Souls journey, p.13
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       Soul's Journey, p.13

           Joanne Johnson
been thrown at me, that smelled horrible, but breathing was unpleasant.

  I sat there in the evening heat of the day, tied with a stinky rope. I was tired, scared, and angry with myself for not avoiding this situation as Derrick had. I immediately wondered where he had disappeared to, and whether he was going to help me escape. The sun was getting lower in the sky and it would be dark soon. My only hope was that I would be able to escape before the sun came up again.

  I heard a noise behind me. It was a white woman dressed in native garb. She placed a bowl of food beside me and said, “My name is Little Sparrow. You need to eat this food. It will help build your strength because you’re going to need it in the next few weeks."

  "What’s going to happen to me?" I asked.

  "They will leave you tied to this post for three days to break your spirit. Then you will be passed around as the village whore, unless someone steps forward to claim you as his wife. According to our medicine man, you carry great power and can bring our village great abundance. He has seen lots of celebration and happiness after you come to the village."

  "Once you find your place here, your life will be better. If you are a generous lover to the first few men, one will take you as a wife right away, before the others have had a chance to bed you. The important men in the village get to enjoy you first. You need to think ahead and please the first man that beds you. I was lucky, the first lover I had was the one that picked me for his wife."

  She touched my shoulder and squeezed it tenderly before saying. "I need to leave you now so take care tonight; I will see you to break your fast in the morning.” I remembered reading about ‘break your fast’ being the old version of saying breakfast, but I had never heard someone say it. This had the feel of a dream. I could feel the panic set in. I would not go willingly to the bed of anyone in this time or any other. Where was Derrick? Did he just abandon me? It looked as though I would have to be the hero of my own story.

  When the sun had set fully, I watched all the people enter their teepees. I put on my thinking cap. How would I get out of this? I had always believed that when a door shut, a window would open, so I was just going to have to wait. I was cold, hungry, tired and alone. I tried frantically not to allow the pity party to enter, but it was becoming a struggle. I was afraid to eat the food the woman had left for fear it might make me sick. They did not have fridges or antibacterial soap in this time.

  Through the trees, I could see a shadow lingering. It had the resemblance of the tall man that had been chasing Derrick and me. I gave my head a shake and looked back, but the shadow had disappeared. That was strange I thought, maybe I was so tired that my mind was playing tricks on me.

  The whole village was quiet and I seemed to be the only one stirring. The rope around my hands was painful; it was wearing off more than one layer of skin. The more I wiggled around for freedom the worse the pain became. I decided to sit and close my eyes; maybe I would come up with a great plan.

  I felt the pressure in my head as a vision started. I could see a young woman who had flowing red hair. She seemed to be tied in the same way against a tree. The vision continued, I watched her close her eyes, and then a sharp rock from a few feet away came to her. She used the rock to cut the rope and free herself.

  As she walked away from the tree, she turned as if she was looking straight at me and said, “Imitation is the best form of flattery, Jordan. Use the tool that moved the pebble earlier with Derrick to bring the rock to you.” The vision stopped as did the pressure in my head. That was weird; this vision was interactive.

  I thought about what I had seen and decided to try it. I looked around my surroundings until I spotted the rock with the sharpest corner. I closed my eyes, relaxed and focused my attention on bringing the rock to my hand. It was a lot harder for me to master than it had been for the woman in my vision. I was getting supremely frustrated by the time I was able to even wiggle the rock. The movement gave me confidence so I persisted. When the rock was finally in my hand, I immediately used it to cut the rope. It was time consuming but finally I had freedom. I had mastered moving the pebble. Derrick was right; my gifts were getting stronger.

  I looked around for an escape and saw the river. I quietly ran to the river and waded in. This would help with the smell and all the aches and pains. The water was chillier than I expected, but I waded in nonetheless. I swam over to a fallen log and pulled it into deeper water with me. I was hoping that I would be able to float on it and travel down the river silently. The log seemed to be quite buoyant, and held my weight fine. Holding on to the log, I allowed my legs to float behind me.

  I had traveled about a mile down river when I unconsciously glanced at the shore. There was Derrick waving at me. I wasn’t sure how long he had followed me before I actually noticed him. I slowly made my way to the edge of the river where he was standing and he gave me his hand to help me out.

  "I was just coming to rescue you when you bolted for the river. I was waiting for all the activity to settle down before I ran in to free you, but I was too late. You had already accomplished it by yourself."

  He took one look at the rope burns on my wrists, and then asked, “How did you manage to get loose?” He placed his hand in the small of my back. "Please tell me, but let’s walk. We need to put some distance between us and them before sunrise, the more distance the better." He placed his warm coat on my back and I slipped my arms in the sleeves. My body was warming up, but I was still in shock and I didn’t realize how cold I was, until he placed his coat on my back.

  The Details

  I started to explain the details of my vision and what I had learned from the red haired angel. He walked in silence, and then turned around to face me, "I have a story to tell you. Organizations such as the government and the church have always controlled our world. They make the rules and regulations that we live by to keep society from falling apart. With any power that lies in the hands of a few, there is always the potential for greed. Our belief, a Mayan belief, is that we are coming to a stage in our lives called the awakening. In this time, the consciousness of the planet as a whole will change. People are becoming aware that what they do in their lives on a daily basis affects everyone else, and even the planet, either positively or negatively. Absolutely everything is felt on a soul level, which means that if you intentionally hurt someone, his or her pain eventually connects back with you on some level. Unconsciously we are beginning to change who we are in order to live more harmoniously with each other and the planet.”

  "People are finding their lives unsatisfactory, so we are forced to search for who we are on a soul level. We need to find what makes us happy and content, and how can we create more peace and harmony in our lives. This has a positive effect on everyone who lives and works around us.”

  "Many years ago, there was a priest who believed in our cause and started placing symbols in the bodies of church members, believing that one day, through the generations, the symbols would be activated at the right time. People have spent many years getting lost in their lives, with possessions, jobs, money, and prestige occupying most of their time. People have spent lifetimes wrapped up with the superficial part of life, but getting lonelier and more confused at a soul level. This is why the magic has stayed dormant and unacknowledged for so long. The people who have the symbols will help create and activate the symbols in others. I believe that is why you have been brought into my life."

  "That explains a lot,” I said. “It would explain why none of my sisters have activated their symbols. They are all consumed with the superficial part of their lives."

  "For you to need to activate it now, your parents must have activated their symbols recently, or you would have been born activated,” he said.

  "My parents are all about connecting and enjoying life. So it does not surprise me to know that they are activated,” I replied. “However, I don’t think that they were activated until about twenty years ago. My parents went away on a holiday and came back different. T
hey no longer cared about money and material possessions. Their focus changed to finding peace within themselves."

  "When someone is activated, it changes their entire life. They never look at their life the same again." Our attention was distracted by the sound of hooves thundering off to our right.

  Derrick looked me in the eye, "Remember the happy place and use it to make yourself invisible!”

  It took me a few minutes to muster the energy to raise my vibration and hold the feeling, but then I did disappear. I watched in silence as a group of native men rode by on their horses, over a grassy hill. I could hear what sounded like cheers similar to that of a celebration. As I walked over the hill, still invisible, I could see hundreds of buffalo. That is what the old man saw with his vision of abundance and celebration; the buffalo would bring happiness to their tribe. Derrick grabbed my hand and pulled me forward on the path. I wondered how he was able to see me and to grab my hand.

  “They will forget about you momentarily with all the buffalo around. From what my parents say, food has been scarce for them lately.”

  It was hard maintaining the energy to stay invisible when I was dead tired. I could catch glimpses of myself when walking, and then I would disappear again.

  "You need to get some rest," he said. I was visible now, and I stumbled along behind him, barely able to keep my head up.

  Derrick placed his arm around my waist to help support me. My legs were starting to buckle under my weight, and I just wanted to lie down and sleep. Without warning, Derrick scooped me up into his arms. I found it easy to nestle against his chest as I drifted off to sleep. I was not sure how far he walked as I rested, but when he set me on my feet again, it felt as if I had slept for hours. Dawn was fast approaching, so we began looking for a place to settle in. We came to a huge spruce tree. The branches were large and hung over the ground, making a great shelter. I crawled into the shelter and sat down at the base of the tree.

  Derrick grabbed a pair of his sweat pants out of his backpack and told me to get out of my pants so they could dry overnight. I stumbled into the pants. I didn’t even care if he watched, but when I looked over, he had turned his head the other way. I was swimming in his pants, but they were soft and warm, which was what my body needed. We sat down beside each other, and I rested my head against his body.

  Even with my previous nap, I was still too tired to be aroused by his scent. I took a big breath in before my eyes closed and I immediately went to sleep. When I finally opened my eyes much later, I found myself alone under the branches of the tree. I noticed I was lying on the ground with my face resting peacefully on a pile of dirt. I brought my head up and looked around. It was very bright outside, and I could smell something amazing. I walked out of the shelter, and noticed that the sun was high in the sky. I calculated that it must be close to noon.

  "What’s for breakfast?” I asked.

  "You had better call it brunch, and you will see soon enough," he said.

  It smelled amazing. He handed me two pieces of bread, and between them was a slab of bacon and an egg.

  "What! No coffee?" I asked sarcastically.

  He smiled, “I’d hate your day to start out on the wrong foot,” he replied as he handed me a coffee. I put the metal cup in my hand and smelled. There is nothing more enjoyable than the smell of coffee when you wake up. I took a large bite of my sandwich. The taste was heavenly.

  “You must be prepared for everything in your backpack,” I said. “I don’t think I could whip up this meal with the little

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