Souls journey, p.12
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       Soul's Journey, p.12

           Joanne Johnson
periods. As you just watched, the rocks cannot touch my body because the force field I created will stop it. Now close your eyes and try again."

  I closed my eyes, but my mind started to wander. I was thinking about how it worked and if I would be able to do it. While I was busy thinking, I felt a pebble hit me on the arm. I opened my eyes.

  “Hey, what are you doing?"

  “You’re not focusing on the task at hand. Maybe this will help,” he said. I watched him pick up a baseball that was lying on the ground near his feet. He held the ball close to my stomach and continued. “Visualize this ball as a ball of energy growing until it surrounds your body for about two feet. Now close your eyes and do what I asked."

  I tried again, closing my eyes and visualized the ball of energy at my stomach, expanding out two feet around me. I heard a pebble hit the ground. I opened my eyes to see Derrick smiling and nodding his head in affirmation.

  "I did it. That was easier than I thought."

  "Let’s try it one more time for good measure," he said. I closed my eyes; I could hear the pebble hit the ground.

  I opened my eyes and exclaimed, "I didn’t feel a thing!"

  "The last tool I will teach you today is how to raise your vibration enough so that you can’t be seen by the naked eye."

  While Derrick spoke, he paced in front of me, and suddenly he was gone. I reached my hand out to touch him and I felt his arm brush mine; the connection with his energy sent my body a physical sensation of pure desire almost immediately. I quickly pulled my hand back and backed away as if his touch hurt.

  The image of last night’s kiss rose impatiently to the surface. I hadn’t realized I had been trying to suppress the passionate feelings that stirred within me. The energy we shared between us was almost frightening; I had never felt such raw need in my life. The more I tried to bury it, the more it raged to the surface. It felt like my feelings and emotions had become the enemy. By the time I pulled myself out of my head, he was visible again. He is good looking, I couldn’t deny it.

  "Now you need to try it for yourself. Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on something happy. Like a movie that ended great, or a book you liked. Focus on how it made you feel. The positive feeling from the happy conclusion will increase your positive energy. The more positive energy your body emits the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration and focus of your thoughts, the less visible you will become to the naked eye. The last stone you found would have activated this tool for you. You will realize later, once your energy is stronger, that when you think about someone else you will be able to feel their emotions easily within your own body."

  Feel someone else’s emotions in my body? What was he talking about? Sometimes I felt that he was talking to me in a foreign language that I didn’t yet understand.

  “You’re not doing what I asked,” he said. “Now remember a happy movie.”

  The last movie I saw popped into my head. I thought of the characters finding true love at the end, and I focused my attention on the warm happy feeling. I opened my eyes only to discover that I could no longer see my body. This is great, I thought, but as soon as I lost focus, my body became visible again.

  He was smiling at me. “Great job, let’s go get some lunch put together because we’re going on a sightseeing tour this afternoon."

  “That’s it? I really want to try that again. I need more practice,” I replied.

  “As the days progress your gifts will get easier to use, we’ll practice later on. Right now, we have to go so we can make the most out of our daylight. Pack some warmer clothes. My mother said she would leave some of my sisters’ clothes on your bed so that you would have something to wear.”

  As I entered my room, I noticed there was a pile of clothes. His sister had good taste. It would feel good to wear clothes that fit somewhat better. A man’s shirt and trousers did nothing to make me feel like a woman. Searching through the pile, I found a pair of yoga pants. There was a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt to go with the pants. I didn’t notice any under garments, so I would have to wear my own again. I was thankful that I had washed them. As I slipped into the clothes, I felt very feminine and sensual again. The thing I liked about yoga pants is that they made my ass look great. I finished off the outfit with a large sweatshirt.

  I thought I would head into the garden and sit on the grass. The grass smelled so fresh and the air so clean. It was funny how I had never really noticed the smell of anything while living in the city. The aromatic scent of flowers with a hint of herbs floated on the air, soothing and relaxing me. I closed my eyes trying to absorb all that I had learned. I felt completely peaceful and full of joy for the first time since I was a child. I had always had the feeling that I was different from everyone else, but I could never put my finger on why I felt this way, now it made sense.

  New Angel

  I lay down on the ground and felt the energy of the earth. It seemed to make my body pulsate. I was relaxed and it felt like I was floating. All the agitation that was in my mind was visible on my body; it looked like painted grey spots stuck all over the outside of my body. When I looked at each spot, the energy felt heavy and weighed me down. I focused on one spot and could clearly see in my mind that it was the conversation with Megan that day in the café. I visualized pulling the spot off my body, and placing it in the garbage. As I did, my body felt lighter. With each grey spot that I pulled off, I could actually feel the stress leave my body.

  "You do things very easily," I heard a male voice say.

  I opened my eyes to see that my body was hovering about three feet above the ground. The moment I realized that I was floating, gravity took over and down I went. I tried to regain my composure as soon as my behind hit the ground. There was the odd time that I wish my behind had a little more padding to it, and this was one of them.

  “Was I just levitating? Can you believe that?”

  Standing up and rubbing my sore backside, I was instantly annoyed that my peaceful experience had been interrupted.

  "You could make a little more noise," I hinted.

  "I came to get you so we can head out on our journey. I’m beginning to wonder about your lineage. Not all families are capable of these skills without intense study and practice. For you, however, it comes effortlessly. Quite impressive!"

  "Where are we going?"

  "We will be walking about two hours to the north. I’m going to pick a plant that grows in the higher, hilly regions. I require the plant in order to make a potion to use against Frank and his goons."

  "Then let’s go," I said.

  “My mom gave me an extra change of clothes for you. I have put them in my backpack,” he said. I wondered what she packed because the backpack was tiny. My purse was bigger than it was.

  We started on our journey, in silence. I tried to make small talk, but it seemed like I was the only one who wanted to speak. I decided to take advantage of that, and let the babbling continue. I talked about my job, my life, and my family. I didn’t even give him a chance to comment most of the time.

  As we were walking, the weirdest sensation came over my body. I felt an agitation so intense, that it upset my stomach. I stopped to rest hoping to understand why, and I noticed that the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end. My body was sending me an urgent message, but I had no idea what the message was.

  "I feel ill… I need to stop," I said to Derrick.

  The look on his face spoke volumes: concern and determination set in as he started to speak. "Do you remember the tools I taught you this morning, Jordan?"

  "Yes! Why?" I said, suddenly feeling a little alarmed.

  "Now would be a great time to use the invisible one."

  "Why?” I asked.

  Before I was able to say another word, a group of native Indians surrounded us. They must have been hiding in the underbrush. This was what my body was trying to tell me, but I figured it out a little too late. The natives were dressed in hides and they had feathers in their hair.
They had spears and arrows pointed at us. I panicked as I tried to remember the tool I needed to disappear. I watched hopelessly as Derrick disappeared, but I couldn’t remember how to disappear. My mind was blank and full of fear. When I finally remembered how to use the tool, I could not think of anything happy to raise my vibration enough to use it.

  The natives stared wide-eyed as Derrick disappeared. Without hesitation, they lunged at me, not wanting me to escape too. It felt like a bunch of football players had hit me, except it was four, half-naked men. I have never been very good at thinking quickly on my feet, and I was kicking my ass internally for not getting it together soon enough. When I realized I could no longer struggle, I became aware that my predicament had changed for the worst.

  My hands were tightly bound with some weird looking rope. It looked to be made of a material that was like animal intestine or something similar. It felt smooth, but it had strength, for I couldn’t seem to loosen the hold it had on my wrists. The natives suddenly produced horses, seemingly out of nowhere and tied one end of my rope to one of the horses. I was going to be pulled behind the horse as if I were a dog.

  I quickly learned to watch my feet, for I tripped on some roots and ended up on my face more than once. They pulled me along each time I fell, allowing me to ingest dirt until I was able to get back on my feet. I had no choice but to haul ass, they seemed to have no sympathy whatsoever.

  The position of the sun along with the growling of my stomach, told me it was around suppertime. I was tired, sore and near the end of my endurance. I had no idea how far we had travelled because all I could concentrate on, was staying on my feet. Just about the time I thought I was going to collapse, I saw a village on the horizon. The sight of it gave me a renewed strength to keep going, because I knew this part of my torture was about to end. All I could think about was dropping to the ground and resting. I was hoping that if I was given the time, I would find a way to escape.

  The village people met us at the outskirts of their village. The cheering and yelling was very loud, I am sure it could be heard for miles. The looks that came my way were not pleasant. The people of the village seemed very hostile towards me. I wish I had studied more of the past in school so that I could have been aware of what I was walking into. The villagers promptly started pelting me with rotten food and dung. After the first large piece of dung hit my face, I remembered to activate the ball within my stomach. However, when I did it this time, I activated it just outside of my body so they would not be surprised that the dung was not hitting me. Even though, I wasn’t actually being pelted, I made the reactions of being hit. It was weird to realize that I was fine even though objects were flying at me.

  They led me through rows of teepees, to the center of the village. As I watched, an older man came out of the front flap of his tent and looked me over. He stared at me for a few moments before placing his hand on my forehead. I jerked my body away from his touch; I was not going to allow them any liberties willingly. Two half naked men stepped forward to hold me still, and the older man again placed his hand on my forehead and closed his eyes. I watched as his head jerked back a few times in a manner I had not seen before. It was as if someone had pushed his head back. I secretly hoped he would suffer from whiplash as a result.

  He spoke a foreign language to the rest of his people, which resulted in more yelling and cheering. He finally stepped away from me and I was lead to another part of the village. They tied me to a large poplar tree on the outskirts of the village. The rope was wrapped around my body and the tree at least three times. I was not sure if it was the rope, or the rotten stuff that had
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