said, “You wouldn’t have been brought this far to die on the rocks below.”

  “There are rocks below?” I asked. “I think that I need to walk to the bottom of the waterfall and swim in rather than jump. I need to be sure,” I explained.

  “Whatever happened to having faith and trusting that things will be all right?” he replied.

  “I have always leaned towards the more cautious side of things. I will check and double-check for my own piece of mind. I have never been able to live outside the box. I would say that I have always been overly cautious.”

  “Now would be a great opportunity for you to overcome that tendency. We do not really have time for you to take the two-hour hike down, so that you can take a twenty-minute swim to see if it is safe. You received your vision for a reason, follow it exactly, and you’ll be safe,” he explained.

  I stood for a few minutes looking down, and struggled, trying to get my feet to move. It felt like I had cement boots on. I tried to force myself to jump, thinking that this had
to be a dream and it would be fine. I hated feeling like a chicken. What was worse, Derrick seemed to be enjoying my struggle. I looked at him directly as he came to stand beside me.

  “I can’t do it,” I declared. “I don’t have the strength to make myself jump, so I’m not going to get the next stone. It’s just too high a price to pay without knowing what’s at the bottom.” I looked at Derrick and saw amusement dance through his eyes. He had the audacity to smile openly, without any regard to my distress.

  “What are you smiling about? Are you making fun of me?” I yelled frustrated.

  “I’ve had few pleasures in my life,” he said smiling, “but this will be one of the greatest memorable moments.”

  “What do you mean?” I asked.

  He shoved me off the ledge… I couldn’t believe it. The look on my face must have been priceless. The surface of the water was rushing towards me and all I could do was brace my body for the inevitable pain. As I hit, I was completely surprised at how refreshing the cool water felt. When I came back to the surface, I swore at Derrick silently not wanting to give him any more satisfaction for pushing me over the edge. I vowed then, that he was not to get away with this without consequence. I checked my body for any injuries or breaks that may have occurred from the impact. Realizing that everything was fine, I retrieved my Turad. It lit up as I touched it. I had survived, no thanks to that jerk. He would get more than a piece of my mind when I saw him next.

  After taking a large breath, I dove under the crystal, clear water and within a few seconds, I had found the bottom. With my Turad in front, just like in my dream, a huge iridescent door appeared, and I grabbed the golden handle to yank it open. It was more difficult than it had looked in my dream, going against the water’s weight. Inside the door was a statue of an enormous stone dragon that stood with its mouth open. As in the dream, I reached inside his mouth and felt around for the stone.

  A bolt of electric current hit me as I brushed my hand against something smooth. My hand felt shaky as I grabbed the egg shaped object. I was thankful for the light of my Turad, or I would have been completely in the dark. Realizing that I needed my arms to get to the surface quickly, I placed the egg in my bra and my Turad in the waist of my yoga pants and headed for the surface. As I broke the surface of the water, I took a much-needed breath of air. It was the longest I had ever held my breath.

  After resting a few moments, I headed towards the closest shore. I crawled out of the refreshing water, and lay on the sandy edge giving thanks for solid ground. I rolled to my back, closed my eyes and basked in the warmth of the sunshine. I had now conquered another scary obstacle. I felt both relieved and amazed at my survival of such a fall, when suddenly a large human form cast a long dark shadow upon me, and blocked out the warming rays of the sun. Luckily, it was Derrick and I was eager to vent my frustration towards him. I quickly stood up, and using all my strength shoved him backwards.

  “How dare you? I could have been killed,” I spoke trying not to notice he barely moved at all.

  "I used to jump off that ledge many times as a child. My brothers and I used to think it was proof of our bravery. I knew you’d be fine,” he smiled.

  "You could have told me that before you shoved me off! I’ve never been so terrified in my life!”

  He smiled again and said, “That one action has created enormous amounts of satisfaction for me, and the look on your face was priceless. Not only that, but you have to learn to have faith in yourself and in your visions. This has been a great learning experience for you."

  He actually had the balls to laugh in front of me. I shoved him again, but to my
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