The Edensville High Series: Adam Book #1

The Edensville High Series: Adam    Book #1

What if the people you were taught about in Sunday School were suddenly just a group of high school students themselves? All just trying to survive their teen years like you? What if dealing with sex, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and bullying was an everyday struggle for them too?The first book in the Edensville High Series introduces you to Adam Grace. He's your average looking, typical 16 year old male student, but with extremely good grades. His only downfall and achilles heel, if you were to ask his best friend and fellow scooter ride David King, is that Adam has to live in the shadow of his perfect older brother Joshua and the fact that he's had a crush on the head cheerleader, Eve St. Clair, since they were in Kindergarten. The only thing is, Eve only remembers Adam as being the kid who sniffed crayons and ate glue back then. Her sights are set on more dangerous and exciting adventures and they've all got to do with the bad boy, Lucian Black, who transferred in sophmore year. Join Adam as he is catapulted into complete chaos when his home is turned into the house party of the year after cunningly being deceived into giving Lucian Black his dad's house keys. Ride the tumultous wave of Adam's struggle as he wakes the morning after with a very naked Eve and unable to remember what happened. Experience the uncertainty as he tries to makes sense of it all while trying to capture the heart and attention of Eve St. Clair, hold onto his faith in God and survive social death once his dad finds out about the party and the fact that his precious, candy apple red F450 is missing.
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